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HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice And Law

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Answers: Case study 1: Residence and Source The given article is associated to the residential status of Kit and the various assessments evaluate the employment income from the salary received during his employment status in Australian-based Company and to find out whether it is taxable in nature. Although Chile is the birthplace, the various depictions made by the study have been able to show that Kit is recognised as a permanent occupant of...

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HI5003 Economics For Business

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Answer Fiscal Policy of Australian government in last 3 to 5 years  Introduction Australia is considered as one of the most developed and biggest mixed economies of the world. In 2017, the GDP of Australia was AUD 1.69 trillion. The country holds the second position in the ranks of wealthiest country in terms of wealth per adult. Australia holds the record of having longest running economic growth for more than 26 years (Li and Spencer ...

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BSBWOR502 Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness

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Answer: Report to manager on resolution of team performance issues In this particular case, Apparel Brands Pty Ltd faced various performance issues in a team that need to be resolved (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016). The success of any project mainly depends on how effective the project manager is at dealing with the performance issues within the team. It becomes an unpleasant task for the project managers in confronting with the po...

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ITC505 ICT Project Management

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Answer: Budget  Description Efforts Charges (AUD.) SOW: Website Development Social Media Research center. Design Phase: 1. UI design & Architecture completed 2. Approximately 25 Screen Designs involved 3. Backend Dashboard / CMS Design 4. Front End Design initiated 5. Sent for test / review of customer     70 Days 1,50,00/- Programming & Web Services Integratio...

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101886 Brave New World: Negotiating Social Change In The 21st Century

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Answer: Discussions around international debt and its contribution to global inequality is wide. Friedman & Friedman (2008) explain that globalization has pros and cons highlighted in social contradictions that exist within its functions. International debt is at the heart of globalization as national governments or international institutions exchange money given as loans for public interests. The bilateral and multilateral relations lead ...

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BCO6672 The Information Systems Professional

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Answers: Introduction Supermarkets are usually the type of business shops that offer ample storage of goods of which customers acquire them by themselves. Oz Supermarkets is a convenient business store that offer variety of products to its clients. People are freely allowed in supermarket to pick what they want and pay for them at the cashier desk. In the 21st century, the operation of this supermarket as a business offering customers with what...

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HI6025 Accounting Theory And Current Issues

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Answer: Introduction Originally Starbucks Corporation was established in America with coffee and coffeehouse chain during 1971 and at present it runs more than 23,750 stores all over the world. The company is represented as the second wave coffee and primarily it distinguished them from their competitors through customer experience, quality and taste. Starbuck was at the technology forefront for improving the operational efficiencies. This ha...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems

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Answer: This part of the assignment is considering the organization ‘Woolworths’ that is the most popular multinational supermarkets within Australia (Arli et al. 2013). Henceforth, the main aims of this report are to concentrate on the organizational structure of Woolworths for determining the operational issues involved within organization. Additionally, this paper has consideration for ERP that is recognized as the most acquisi...

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ECO 100 Principles Of Economics

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Answer: Productive Efficiency  Productive efficiency refers to a situation where goods and services are produced with optimal input combination and are associated with lowest cost. In this condition, increase in production of one good requires sacrifice of production of some other good. A point on the production possibility curve is an example of productively efficient point. Competitive firm and Productive efficiency  Competitive...

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FIN200 Corporate Financial Management

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Answers: 1. In the present era, knowledge is termed to be power especially in the context of retirement planning because it is the procedure to determine goals for retirement and actions to be conducted in the present to achieve them. For tertiary sector employees, retirement planning is significant because they have shorter employment period in comparison to other sector employees (Bodie, 2013). It is because; they work on the basis of their...

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MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management

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Answer: Definition of marketing mix and discuss 7ps (relate with Woolworths) Marketing mix is an effective marketing strategy composed of a combination of marketing aspects which includes the 4Ps namely; place, product, price, promotion (Kotler, et al., 2015). A consumer-centered marketing mix may include additional factors including people, process, physical evidence, cost, consumer, and competitor (Jain, 2013). Herein is a brief analysis of...

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GBU100 Professional Business Communications

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Answer The word communication is originated from a Latin term ‘Communicare’ that means to share or to impart. In an organization, communication plays an important role. Through effective communication the members of the organization like managers, staff members, owners, suppliers and customers, can interact with one another. In an organization many departments are present and the department members have to coordinate with each othe...

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BSBWOR502 Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness

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Answer: Review The Apparel Brand which was founded in 1991 was facing certain problems relating to the sales and profits. The brand has recently decide that they need to launch themselves as an individual brand independent of the retailers they were selling their products to. For similar reason, the brand has also planned to launch an e-commerce website, where they would sell their products exclusively and create a market demand for themselve...

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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction: My Learning Experience was based on the Vocational Education Training of Australia. I was reluctant to start the course but once I started I gained the experience of a lifetime. I would recommend every person of Australia especially the ones who are in need of employment to undergo the course. Opinion on Learning Experience   According to me, Learning Process is the process by which a student gains knowledge ...

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401007 Aproaches To Professional Nursing Practice

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Answer      Welcome to my eportfolio. The portfolio has been designed to present my knowledge base, nursing skills, and school involvement.  Profile My name is First_name Last_name. I am a passionate, caring empathetic individual. I am committed in pursuing a career in health care field where I can utilize my transferable skills to make a difference in lives and empower individuals. In my life, I have learned the value of ...

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