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FINC20018 Managerial Finance

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Answer: Case Study 1: Financial markets From the point of view of Northwest Capital management, the process of buying treasury bonds and energy stocks is taking indirect securities. As an hedge fund manager it is the primary market which is direct market for me, while in secondary market like stocks, ETF, MF are indirect markets. The main markets where a hedge fund manager focusses on are IPO, primary dealing in debt space. The company's scop...

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HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice And Law

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Answers  1. In the given case, Eric has acquired certain assets in the last 12 months. The assets that has been acquired by Eric in the last 12 months has been sold by him during the same here. The assets acquired by Eric include painting, antique chairs, antique vase, shares in the listed companies and a home sound system. In the below working file, the capital gain and loss has been computed using the purchase price and sales price of th...

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ITC595 Information Security

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Answer: Introduction Organisations face new threat scenarios every day. This report provides a threat profile for one of the most recent security threat and vulnerability facing organisations currently. The report also provides a detailed description of the vulnerability attacks and prevention. A threat is whatever thing that has the capability or intention to interrupt the operation, functioning or reliability of an information system or ap...

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EDUC 7009 Assessment Of Learning

Download : 0 | Pages : 13

Answer: The lifelong process of managing, learning, processing the work, and transition so as to move towards to the personally determined and evolving preferred future is known as career development. There are many phases of career from where an individual has to pass and it is necessary that he should remain determined regarding the future aspects. Managing career plan and following the same is a very crucial task attached with any individua...

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EDUC7051 Career Counselling Narrative Approaches

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Answer: Task1. Personal Reflection The essay, ‘Active Engagement and the influence of constructivism’ reflects on the constructivist concepts of career counseling. Here the author discusses that most of his clients lack confidence in them which contributes a serious lack in their imagination and creativity. Therefore, it is very important for both the counselor and the clients that they have a mutual nurturing relationship which...

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ITC506 Information Technology Ethics

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Answer: Q1. What's going on? (Case Study) The Project Director of a company is requested by the Chief Information Officer (C.I.O) to deliver a project on under development without the implementation of Encryption of the product, commonly known as Early Launch. The Chief Information Officer says that, he/she has received pressure from the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) concerning the product delivery, whereby the client of the product has req...

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BCO201 The World Of Work

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Answer: Introduction The report will discuss in detail about the importance of ethics in an organizations with the help of understanding the cases of ethical controversies in Volkswagen and 7-Eleven company. Ethics in the present world is getting a lot of importance and it is becoming a crucial concept for every company to maintain in order to sustain in long run. The overall image of the company when considered as ruthless or in other case a...

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BLB5511 Plain English And Commercial Drafting

Download : 0 | Pages : 15

Answers: 1.Before immigrating to Australia, immigrants need to possess legal documents that will allow them to work and stay in the country for a given period. The Class UC sub- class 457 visa is a temporary in visa is a temporary work visa which allows skilled non-citizens to move to and work in Australia for a given period usually from one day to four years.  Subclass 457 is usually used to sponsor foreign workers in Australia on a...

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PROJMGNT 2001 Project Management Methodologies And Concepts

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Answer: Grabbing any tender is very crucial task attached with every project, it is required that the project management team should provide a right quotation and should ensure to avail appropriate budget so as to ensure that the tender could be grabbed by the project management agency. The project for Quota Park Sharing Footpath is being applied by the company in which facilities will be provided like toilets, barbecues, picnic tables and pla...

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COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis And Design

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answers: Introduction Data Science School which is abbreviated as DSS is a private organization that is a Registered Training Organization (RTO). The major sets of processes that are used in DSS are mainly manually in nature and the same cause various problems and issues in terms of processing and speed. In order to overcome the issues, automated systems have been proposed and the details and approach associated with the same has been discuss...

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ITC560 Internet Of Things

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Answer: Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the latest technologies that have been developed in recent years and already find extensive use in various sectors including industrial, domestic, educational and others. The main concept of IoT is to connect physical devices with a single electronic network so that they can be controlled using wireless remote controlled devices (Ansari et al., 2015). IoT devices are often called “smart” a...

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HC1041 Information Technology For Business

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Answer Introduction The report is about working on the details which relate to the travelling website like the TripAdvisor which helps in giving a clear description of how the potential customers are able to take the trips through the reviews that are posted on the website. The company also, then offers the best description for the tourism with the standards where there are views and the travel options to describe more and better standards of...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

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Answers      Part 1 Introduction A proper organizational structure is responsible for defining normal function of all the activities involved in an organization. The main activities involved in an organization are supervision and co ordination. Organization structure defines the hierarchical structure of the organization as well. Moreover, it helps in determining the information flow within the different levels of the organiza...

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HC1041 IT For Business

Download : 0 | Pages : 9

Answer: Information technology is a great achievement for businesses and it is essential for the growth and survival of the businesses of today. It has a great impact on the people, resources and profits of the businesses. It has seen that Information Technology has fastened the development of businesses and it is also necessary to meet the competition in the industry. This report will discuss about the impact of IT on the State Library of Que...

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MNG93003 Industry Research Project

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Answer: Effect of image and branding on mobile technology consumer satisfaction and loyalty Industry partner To meet the aims of the study, Telstra Telecommunication Company has been considered as the best research partner. Telstra Company is currently the number one mobile service provider in Melbourne. The company is based in Melbourne and provides mobile and advanced technology service to all markets in Melbourne.  Telstra provide t...

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