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COMP3340 Data Mining

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Answers: Principal Component Analysis Selection of the Variables To perform Principal Component Analysis, from the Data Analysis tab choose the option Transform. From the transform option, selct Principal Components. The first step in the Principal Component Analysis is the selection of the variables. The window for the selection of the variables which is the first step in the Principal Component Analysis is shown below. In the worksheet...

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ITC331 Ethics And Professional Practice

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Answer Introduction Information and communication technology have reshaped the world into a more dynamic place where most of the current tasks are operated in a technically advanced atmosphere. The wide rate of popularity of the ICT has enabled many solutions to the societies or the organizations towards their more complex problem. This has bettered the life and eased the way of living a life. The development of ICT technology is strongly spr...

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MGB305 Accounting And Finance

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Answer: Introduction  In this report, financial analysis has been made on the financial performance of APN Outdoor Company since last three years. It has been evaluated that company has high financial leverage and effective business functioning. This report reflects the ratio analysis and capital structure of company since last three years.  In this report, main focus is made on how well APN outdoor company has performed since last ...

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BSBADM409 Coordinate Business Resources

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Answer: Introduction: Procurement of goods and services for the university must be conducted in an open and competitive environment to ensure that prices paid are fair and reasonable.  Purchasing activities are conducted in central Procurement Services as well as by academic and administrative departmental employees.  Purchasing activities include obligations for proper transaction documentation, fiscal responsibility, ethical behav...

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BN205 Project Management

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Answer: Introduction And Background Information System is becoming an important part of the organizations in present time. Companies are working towards to develop an effective information system with the effect of which work of the company could be processed in a smooth way. Sainsbury is a company which is working towards to develop an effective communication system with the help of which it will be able to manage the flow of information. Th...

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BUS700 Economics

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Answer: Economic performance of the Australian economy For some time now, the Australian economy has been characterized by robust economic growth. Mainly, this is attributed the economy’s great control over most of  its macroeconomic components  among them the level of inflation, real interest rate, balance of payments, and  unemployment among others. Currently, economic forecasts reveal that the economy will experience h...

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COMP470 Web Server Management

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Answers: Answer to Question 1: Signals go through the transmission media that has not been appropriate. The defect results in signal impairment. This implies the flag toward the starting of the medium was not similar as the flag toward the ending of that medium. What has been sent is not been what received. Three reasons for such impairment have been: Attenuation Distortion Attenuation: It indicates the loss of the energy. The sig...

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BN102 Web System

Download : 0 | Pages : 5

Answer Introduction With the development of information technology the internet has become the most important platform to get information, operate business and handle the customers of the business using the websites. Thus in order to help the users or the customers to get the required information on the site it is important to design the websites that abide by some standards. This report consist of discussion about the different issues that...

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ICT50220 Information Technology

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Answer: Introduction  Internet has two aspects, the positive one and the negative one. Security breaches are the negative side of internet which poses severe harm on the organizations. Breaching is the illegal action in which the person with ill intention “the hacker” hacks the account or database of organizations in order to extract sensitive and confidential information illegally. In today’s era, these security threat...

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IFN700 Project Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 26

Answer: Introduction Main scope of the project is to construct the project management system plan for demolition project. This project management include several types of planning’s used to demolition the building. These are includes the organisational plan, staffing plan, communication plan, stakeholder plan, work health and safety plan, quality management plan ,construction plan and risk management plan. In this project management sys...

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BU1112 Business Law

Download : 0 | Pages : 10

Answers: 1. Issue Whether a valid contract was formed between Ben and Mojo Beverages, or not? Rule A contract creates legal relationship between two or more parties, under which a promise is made to do certain things in exchange for a consideration (Gibson & Fraser, 2014). It can be drawn in two manners, the first being the oral contract, where the promise made under the contract and the consideration is finalized orally. In the second...

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MGT303A Business Information Analysis

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Answer Introduction The Wells Fargo account fraud scandal is a continuing disagreement created due to formation of millions of deceptive savings and checking accounts. This was done with no any prior permission. This created a worldwide fury and resulted in an enormous penalty imposed different regulatory bodies, together with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), of $185 million dollars. It was resulted due to the illegal activiti...

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ACC202 Introduction To Management Accounting

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Answers: Answer a. The following table shows the profit that a company may have when it produces and sell 40000 boxes. Particulars NO. of units Price per unit Amount Sales 40000 9.5 380000 Less: Variable cost       Direct material 40000 4 160000 Direct labour 40000 2 80000 Variable overhead 400...

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NSG1NMA Nursing Management And Assessment

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Answer: Developing community strengths Nursing has always remained as the model of care but if I look beyond the profession of the nursing care, they could engage in developing community strengths. The community strengths include the wholeness in integration and coordination that the nurses can serve to the community as a whole (Olds et al 2013). I think the nurses were engaged in the community volunteering work. I can give idea on the import...

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MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management

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Answer: Introduction: Higher education industry includes all the universities and education providers in Australia. This industry claims to be one of the top five industries of Australia that are growing with great pace. Government of Australia supports this industry with all its efforts because government also sees potential of growth in the industry (Hollensen, 2015). Researchers suggest that Australian higher education system has undergone...

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