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SBM3204 Sustainability And Ethics

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Answers 1. The ethical issues in relation to sustainability and ethics can be explained by Kohlberg’s model of Cognitive Moral Development. As commented by Gibbs (2013), the three levels of the ethical concerns are pre-conventional morality, conventional morality and post-conventional morality. According to the pre-conventional morality, the child morality is controlled by external people such as adults and elders as the young adults lac...

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SMB4201 Systems Analysis And Design

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Answers: Introduction The report focuses on evaluating the modeling and development of laptop rental check-out system (CRCS) and web rental check-out system (WRCS). CRCS and WRCS are systems that allow a company to store details on laptop rentals. CRCS is staff-oriented whole WRCS is customer-oriented. In CRCS, the staff is involved in recording, updating, and managing detail associated with laptop rentals. On the other hand, customers will b...

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BMA701 Leadership And Change Management

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Answer: Introduction: Taxi industry is one of the most challenged business sector globally.  Everyone is concerned with the low- quality services, convenient availability of taxi's as well as safety issues at late night hours from an unaccounted taxi driver. Often, taxi drivers charged more than reasonable fare or refuse to pick up. Not even that but sometimes taxi drivers discriminate while pick up passengers on the basis of race, color...

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SBM4203 Management Information Systems

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Answer: Introduction Realtech is currently facing several problems for not coping up with the fast changing technology. It has several departments but is currently using outdated supply chain management system. The objectives of this proposal are to make sure that these problems are faced away, that is, implement a system that integrates all the functions of the different departments into one system- Enterprise Resource Planning. The system ...

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BMA701 Leadership And Change Management

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Answer Leadership and Change Management Uber, the new age taxi service company has its social image put to question because of some actions and behaviour of the leaders of the company. Studies show that there has been a change and improvement in the behaviour of Travis, the CEO of Uber. His video leak out of his heated argument with his driver and being the sexist place to work, mentioned by one of the female engineers have brought down the i...

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MRKT20052 Marketing Management And Digital Communications

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Answer: Target Market, Segmentation & Demand Assessment Company or any other organization offers and delivers the particular product to the particular group of customers in order to meet their requirements is known as target marketing. Under this term, company analyzes the requirements of the particular segment of public to deliver them satisfactory products and services. The same technique is adopted by the CQ University to attract the s...

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IS Security And Risk Management: TechnologyOne

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Question: Discuss about the IS Security and Risk Management for TechnologyOne.   Answer: Introduction The TechnologyOne is one of the most advanced and the well-known organisation in the Australia which is providing software and the Information security support to the staffs and the customers. The information system of the organisation is used extensively in its business and internal operations infrastructure. The information sy...

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Impact Of The Transport System Of NSW

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Question: Discuss about the Impact of the transport system of NSW on the high populace thickness.     Answer: Introduction Background Without these systems, picking where to put and in what turns out to be minimal more than depending on shot or fortunes to accomplish results. Matters of significance as transport speculations helpful for better global intensity, enhanced livability for the group and upgraded versatility must be ...

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Competition And Complementarity Scripts

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Question: Discuss about the Competition and Complementarity Scripts.     Answer: Introduction: The report is based on the topic on human rights and the policies that have been taken to achieve the goal regarding the human rights. United Nations, for several years, have been engaging in the improvement of standards regarding the rights of the individual as well as the states. It has taken various measures for the betterment of th...

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Strategic Information System Of The HP

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Question: Discuss about the Analysis And Development Of The Strategic Information System Of The HP Company.     Answer: Introduction The Strategic Information System of an organization is a framework that helps in maintaining the technologies used in business for strategic planning of the objectives for development of the organization in the market. This report deals with the analysis and development of the strategic information...

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Differences In Franchisee Entrepreneurial

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Question: Discuss about the Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited.     Answer: Introduction: Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE) is the biggest pizza chain in Australia regarding system store numbers and system deals, and the biggest franchisee for the brand on the planet. DPE is the select ace establishment for the Domino’s image organizes in Australia. Over these business sectors, DPE has more than 1900 stores. In May ...

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Innovation & Sustainable Business Development

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Question: Develop your understanding of the Business Model as a Concept and how a theoretical understanding of Business Models can be used to Explain value creation.     Answer: Introduction A business model is a concise and distinct way of picturing the way in which a business operates. It should be possible for the management to describe their business model in a few sentences. It is the aim of every company to provide their c...

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Leadership Theories And Styles System

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Question: Discuss about the Leadership Theories and Styles System.     Answer: Introduction In today’s contemporary and intense competitive environment, it is necessary for any organisation that it concentrates on the leadership and management aspects to attain success. Augmentation in productivity and performance are major elements that measure the effectiveness of leadership and strategies related to it (Zumitzavan and M...

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Strategic Planning: Focus And Cost Leadership

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Planning for Focus and Cost Leadership.   Answer: Strategic Planning In 1980, Michael Porter developed a model of basic approaches that has so far had an influence on current thinking in strategy formulation (Ries & Trout, 1986). He is the first individual to highlight the significance of opting for and concentrating on one of the three main alternatives, namely differentiation, focus, a...

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Strategies And Processes For Successful ERP Implementation

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Question: Discuss about the Strategies and Processes for Successful ERP Implementation.    Answer: Introduction Today, most organizations in private sector are profit oriented. If that is not the case, they are focusing on utilizing available resources efficiently in delivering services to clients and/or customers. This can only be achieved through streamlining the organization processes to improve workflow and flow of infor...

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