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Understanding Marketing Practices And Finance Practices

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Question: Describe about understanding marketing practices and finance practice?   Answer: Introduction The essay will identify the discussion on theoretical perspectives of business as well as organizational studies. It will focus on different marketing as well as finance practices. The paper will relate to both the practice for addressing the different processes successfully. Accounting is not a difficult science and it is strictly...

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Future Of Financial Advice

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Questions: Task 1: The Future of Financial Advice legislation covered several component and areas of financial product advice, including the following key areas   • Acting in the best interest of the client • Conflicted Remuneration • Disclosure   Task 2: As a final part of your assignment, you are expected to provide a critique forming your own views and conclusion of the FOFA reform a (including the recent change...

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Arnott Biscuits Limited

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Question: Write an essay on Arnott’s Biscuits Limited.   Answer: Introduction This study deals with company named as Arnott’s Biscuits Limited. It is one of the largest food manufacturers in and across Australia and New Zealand (Winer and Dhar 2011). It employs more than 2400 staff members that serve best interest for the company. Products manufactured include baked snacks, simple means and healthy beverages. In this ...

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Post Anaesthetic Care Unit

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Question: Write an essay on Patient retuning from Post Anaesthetic Care Unit with a PCA and an abdominal wound.   Answer: Identification of the assessments performed: Patient anesthetic care unit (PACU) requires skilled nurses to maintain proper and accurate care of the patient after transfer from the surgical unit or with a patient controlled anesthetic.  Appropriate assessment and prevention of complication are the foundat...

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Educational Research On Mathematics

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Question: Describe about the Educational Research on Mathematics.   Answer: Week 2 Themeà Why Maths Matters: Illustrating importance of mathematics for people of all demographics and dispelling myths Evidenceà The above article resource investigates the perceptions of school students regarding maths & mathematical task...

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Municipal Solid Waste Management

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Question: Describe about the Present challenges of municipal solid waste management.   Answer: Introduction: In  compliance with the requirement provided in the given assignment a sincere attempt shall be shortly untaken to represent an effective municipal solid waste management strategy. Vapi a city located in the Valsad district of Gujarat of India has been considered in this respect. The municipal solid waste management strate...

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Australian Taxation Law

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Question: Identify and evaluate key arguments both for and against retaining these tax concessions if housing affordability is to be achieved. In your response you must explain what is meant by negative gearing and how capital gains arising from property investment are treated. You should refer to sections of legislation, tax rulings and cases where relevant.    Answer: Introduction Housing affordability is a term that is used to d...

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Law And Compliance In Australia

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Questions: 1. What is compliance? Complete a research essay setting out the key areas of law and compliance in Australia. 2. Discuss the different areas of law.    Answers: (1). Thus, the manager is liable under section 18 of the Australian Consumer law and section 54 of the Australian Consumer law which talks about misleading and deceptive conduct and guarantee to be in acceptable condition respectively (Latimer 2012). Howe...

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Managerial Accounting

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Question: Explain the strategic objectives of the company ASPEN Pharmacare.    Answer: Introduction Generally, there are mainly four types of information that one company carve up with the other companies. These are external drivers, resources and relationships, strategy and performance (Northington 2011). In addition to this, each type of information is composed of various specific elements that help the management to analyze th...

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Analysis Of ACME Bank

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Question: Write an essay on "ACME Bank".    Answer: Part a: Loan forfeiture and lawbreaking The importance of determining the influential variables in identifying the likelihood to customers for forfeiting loan and become a delinquency cannot be overlooked. The primary factors are selected for viewing a credit scoring variables along with likelihood for loans. The factors are included as following: The ‘Debt Ratio’ v...

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