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BUS107 Commercial Law

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Answer: Issue Whether Bob can be held liable for negligence, or not? Whether Aimee can be held guilty of contributory negligence, or not? Rule Negligence is the contravention of duty of care, which results in the other party being injured or harmed, due to the actions undertaken by the duty contravening person. When a case of negligence is established, the person who has been harmed or injured can apply for damages (Legal Services Commissio...

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ACC204 Corporation Law

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Answers 1: Issue The actions which might be taken by Galli for the non-payment of dividends Rule The court has the power to provide relief under Section 233 of the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) (The Act) as provided by section 232 of the Act. Under these section a member of the company can claim an order if it is found that the directors are doing an act which is not good for the company or its members because of personal interest. The order m...

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BUS104 Economics

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Answer: Part 1:1 The crude oil price in 2015 can be said to have fallen and hit the lowest record ever irrespective of a small rise experienced from April to June (DeHaemer, 2015). This was deducted from the first graph on source 1- oil opinion piece. From the same source but on the second graph, DeHaemer confirmed that the cheap price resulted in an increment in demand when he quoted “The good news, of course, is that due to the lower ...

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Review On The Linear Accelerators With Flattening Filter

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Question: Discuss about the Review on the Linear Accelerators with Flattening.   Answer: A review on the linear accelerators with flattening filter in the administration of radiation therapy Introduction The linear accelerators with flattening filter free beam capabilities are now gaining traction in the radiation therapy arena. There are standard methodologies that have been used to administer the radiation therapy. In this br...

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Designing, Improving, And Implementing Process

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Question: Discuss about the Designing, Improving, and Implementing Process.   Answer: Objective: The objective of the report is to create a flowchart and the simple discussion about the presentation and subsequent management of the patient to the emergency department of the hospital who is suffering from the pain in chest. Flowchart: The following flowchart shows the condition when the patient is suffering from the chest pain....

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Auditing: BHP Billiton Ltd

Downloads : 10 | Pages : 13

Questions: 1. Identify what you consider to be the ‘key’ inherent risk factors that could have an impact on the audit of BHP Billiton Limited for the year ended 30th June 2016 and/or future audits. For each of the inherent risk factors identified, describe the risk clearly and state how and why you consider the issue may create the risk of potential material misstatement in the financial statements of BHP Billiton Limited for th...

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Recovery Oriented Approach In Mental Health Nursing

Download : 0 | Pages : 11

Question: Discuss about the Recovery Oriented Approach in Mental Health Nursing.   Answer: Introduction Occasional anxiety problems are very common. People often feel fear and anxious while facing problem in studies, at work or some other areas of life. But, Anxiety disorder is different. It is a continuous or more than a temporary state of having fear, stress or anxiousness. Such feeling of fear or distress can arise any time, du...

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Nursing: Clinical Skill Reflection

Download : 1 | Pages : 7

Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Clinical Skill Reflection.   Answer: Introduction The clinical practices are the combination of professional knowledge, skills, culture, attitude, behaviour and personal perceptions. Any individual has to modify all these features to become a clinical professional. The personal reflection is a tool to analyse the development of these features in once perception while performing as a he...

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Integrated Marketing Communication On Consumer Behaviour

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Question: Discuss about the Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer Behaviour.     Answer: Introduction: The Australia Wildlife is a tour company operating in Australia with four unique brands. It offers one of the most interactive and diverse experiences of wild life in Australia. The company offers couple, family or group and even to the backpacker. The company offers to the travelers from all over the world with such a...

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Finance And Accounting : Intelligence Accounts Techniques

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Question: Describe about the Finance and Accounting for Intelligence Accounts Techniques.   Answer: To, Mary McCarthy Managing Director, McCarthy’s Cafes Ltd Suite 6889, Level 18, Cafe Plaza Building 685 Charles Street Adelaide SA 5000 There were several issues related to the financial situation of Piper, Pepper and Associates. In this regard, it can be said that computation of depreciation and the valuation of assets are ...

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Mental Health Nursing: Health Assessments

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Question: Discuss about the Mental Health Nursing for Health Assessments.     Answer: Introduction: 1. According to the mental health assessments done on Justin, they work as therapy for mental illness. He was positive on any treatment recommended by the therapist including medication. Therefore, he has requested a male nurse to check on him which will remind him of his uncle Reggie who passed away. The impact of his modern life h...

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Mixed Blood Success

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Question: Why it is that Aboriginal people who have 'mixed blood' are the ones who succeed in life?    Answer: Introduction: The question that has been provided suggests that those Aboriginal people that have mixed blood are the ones who are most likely to be successful in life. The concepts that have led people to believe that the mixed bloods are usually a success will be analyzed. The question will be deconstructed so that the...

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Billabong International Limited

Download : 1 | Pages : 8

Question: Discuss about the Billabong International Limited.     Answer: Background: Company Overview Billabong International Limited was started by Gordon and Rena Merchant in 1973 in the Gold Coast Australia. It deals in clothing and other accessories like watches, backpacks snowboard and skateboards. It. The company name has been derived from the word “Billabong” which means creek running only in the rainy season. I...

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Social And Psychological Effects Of Domestic Violence

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Question: Write an Essay about the psychological and sociological effect on he victim of domestic violence. should relate to theories.    Answer: Introduction In this paper a case scenario of intimate partners Anne and John and their family has been described and discussed. Since a year, they have shifted to Anne’s mother’s (Greta’s) house and since then there have been incidences of domestic violence due to soc...

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Health And Their Contribution To ADL Practices

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Question: Case study of the determinants of health and their contribution to ADL practices.    Answer: Introduction The determinants of health are responsible for evaluating a person’s likelihood of maintaining a good health. These include the situations or the environment in which people were born, raised, living, working, and growing old. They are sometimes also known as 'the causes of the causes', as it is establishe...

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