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ACT502 Management Accounting

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Answer: Case Study 1 Calculation of breakeven number of patients for Abuja Hospital Segregation of fixed and variable cost Variable cost Fixed cost Meal cost Cost paid to doctor, nurses  and admin staff Medical supplies Linen cost Surgical equipment   Cost paid to Anaesthetists    Calculation of variable cost per patient Particul...

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PBHE427 Epidemiology

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Answers Post 1: Diabetes type 2 can be countered in different ways, either the use of drugs such as metformin or changing lifestyles. The study carried out placed a large group of people into three categories: receiving a placebo, a lifestyle change program and the administration of metformin (Umpierrez et al., 2014). Use of placebo is important as a control in determining the effects of the other two approaches. Upon a follow-up, this study ...

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NRS 433V Introduction To Nursing Research

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Answers: 1. Health economics is a branch of economics that is concerned with efficiency, effectiveness, value creation, and consumption in the health care sector. The economists are interested in the study of functions in the health care sector and how they relate to economics and finance. The major issues in this practice include allocation of resource, costs, resource use and efficiency. These aspects include mobilization of funds for healt...

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NURS 300 Professional Transitions In Nursing

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Answer: As a health care supervisor in ABC Hospital, it is noticed that the patients are prone to risks after they have undergone cardiac surgery. I find that lack of modern machines and sufficient health care staff is one of the reasons, which is responsible for such issues in the hospital setting. The opportunity cost in improving the health care service is beneficial as compared to promotion. Opportunity cost refers to the loss that is invo...

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EDU6174 Curriculum Design In Special Education

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Answer Introduction The purpose of the following assignment is to make a coherent evaluation of main ideas coined in chapter one and chapter 2 of “Effective teaching strategies that accommodate diverse learners” and “Explicit Direct Instruction: The power of the well?crafted, well?taught lesson” respectively. At the same time, the paper is going to make an in-depth review of the key findings of the scholarly paper &nda...

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B700 Adult Nursing

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Answer: Introduction The health of the elderly people of America is a serious national concern. As the number of the elderly people increases, there are limited resources to meet the criteria required to provide quality care to patients and their families. According to the World Health Organization, health can be defined as a state of mental, physical and social well-being of an individual. Mental health is imperative in order to maintain goo...

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NUR 302 Concepts In Nursing

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Answer: Key points/ business plan Description The program aims at starting both inpatient and outpatient geriatric psychiatry service area. The outpatient geriatric psychiatry (OGP) clinic will be a home to multidisciplinary team of devoted professionals who will provide care which encompass comprehensive neuropsychiatric assessments, individual and group therapy, psychopharmacology, Electroconvulsive Therapy as well as support group. Certain...

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EDUC 8050 Research Design And Methods

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Answer: Introduction Quantitative measure methods are the primary aspect of any quantitative research method and using this data collection method, researchers can collect data which can be easily measureable. The common quantitative data collection method includes observations, questionnaire, interviews, and physiological measures and so on (Zhang et al., 2013). However, it is important for the researcher to conduct critical appraisal of the...

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PHS 503 Public Health And Human Rights

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Answer: Student 1 Overall, your ideas on this post are solid. Your counterarguments are good with a question statement at the end of the last paragraph that facilitates critical thinking. Your post presents a cogent analysis that is well-articulated with the complexities of the issue with an explanation of the impressions. Effective and adequate review of a concept or idea enhances comprehension as argued by Harmin & Toth (2018). I like t...

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NURS 6002 Transition To Graduate Study For Nursing

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Answer: Introduction: Some of the widely accepted approaches related to translation comprise of protocols, guidelines, order sets, and decision support systems (White, Dudley-Brown & Terhaar, 2016). Clinical decision support system (CDSS) refers to computer based applications that have the role of supporting and assisting clinicians in enhancing their decision making via delivery of evidence-based knowledge, in regards to patient data. Th...

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NSG321 Population Health

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Answer:  Population Health Care: Nursing 1 . Ideally, healthcare innovation is no doubt more than new techniques as well as technologies in contemporary society. As the overall healthcare landscape continues to take shape, one of the most critical areas of attention is the payment model in the United States (Distler, 2017). Consequently, there are various payments or rather financial models that have are created with the aim of managing ...

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Tax Concessions In Small Business Entities

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Question: Discuss about the Australian Tax Concessions in Small Business Entities.     Answrer: Introduction: Tax concession are tax based special treatments given to individual tax payers in our case small business entities so as to help them relief and reduce  their tax burden hence sustaining their growth, performance and more so management of their finances and especially on cash flows. Australian Tax Office, as well ...

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Opportunities Of Mobile Computing

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Question: Discuss about the Opportunities Making Business with Mobile Computing it is based on first assignment. you need to write Business Proposal.     Answer: Introduction In the modern era, the enterprises, in most cases, are demanded to send their workers out of the offices to push the sales and increase brand awareness, at the same time communicate anywhere, anytime. This has significantly increased the need for the use of...

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Structure To Carry Out Business Operations

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Question: Discuss About The Structure To Carry Out Business Operations?   Answer: Introduction Just like sole proprietorship and incorporated business organizations, a partnership is a business structure used to carry out business operations. The meaning of partnership in Australia is the same across all states and territories in spite of different legislations governing it. Every definition provided by such legislation provides t...

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Challenges Of Mobile Cloud Computing

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Question: Write a Literature Review Opportunities Making Business with Mobile Computing.     Answer: Introduction Mobile computing is the modern technological application through which the data, voice and video is transmitted through computer or any other wireless device, which do not need any fixed link. The concepts of mobile computing are: Mobile communication- The infrastructure that is placed for mobile communication that ...

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