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MIS171 Business Analytics

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Answer: To The Manager Sub: Analysis of Employee Survey Dear Sir, The average salary of   employees is recorded as 29.54 thousand dollar that is approximately 30 thousand dollar. However, not all the employees receive this handsome amount of salary. There are variability in salaries of different employees. The different of salary between the highest paid employee and the lowest paid employee is 82.5 thousand dollar. There is wide...

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BACC318 Taxation Law

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Answers 1. Issue With the help of the sustainability of the expenses under the 8-1 ITAA 1997, there are few issues that are important to understand. In the first question, these issues have been identified and explained below: i. The new system allows deduction in the cost of the machinery for the new site. ii. It also allows deduction in the cost of assets along with the insurance coverage. iii. It has the ability to deduct the legal expens...

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MRKT 101 Small Business Marketing

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Answer: Introduction Red Bull is one of the largest selling energy drinks brand in the market of Australia. People are being exhausted very quickly due to the various changes in the environment. Different types of sports are getting popularity all over the world. Apart from them, the working professionals also need some energizer so that they can do their work properly without getting tired. Red Bull has identified this need in Australia even...

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BSBCUS401 Coordinate Implementation Of Customer Service Strategies

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Answer: Performing a Role Play  Advising on Customer Needs As a sales and customer service representative of Coffeville, my advice on customer needs would be (Smith 2012): Development of new products and at the same time procedures based on customer feedback. In case of Coffeville, there is an increased demand for gourmet coffee therefore the company should improve the procedures for taking orders. Paying attention to whatever the cus...

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MGMT3021 Leadership

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Answer: Leaders are individuals who have qualities to influence, lead and motivate people towards achieving a common purpose of goal. The leaders are needed to have certain qualities, as if they are emphatic, just and caring towards the needs of the others. Leaders are people who with their good behavior, qualities make people follow them. Leaders are needed to be ethically sound so that they can become the role models to whom people look. Goo...

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PRS303 Public Relations Management And Tactics

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Answer Introduction Public relations and public communication is a process the aids in building mutual relationships that are beneficial to companies, organizations, and the general public. The public relations and communication have evolved over a long time to become what it is today (Protess, and McCombs, 2016). It suffices to point that changes have occurred in the business environment that have prompted enhanced public relation and commun...

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HC1041 Information Technology For Business

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Answer: Introduction In recent time Information Technology is playing a vital role for conducting the operation in the sector of transport industries. It gives significant effect on the operational process of business in the sector of transport. IT assists for retaining loyalty of the customers in the sector of transports and thus constructing the transport business operation of an excellent quality.  Information Technology succeeds in d...

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PSYC6150 Group Dynamics In Organisations

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Answer: Overview Group associations can be amusing, encourage creativity, and recuperate moral, aid people calm down and develop bonds and relationships that would else not foster. Group dynamics are the strengths that transpire and get in shape when participants intermingle with every one over the span of the group in new project (Kozlowski & Botero, 2009). Such dynamic strengths are the outcome of then and there communications of group ...

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ITC506 Topics In Information Technology Ethics

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Answer Case Study Q1. What's going on? Early launch of the project is the scenario that has been selected as the case study to analyze the project situations using Doing Ethics Technique (DET). In this scenario, the Project Manager is discussing the possibility of the early launch with the Program Director. The demand has come from the project client and the organization’s CEO. The Program Director is not convinced with the decision as t...

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MBA402 Governance Ethics And Sustainability

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Answer Code of Conduct The Australian and New Zealand Banking Limited (ANZ) Introduction The aim of the following code of conduct is to ensure that the business operations of the organisation, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) are conducted in accordance with the professional, ethical, and the applicable regulatory standards. Thus, the code of conduct is designed taking into consideration the various acts and guide...

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Cpccbc5007b Administer The Legal Obligations Of A Building Or Construction Contractor

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Answer: The license of the CEO might have been suspended due to the following reasons. The CEO didn’t have an insurance cover. Reap violation which is also referred to as habitual offenses. The CEO might have been committing a specific number of violations within a given time frame. Point accumulation(Algar, 2011).Some of the states have a point system which assigns points to the major and minor offenses. Plain ol’ forgetfulnes...

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NAME3155 Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory01

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Answer: Towing tank of length which ranges from 30 m to more than 1.3 km and a width ranging between 1.5 m and 8 m is filled with a fresh water. One side of the towing tank is ideally a narrow appendix known as a trim tank. This side will offer an easy access to floating model. Figure 1 below illustrates the towing tank setup. Fig1: Showing Setup of towing tank  (Carlton, 2012). The model is actually into the trim for ballasting befor...

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Interactive Communication And Technologies

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Answer: Introduction Fettayleh Foods is a family possessed business that has been built up in 1994 and become the biggest meat providers in Western Sydney. They distributed an extensive variety of meat products to a range of customers globally. It circulates premium high quality and reasonable meat products to the Australian food production and involves two retail giants Woolworths and Coles, eateries, and airline food providers. They opened ...

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ATM System Of Colliin Bank

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Answer: Introduction The Collin Bank wants to make its bank services an automatic service for providing good service to their customers. The customers of the Collin’s Bank faces difficulties to reach the bank for do their simple transaction (Bahill & Madni, 2017). To mitigate the problem of bank rush, the bank wants to develop an ATM system that is helpful to both, the customers and the employees involved with the bank system. The e...

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Health And Community Mobilization Through

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Question: Discuss About The Health And Community Mobilization Through.   Answer: Introduction A B What do you expect to achieve with this action? C Measures of success D The main challenge/risk with implementing the action Subsidize the costs of healthcare services to the marginalized people To encourage the marginalized people to seek for medical services without worrying about the costs because they are assured of benefiting fr...

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