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Assignment Of Psychology

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Question: Describe about psychology?   Answer: Elements Of Critical Thinking Reflect on the purpose of the discussion- • With my friend I was watching a concert and our conversation started after it got over regarding the concert. We were discussing about the performers who participated in the concert last year and this year.• The result we wanted to search that the performance which the concert people have last year was ...

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Response Of Plastic Scintillators To Low-energy Photon

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Question: • Define the mechanism that is used to encounter if there is presence of any quencher while analysing.• How does it measure the radiation having different radiation intensities?     Answer: Scintillation was discovered at university of California by Samuel Curran in 1944.Scintillation is the instrument commonly used to measure excitation effect on radiation on scintillation object (Peralta and Rego, 2014). To ...

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Price Control On Alcohol: Economics

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Question: Setting a minimum alcohol price of 50p per unit could save Wales nearly £900m over 20 years by cutting crime and illness, a report has claimed. It could prevent more than 50 alcohol-related deaths a year, with poorer people seeing most health improvements. Researchers from Sheffield University say a 50p unit price could reduce total alcohol consumption in Wales by 4%. Health Minister Mark Drakeford welcomed the report as the Wels...

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Personal Wellness Inventory

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Question: Describe about emotional maturity, spiritual maturity and reflection?     Answer: Emotional maturity: An emotionally matured person is the one with greater sensitivity and has admiration for every human being and for everything that is beautiful and true. An emotionally matured person tries to understand the nature and his surrounding and try to behave in a more matured way (Scazzero & Bird, 2003).  They put m...

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Responsibilities Of The HR Director And Line Manager

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Question: Describe the responsibilities of the HR Director and Line Manager in the selection process?     Answer: The main responsibility of the Human Resource director and line manager in the procedure of selection of an employee is to make them aware of all the facts and circumstances relating to the employment and also about the benefits available for the employees; they are also responsible to describe the risk factors in cours...

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Psychology Report: Gym And The Gym Based Exercises

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Question: Describe about scales to measure aspects of health?     Answer: Introduction The psychology report is an effort to find the role of the gym and the gym based exercises in the Indigenous Australians.  Lifestyle consciousness is seen in indigenous Australians that prefer Gym and Gym based exercises. The study will follow model narratives and will be highlighting the physical activity of the indigenous people. The ef...

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Advances In Developing Human Resources

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Questions: Task 1: Qualitative and quantitative survey?   Task 2: Steps need to be taking for addressing ethical issues that related to the employees of the Hotel Marriott?     Answers: Task 1: Qualitative and quantitative survey questions Introduction The survey is conducted to get the information regarding the issues of satisfaction of the customers; thereby, survey will be based on gathering quantitative as well as qual...

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Journal Of Adolescent Research

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Question: Describe about the Journal of Adolescent Research?     Answer: Ericson’s psychological stages and interpretation: First case: In the first case of Jason, it seems that since an early age he lacks the interest for studying. According to Erik Eriksons stages of psychology, Jason lies in the stage of role confusion versus identity. This is the stage of Fidelity; the child belongs to the age group of fourteen years...

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Social Interactionism Of Charles Tilly: Social Psychology

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Questions: 1. What is/are the research question(s) addressed in this study?  (Note: remember that this is a question and should end in a question mark.)   2. What is/are the research hypothesis/hypotheses in this study? (Note: remember that this is/are the proposed answer(s) to the question(s).)   3. Who/what are the participants in this study? (Note: remember to include the number of participants, who/what they were, and...

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Abnormal Psychology Over Time

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Question: Describe about the Abnormal Psychology Over Time?     Answer: 1. Abnormality can be defined as unusual behaviour which is different from the standards, behaviour which cannot be adjust in the social societies, statistical abnormalities that is unable to function properly, existence of marked psychological problems and deviation from the mental health (Boyd N n.d.) In this person experiences personal distress, that the ...

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