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TECO401 Principles Of Economics

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Answers: 1. Reduction in alcohol consumption Beer drinking is a part of Australian culture over the years. However, Australian consumers are shifting from beer to other types of alcohol especially wine. Percentage of overall alcohol consumers among the Australian is higher compared to other nations. Due to the having negative health impact on health, Australian government may take policy to reduce alcohol. Effects of two policies such as impo...

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HI5003 Economics For Business

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Answers: Answer 1:  Implications of imposing higher excise tax on alcohol products for minimizing of consumption The imposition of a higher amount of taxes may often lead to decrease in the overall demand, although it may be considered to be having a little effect, in general the demand is seen to be price inelastic in cases of products ranging from products such as alcohol. The individuals who are seen to be addicted to a certain produ...

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1393AFE Economics For Decision Making 1

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Answers: 1. a. A PPC  (Rittenburg & Tregarthen) is bowed out due to increasing opportunity costs of producing a good. Consider X and Y. This means that to produce more of X we must reduce Y as our resources are fixed. We have to move from point A to B. To produce 1 more X, we have to pull out resources ( like labor ) from Y and put them into factories for X. We reduce Y as shown by red line as we move from A to B to get 1 more...

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ACC20007 Management Accounting For Planning And Control

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Answers: Answer 1 Month No. of days Cake 1 Cake 2 Cake 3 Total cakes 1 31         5,700            1,900                     1,900 9500 2 28     ...

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HI5003 Economics For Business

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Answer: 1. Consequences of imposing higher excise tax on alcohol products for reduction of consumption Imposing higher excise tax might lead to a decrease in demand, though it might have only very little effect, as demand is price inelastic in case of goods like alcohol (Baumol and Blinder 2015). Essentially, individuals who are addicted might keep purchasing the product even when the price of the product goes up and there are also no close s...

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Lean Production At Portakabin-Case Study

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Question: Discuss about the Lean Production at Portakabin-Case Study.     Answer: Introduction Lean Production at Portakabin Lean production is an approach to reduce the loss and wastages in the process of production. It is considered as a better and efficient way of optimizing the output by using minimal input.  Lean production is considered as an efficient replacement for the traditional production methods. The main pro...

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Planning Health Promotion Programs

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Question: Discuss about the Planning Health Promotion Programs.     Answer: Introduction The non-for profit organisations are focusing on the innovative marketing techniques to remain competitive in this globalised world. The non-for profit organisations have been eventually facing the increasing market pressure and competition from the for-profit organisations (Döring, 2015). For example, competition for funding or generat...

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