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BUSN5100 Applied Professional Business Communications

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Answer: Introduction Communication is one of the most important elements to keep the human race connected with each other (Knapp, Hall & Horgan, 2013). However, it is not only the human beings but the animals have a certain form of communication amongst them. Moreover, there is certain communication between the human beings and the animals exist that at times, gives rise to a new relationship (Burgoon, Guerrero & Floyd, 2016). Some co...

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HI5004 Marketing Management

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Answers Introduction The present’s brief overview of corporate objectives and it also explains various kinds of market orientation concepts. It describes the core strategy of Wesfarmers. 1: Concept of corporate objectives Corporate objectives are the well-defined goals set by the organization to affects its interior strategic decisions. Most of the companies use corporate objectives for the achievement of organizational mission and visi...

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QAB 105 Quantitative Analysis For Business

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Answer: Number of retailers sold products below the minimum price = 79 A random sample is a population subset where every element has an equal chance or probability of being selected. A random sample can be selected by ensuring that all the retailers be given a unique number and then 200 numbers can be randomly selected from the whole population of numbers through software to avoid any bias. The retailers corresponding to the number selecte...

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LAW505 Taxation

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Answer Issue The issue in the given case study is to determine the tax residency position of a Chilean citizen Kit who is a permanent resident of Australian and residing in the coast of Indonesia. The next task is to comment on the tax treatment provisions applicable on the income earned by taxpayer Kit during the financial year by way of employment and dividends income. Rule Tax residency position of an individual taxpayer is an imperative a...

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HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Answer: Ethical leadership is a form of leadership is where people carry out activities in a morally acceptable way that does not compromise the well being of the people, environment and quality of products produced according to Avolio, Keng-Highberger, Schaubroeck, Trevino, and Kozlowski (2016). Ethical leaders practice honesty and unselfish behavior in their operation. They show respect for others and uphold integrity. They prioritize people...

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BUSN5100 Applied Professional Business Communications

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Answer: Introduction The effective communication is considered as one of the most important determinant of modern day business success (Arnold and Boggs 2015). The communication is considered as one of the most important interpersonal skills so that there is an increase in the overall communication process between the organizations (Arnold and Boggs 2015). The communication process is considered as two way process so that there is an increase...

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ITC596 IT Risk Management

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Answers Introduction The report focuses on the information security system of the VIC government that is facing certain information security risks. The issue is important because the confidential information of the Victorian government should be properly protected in order prevent the data breach and the loss of data and information (Healey, 2016). The report discusses the current security risks Victorian government is facing and the area of ...

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MGT704 Global Business Management

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Answer: Introduction The following report serves the purpose of the identification of the issues in the case of Zara. The retail fashion store applies a rapid-fire fashion strategy that has enabled the company to become successful. The report also discusses the fundamental reasons for the success while comparing with another successful company and an unsuccessful company. The strategy by which the company maintains the competitive advantage h...

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ALJ304 Local Journalism

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Answer: Now a day’s media people are giving focus to provide immoral news which is giving negative impact on people’s view. Sensationalism is the way of editorial bias in which event topics are presented in overhyped manner which can manipulate the truth of the event. The sensational news is the corrupt form of news. Sensational news affects the senses of human being that arouses the feeling of fear, anxiety and negative emotional ...

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HI5003 Economics For Business

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Answer: Introduction Perfect competition refers to a market structure where there are many producers and buyers in the market. In this market, the buyers and sellers have access to sound information concerning developments in the marketplace and products, and therefore, no party has an advantage over the other. Unlike other market structures that have barriers to market entry and exit, under perfectly competitive market the firms are free to ...

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MITS5003 Wireless Networks And Communication

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Answer: Calculate the data rate required for robot to remote controller communication Data rate = Number of bits sent per second Total number of bits sent in two seconds=4+6+4+2      =16bits/2seconds dividing by two 16/2 =8bps b) Explain 3 types of suitable encoding techniques could be used to encode the status string. Since the robot sends data as a digital signal, it is imparative to use digital encoding scheme...

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CMNS 112 Professional Writing I

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Answer: Introduction Written documents have always bridge the gap between the writers and the readers. This exists right from the most traditionally print forms of written and document in writing like paraphrasing citing and quoting,  to the most latest implementation of Technology making this return documents available on websites. In this thesis paper we would consider writing as a part of the dynamic ecosystem (Nicotra, 2009). This is...

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MAS214 Free Culture

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Answer: Introduction Copyright and copyright law are typically misconstrued by innovative and creative people, clients and in the view of amateurs. The period of advanced technologies has brought significant changes to the context where creativity gets exhibited, acknowledged, sold and shared. However, such an increase of advanced technologies has also destabilized the power of copyright regulation to control the copyright authorities and est...

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Mental Health Of Individuals And Communities

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Question: Discuss the proposition that nurses are in a unique position to make a difference in the effort to improve the mental health of individuals and communities but to do so would require a fundamental rethink of mental health nursing thought and practice.     Answer: Blog Nursing on the Roles of Nurses in the improvement of the Mental Health of Individuals and Communities Mental ill-health is one of the major issues of con...

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Evolution Of Nursing In Australian Practice

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Question: Discuss About The Evolution Of Nursing In Australian Practice.   Answer: Introduction The healthcare workforce Australia have been given the responsibility by the Health Ministers so that the reforms and the innovations can be identified so that the potential of the health workforce can be effectively applied at the national level. Table 1a: Workforce characteristic of the registered nurses [source: Australian Institute...

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