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BFA303 Auditing

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Answer: Introduction In society, economic decisions are taken on the basis of available information. For instance, decision about making investment in a certain company can be taken by the investor through assessing the information about that company; information about financial condition about the company and the factors which promises higher return on investment are considered as base for making decisions by investors(Gramling, Johnstone, &...

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FIN200 Corporate Financial Management

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Answer The fruitful habit of making investments and savings has been an encouragement and it is the result of the concept of superannuation contributions. This concept provides for a better future to all the ones making an investment in different funds, getting results in the form of returns at the time of retirement. For tertiary employees, two different types of plans are available, one Defined Benefit Plan and second Investment Choice Plan,...

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ACC707 Auditing Assurance And Services

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Answer: Introduction: In this particular assignment, proper emphasis has been given on highlighting various issues that are faced by the auditors at the time of carrying out their liabilities as well as responsibilities during Global Financial Crisis (William Jr, Glover and Prawitt, 2016). This crisis had devastating effect on all the companies and it become difficult for the auditors to find solution to the reasonable amount of assurance at...

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FIN200 Corporate Financial Management

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Answers: Introduction This report has been developed for discussing and analyzing the important features of superannuation plans that are, defined benefit and investment choice plan. This has been done to support the decision-making process of tertiary sector employees whether to place their superannuation funds in the defined benefit or investment choice plan. The role of time value of money in this decision-making process is also discussed ...

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HEJ240-Professional Practice And Industry Engagement

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Answer: Part 1: Company Profile The organisation’s purpose All the business exists because they want to satisfy the customers. Consumers are exposed to nearly 3000 brand messages in everyday life and we want to find the most effective way that will help us to reach the target customer. We make use of insights that helps in creating the influence that can drive sales in our organization. By using the power of information along with ex...

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Importance Of Ethical Behavior

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Question: Discuss about the Importance Of Ethical Behavior.     Answer: The major concepts and points covered in this week were: Week 5 covered the topics about the importance of ethical behavior among the leaders and it also the stages of moral development. It taught the way of developing moral maturity and ethical culture in the organization (Frisch & Huppenbauer, 2014). The key areas of learning for me are: The ar...

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Entrepreneurship: Case Study On Roustam Tariko

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Question: Discuss about the Entrepreneurship for Case Study on Roustam Tarik.   Answer: Biography of Roustam Tariko Roustam Tariko is the world’s second Vodka producer after Diageo. In the year 2013 Tariko took away the world’s largest vodka producer CEDC as it became bankrupt and Tariko saved the company by financing $420 million. Later on in 2014 Tariko sold out the company Roust to CEDC for $250 million. Earlier Ta...

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Industry Engagement: Teamwork And Collaboration

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Question: Discuss about the Industry Engagement for Teamwork and Collaboration.   Answer: The following discussion is a mid-placement report on the internship as a bookkeeper. The mid-placement report addresses the teamwork, collaboration, problem solving skills, decision-making, awareness and motivation by the mentor at the workplace. The bookkeeper comes across a variety of clients of the different business entities, various se...

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The Alpha Property Development

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Question: You will be randomly allocated a post code area from AustraliaUse Marketing Theory to Identify the relevant criteria to use when describing the people living in this post code area.     Answer: Introduction This paper examines the market feasibility for mortgage investment in the housing industry by the Alpha Property Development Group. More specifically the focus on the New South Wales (NSW), a suburb of Sydney, Sydne...

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Introduction To Sustainable Development

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Question: Discuss about the systems thinking is Critical in developing solutions to Sustainability Challenges.     Answer: Sustainability is a widely used term by the businesses across the globe. The underlying idea behind sustainability is to meet the common needs to consider and act beyond time.  The recognition and trendiness of sustainability has already permitted in managing progress required for global sustainable deve...

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Managing Organization Change: HCL Change

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Question: Discuss about the Managing Organization Change for HCL Change.   Answer: Introduction Change intervention is where the change is planned in a given organization in order to improve the performance of the organization (Boydell, Herasymowych and Senko, 2009). In order to achieve the desired change in performance organization need to set a given techniques which should be related directly or indirectly with the goal of ...

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Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

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Question: Discuss about the Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.     Answer: Introduction The assignment considers and takes into account the utilization of the satisfactory financial derivatives. The derivatives are utilized by the managers of the portfolio for enhancing the returns and gains from the investments. The derivatives help in the increase of the amount of exposure faced by the investors and helps them in he...

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Rebuilding Companies As Communities

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Question: Discuss about the Rebuilding Companies as Communities.     Answer: Introduction: A community is a socially organized group of people having something in common for example the norms or identity which gives them the sense of togetherness. It is based on this idea of the community that Henry Mintzberg bases his argument as he brings out the concepts in the article ‘Rebuilding Companies as Communities’. He beg...

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Organisational Behaviour: Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Downloads : 8 | Pages : 8

Question: Discuss about the Organisational Behaviour for Marriott Hotels & Resorts.   Answer: Introduction In the current report, the chosen organisation is Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Australia. Particularly, in Australia, the organisation has set up its business in four different locations namely, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Surfers Paradise (Allen, 2016). The hotel comprises of restaurant, bar, café, sw...

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