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Taxation Of Intellectual Capital

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Question: Discuss about the Taxation of Intellectual Capital.   Answer: Introduction: Following assignment presents the tax consequences under the Taxation Government of Australia regarding fringe benefit tax liability for ABC Limited in compliance to Fringe Benefit Tax Assessment Act (FBTAA), 1986 and Taxation Ruling 97/17 of Income Tax Assessment Act (ITAA), 1997. Additionally, the assignment represents allowable deduction on capita...

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Case Study: Residence Source And Ordinary Income

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Questions: Case Study 1: Residence and Source   Case Study 2: Ordinary Income    Answers: Case study 1: Issue From this scenario, Kit is the resident of Australia. Kit works for an American company that is located in Australia.  His salary is paid in his account in an Australian Bank ‘Westpac Bank' (Benjamin, 2010). Kit is the owner of this Australian bank and also he has a joint account. Conversely, Kit is a r...

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Accounting: Taxation Law

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Questions: (1). Hilary is a well-known mountain climber. The Daily Terror newspaper offers her $10,000 for her life story, if she will write it. Without the assistance of a ghost writer, she writes a story and assigns all her right, title and interest in the copyright for $10,000 to the Daily Terror. The story is published and she is paid. She has never written a story before. She also sells the manuscript to the Mitchell Library for $5,000 and ...

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Calculation Of FBT On Car Benefit Provided By Periwinkle To Emma

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Question: Explain calculation of FBT on car benefit provided by Periwinkle to Emma.    Answer: Fringe benefit refers to the benefits that have been provided by the employer to his employee. This service has been provided to the employee by the employer on account of his employment. The benefits that has been provided to the employee are separate from his normal wages which are been paid to him. The government imposes tax on these ...

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Taxation Law: Taxable Business Incomes

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Question: Discuss about the Taxation Law for Taxable Business Incomes.     Answer: 1. Fringe benefits tax is the tax imposed to an employer for non-cash items or benefits that ABC provides to employees in relation to employment. (Warren, 2006) Consequently, ABC Pty Ltd offers fringe benefits to its employees; therefore ABC will have to pay for all the fringe benefits while being exempted from others.  All FBT may be classif...

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Capital Analysis Of Dave Solomon: Gain In Financial System

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Question: Discuss about the Capital Analysis of Dave Solomon for Gain in Financial System.     Answer: Analysis as per assignment The definition of capital gain is the difference between cost of acquisition and capital in process is mainly known as capital gain in financial system. To analyses the gain or loss in a system. There are mainly three theory available. First one is Discount method which is only applicable where there ...

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Taxation Law: Local Public Hospital

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Question: Discuss about the Taxation Law for Local Public Hospital.     Answer: The advice in this paper is for Mr Peter Petrelli who lives in Armidale New South Wales (NSW) and is employed as a nurse at the local public hospital. Peter is an Australian resident but has no clear understanding of the legal implications concerning his assessable income and any relevant statutes which can affect his income from other sources. As per...

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Taxation Law : ATO Interpretative Decision

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Question: Describe about the Taxation Law of ATO Interpretative Decision.   Answer: Case Study 1: Residence and source According to Oxford Dictionary reside means, “to permanently inhabit, or for an appreciable time span, to reside, in or at a particular place”. But in order to know  whether Fred is a Australian resident for the purpose of taxation different tests will apply, which are used to find out whether a indiv...

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Taxation : Income From Commission

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Question: Describe about the Taxation for Income from Commission.   Answer: 1. Discussing the case, it involved Hilary, who was always interested in climbing mountains because of which she had become quite famous in the country. For this purpose, a local newspaper (Daily Terror) had actually offered an amount of $10,000 to publish her story, which would inspire people in the long run. As she was not an author and never really had ex...

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Taxation Law: Residence And Source

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Question: Discuss about the Taxation Law for Residence and Source.     Answer: Residence and source Discuss whether Fred is a resident of Australia for taxation purposes. Fred, who is an executive of a British corporation has come to Australia to establish a branch of his company. Being on a designated post, he thinks that he must stay in Australia for a period of 12 months according to the law to establish his company in the c...

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