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ITC513 Wireless Networking Concepts

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Answers 1: 3 Data Encryption Standards for WIMAX Networks DES: DES is the abbreviation for Data Encryption Standard and it is made for being used as the key standards for the process of data encryption (ISLAM & AZAD, 2014). The nature of the data encryption standard is symmetric in nature and it involves the development of the process of encryption of the data by using the keys. For the DES, the sender is always notified about the ke...

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BUS 202 International Business Operations

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Answer Identify and describe why Operations Management has increased in importance in recent times Introduction: The overarching term operation management is the multi-disciplinary fields that keep a constant control over the entire aspects of organizational operations. The organizational value of a company is not only to provide superior quality of products and services. At the same time, the business experts have to control on the supply o...

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LAW210 Business And Corporate Law

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Answer: Issues Is Brad capable to make a contractual relationship amid the Supplier (Caltex) and Tina?   Is Paul is in violation of his duties as an agent and is he liable to pay back the profits to Tina? Applicable Law The law of agency, authorities and the relationship amid an agent-principal must be analyzed to resolve the raised issues. When any person appoints any employee then the employee must act as per the directions of his...

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BLO1105 Business Law

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Answers: Business Law In common law, a contract needs to have consideration to serve as its bargaining piece. To some extent, a contract will risk losing it legal power if it would be formed without consideration. And if it would demand the court to enforce it for the sake of justice, the law will have the burden of seeking other elements like an intention to be legally bound so as to enforce the contract. These factors brought by the rules o...

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LML7004 Advanced Australian Migration Law

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Answer: Introduction: Migration is defined as permanent or semi-permanent changes occurred in the place of an individual or a group of individuals from one location to another. Every person wishes to live happy and free life in that country where they get equality and also secured future for themselves and their families, and not many nations provides such equality and freedom to immigrants but Australia does. This is the reason number of mi...

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FNSACC406 Set Up And Operate A Computerized Accounting System

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Answer: Written Activity 1 Installation of the accounting software requires a lot of skills. And it also includes a lot of pre and post preparation before and after the installation of the system There are few steps for the same that the management must follow before installing such system. The first step is effective planning. Planning helps in understanding what is the need of the company and what are the steps that they can take to...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer Introduction In the present world, social media channels are hugely used to expand business on the global platform. Powered by internet, social media channels, blogs, forums and websites to be circulated, the organizations can now interact with the customers directly (Coffing and Bonfiglio 2017). The consumers can now share their experiences too and provide valuable information as feedback. To look at the opportunities it has created i...

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401077 Introduction To Biostatistics

Download : 0 | Pages : 4

Answers: We critically analyze the paper titled “Physical Activity and Sports Team Participation: Associations with Academic Outcomes in Middle School and High School Students” by Fox et al., (2010) published in Journal of School Health. The basis of critical appraisal is the STROBE’S statement. Item 1 Strength Weakness The demographic profile of the students was well described. The inclusion of all st...

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LAW505 Taxation

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Answer Issue The case has stated the following facts that are described as under: Danny is an Australian resident and has an engagement in the company Robin Pty Ltd as a technician. He had resigned for undertaking studies at the Charles Strut University and the company had offered him a comeback after the completion of the studies. Danny has incurred substantial costs on a participation in the program i.e. the student exchange program. He...

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ENCE 320 Engineering Projects Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 26

Answer: A favourable change takes place in a construction industry facilitates a person in generating returns over a short span of time. This project is based on evaluating makola shopping mall as commercial building project select by ENERGOPROJEKT Ltd in Ghana. This assignment is related to the selection of the best suitable methodologies in a project. Present investigation lies in creating a project plan by which network diagram and Gantt ch...

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CHC50113 Diploma Of Early Childhood Education And Care

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Answers: Case Study 1 The abuse that might be occurring with Tamara is coming from her family as they seem to be neglected about her behavior. Type of abuse The child: physical indicators The child: behavioral indicators Adult: parent or guardian Physical neglect Poor hygiene, consistent hunger, inappropriate dress, abandonment Demanding and aggressive behavior, begging or stealing food, tends ...

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BSBITU306 Design And Produce Business Documents

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Answers: Task 1 What is software technology? Software technology refers to the development of software through phases in a progressive organized manner. The software engineering process involves coding, setting objectives and preparation of equipment outlining information to be coded, and verification that the end product meet set objectives (Modi, Singh & Chauhan, 2017). The general software development stages are six. These are Id...

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A505 Theories, Principles And Models In Education And Training

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Answers: Task 1: A. Theories of Reflection: Reflection is something that consists of many facets, for instance, reflection on matters related to work helps in enhancement of its meaning. Reflection that occurs based on experiences persuades imminent and learning of complex nature. Individuals have the ability to cultivate their own growth when learning can be controlled, so it is imperative to do certain reflections alone. Kolb Cycle: The ...

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HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answer Introduction Tesco is an organization operating in the retailing industry for quite some time. The organization was founded in the year of 1919 and has its headquarters in Hertfordshire, England. According to the latest report published by Tesco, it currently has 6,553 stores across the entire world. The organization has been operating as a major player in the UK retailing industry and has a strong presence in other European and Asian ...

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CIS5200 Professional Skills For Systems Analysis

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Answer: Introduction GoCatch is the organization that has been selected and it is a company that provides taxi and rideshare services to the people of Australia. The organization is locally owned and has been expanding rapidly due to the demand of transportation services from the customers. The primary users that are associated with GoCatch since its inception in 2010 are the drivers and the passengers. The company makes use of a web based ap...

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