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Murray, Sargent Judith “On The Equality Of The Sexes”

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Question: Describe about the Murray, Sargent Judith. “On the Equality of the Sexes”?     Answer: Introduction Murray, Sargent Judith was a prominent American essayist, playwright, fiction writer, and poet of eighteenth-century. Her works propagated women’s rights and influenced the emerging theatre of the post revolutionary era. She was a long forgotten writer who was recently re discovered and her works appear...

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The Effects Of Globalization On The US Labour Market

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Questions: 1. The decline of union membership in the United States raises questions about whether unions will continue to exist in their present configurations. What do you think are the major problems with unions that are costing them membership? Do you think that unions will survive, or do you think they will have to change? What do you imagine unions will look like in the future? Why? 2. Globalization impacts all business, foreign and domesti...

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Employee And Labor Relations: National Labor Relations

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Question: Employers have a long history of using their power to abuse employees. Past employer practices have led to bloody conflicts. Over time, the development of Federal regulations has helped ease the tense employee/employer relationship. Create a timeline of all the significant labor legislation passed in the 20th century using Word’s Table feature. Next to the name of each law, place a column with the year it was passed, and then an...

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Principles Of Accounting: Present Horizontal Analysis

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Question: Describe about the Principles of Accounting for Present Horizontal Analysis.   Answer: Introduction For this academic paper, I would like to select Google Inc. as a public as well as research company. This research paper would be helpful to provide an overview of the organization in an effective way. Moreover, this paper would also be beneficial to present horizontal analysis of income statement as well as balance sheet...

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Employee And Labor Relations: Public Sector

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Question: 1. The National Labor Relations Board consists of five members, who serve staggered terms and who are appointed by the president of the United States. How do you think the president’s political outlook plays into who is appointed to sit on the board?   2. How might this impact the decisions made by the board from presidential term to term.   Answer: 1. The National Labor Relations Board is responsible for enforci...

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Collective Bargaining Process & Methods Of Conflict Resolution

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Question: (1.) Preparation for collective bargaining involves four steps. Pick a step to discuss and describe what happens in this step. Which of the steps do you think is the most important and why? What would happen if you eliminated one of the steps? Why? Present your views in approximately 250 words in your initial discussion post. Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts. Utilize the course text, weekly lecture, and at least one ...

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Employee And Labour Relations: American Industry

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Question: Describe about the Employee and Labour Relations for American industry.   Answer: About City of St. Albans City of St. Albans was founded in the year 1894. It has grown steadily over the years and serves an area of approximately 3.6 sq meters (Saxon, 2014). There are a total of 24 police officers in the department. It is a full service and community oriented police department. It is located in Franklin Country (Saintalbanspo...

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Employee Relations: Deal With Globalization

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Question: Discuss about the Employee Relations for Deal with Globalization.   Answer: Introduction This study will help to find out a proper solution of the problem that is faced by the workers of the organization related to labor violence. The organization, in spite of being a fast growing manufacturing company has no union in its workplace. The working conditions are not favorable for the workers and the wages provided by the manage...

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Essential Elements Of Contract

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Question: Describe an example of a contract that you or someone you know entered into (e.g., rental agreement, cell phone agreement, property purchase or lease [e.g., car, home, furniture, etc.], home or car repair, or student loan agreement). In your description, be sure to provide specific contractual details including parties and subject matter involved.    Answer: Overview   In general terms, a contract can be said to be...

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Peter Senges Learning Disciplines And The Organizations Climate

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Question: Describe about the Peter Senges Learning Disciplines and the Organizations Climate.   Answer: Introduction. Description of Peters’ disciplines Peter Senge envisioned institutions to be places where individuals continuously develop their ability to produce the outcomes that they aspire, a place where they nurture fresh and vast forms of thought, where common desire is unrestricted and a place where persons repeatedly l...

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