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COIT20247 Database Design And Development

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Answer ER Diagram                                                                                                                          &n...

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ACC705 Accounting Corporate And Reporting

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Answers: Question 1 Acquisition analysis At 1st July 2016 Computation of goodwill or capital reserve through consolidation Net fair value of assets and liabilities of William Ltd = ($204,000) (equity) +$8,000* (1-.30) (inventory) + $5,000* (1-.30) (Land) + $15000* (1-.30) (plant) -$8000*(1-.30) (Dividend payable) = $218,000 Consideration transferred = $227,500 Goodwill = $9,500 Consolidated worksheet entries at...

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HI6026 Audit Assurance And Compliance

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Answers 1. a) The threats are identified below. Situation 1 Threat: Advocacy Threat – Section 200-6 Reason: The client has put a condition for extending the audit contract which involves a promotional speech by the audit partner in order to woo investors. Threat seems to be material as perceived independence is threatened (APES, 2010). Situation 2 Threat: Familiarity Threat – Section 200-7 Reason-  With the intention of sm...

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ITECH7401 Leadership In It Project Management

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Answer: Introduction Equine Development Inc. is the mobile application development company which is mainly focused to develop the horse games apps for the children. The company is approached by Heartland Pty Ltd to develop an app for promoting their business operations. Heartland provides full boarding services to the riders and also accomplishes their desires of equestrian. The company covers all riding disciplines in other houses arenas whi...

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BLO1105 Business Law

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Answer: First issue The initial issue in the case is to determine the existence of a binding agreement between Sam and Josie. Law When two or more parties exchange promises with each other for a consideration an agreement is formed between them. When such parties have the intention of legally binding the other to the agreement than such agreement becomes a contract. A contract can be either written r formed orally. In w written contract the...

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101895 Political Economy Of Development

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Answer: Asia’s Miracle The Myth written by Paul Krugman is a discussion that elaborates on the rapid rise of the Eastern economies and an economic perspective that compares their growth and those of Western world and the Soviet Union. The author notes that developed Eastern economies started from a humble beginning and rising at an unimaginable speed to achieve or even be at par with other developed nations in western economies. Therefo...

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K200 Construction Management

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Answer: The proposal includes the construction of a residential; house which will consist four bedroom. The climatic conditions are key for these considerations. The house rents and land factors keep on appreciating each year. This is a key reason why one should be able to own his or her own piece of land and have the residential home one it. This means that one will be able to save a lot of money which is used for rental purposes to cater for...

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BSBWOR402A Promote Team Effectiveness

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Answers: Part 1: An introductory page. Mentoring is a process of counseling an individual or a group of people. Thus, it gives a person the chance to share their experiences, personal and professional skills. In the process, resulting in development and growth since, it is a relationship that is one-to-one between a less and a more experienced person. A: Evidence of a signed mentoring agreement between you (the mentor) and your mentee. ...

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ANTH4009 Research Methods In Development Studies

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Answer: Introduction: Bhutan’s agriculture has a key role in the country’s economy. This sector accounted for 35.9 % of GDP of the country in 2000. However, the share of this sector in GDP has been declined from 55 % in 1985 to 33 % in 2003 (Neuhoff et al., 2014). Instead of this significant downturn of this industry, it is still the primary source of livelihood for the majority of the population. IT has been estimated I country w...

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NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing

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Answer: Mental Health Mental health is the psychological wellbeing, not necessarily the lack of mental illness. Emotions and behavior are functioning well. Mental health is important in every stage of life. One is able to handle stress related to other things and choices. In mental illness, both mood and behavior are altered. The mentally ill persons are taken to mental institutions where they get specialized care by psychiatry...

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BUSM4619 Information And Technology Management

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Introduction The Coffee Construction Australia is a medium sized construction firm that delivers a number of civil projects. It delivers a broad range of projects that include projects with vital transport network, water and resources infrastructure projects, railway embankment projects and dam construction projects. The report will be analyzing the four years information strategic plan that will be implemented in the Coffee Construction as a ...

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BUSM4506 Employment Law

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Answer: 1. According to the Common law of Australia, there is an essential feature of any contract of employment that it is an implicit duty of employee to carry activities according to the law and by considering the reasonable direction from their employer. In other words it can be said that employee should comply legal and reasonable guidelines provided by employer. It is the duty of employee to comply with all direction that are related with...

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Japanese Business Communication & Etiquette

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Question: Discuss about the Perspective of Japanese Business Communication and Etiquette.     Answer: The following paper looks into the matter of providing a basic concept pertaining to the market structure and Japanese business etiquette. In fact, cultural diversities and differences have always been effective with the basic understanding of the entire situations in business perspectives.  In fact, this has been taken into...

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Business And Strategy Of Hubbard

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Question: Discuss about the Business And Strategy of Hubbard’s Food Ltd.     Answer: Introduction Breakfast cereals and food products are important component in Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry reflecting greater demand basket of core population. Manufacturing of food products in scientific method and deliverance ensure quality and quantity to serve mass with the core necessity of life (West, Ford and Ibrahim 2015). Dis...

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Research Traditions In Marketing

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Question: Discuss about the impact of Technology on Marketing research in today’s Business Environment.     Answer: Introduction The searching style in marketing has seen a drastic shift of it from traditional ways of researching such as calling the customer and moving to the nearby retail shops to more advanced and established way of searching such as using different social media platforms and technologies like CRM & ...

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