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A) Provide the connectivity diagram here (Screenshot from packet tracer). Mark clearly the router number, switch number, host number, connection links and port numbers corresponding to each connection link, and IP addresses assigned to Hosts and Routers. B) Provide all configuration Script for Routers  1) Router 101: 2) Router 102: 3) Router 103 C) Screenshot of IP addresses assigned to Computers. 1) PC101: 2) PC102: 3) PC103: D) Pi...

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Acid Rain

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Acid Rain Experiment: How Chemistry effect Daily Life? Unit 3 Final Project: Acid Rain, Part I Acid Rain Experiment During Unit 3, you will explore how chemistry affects your daily life. It is interesting to see that every process that occurs in a living organism is based on chemical interactions within the organisms’ cells. Even the formation of DNA depends on proper bonds! One of the ways in which chemistry has a direct effect on our live...

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Write about the effect of different solutions( Water, 0.5M sucrose, 1 M sucrose,NaCL) on the rate of osmosis across a cellulose membrane.

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Soybean Helper

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Consider a firm that is a sole producer of Soybean Helper. The manufacturer’s cost of producing soybean helper is $3 per patty. Soybean Helper is used to make soy burgers. There are two outlets for soy burgers, and at these outlets the demand curves for Soybean Helper are   and .   a. If the Soybean Helper producer can charge the two soy burger outlets different prices, what are the optimal prices and profits in each market, and...

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Biology: Osmosis

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Question: Discuss about the Biology for Osmosis.   Answer: Introduction Osmosis is a process where molecules of water move an area of high concentration to the point of low concentration transversely in the cell membrane. Different concentrations of solutes and even water have an effect on the osmosis (Blewett and Taylor, 2011). The paper will address different effects of the 0.5M solution of sucrose, 1M sucrose, NaCl and water ...

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Carbon Emission In Australia

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Topic:- Rising inequality in response to carbon emission in Australia in comparison with other     countries (2500 words) 1.       What is the impact of globalization to carbon emission in Australia? (What is happening? Why is it happening?) 400 words   2.       What is the impact on globalization to carbon emission to other countries? (What is happening? Wh...

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Diabetes Receiving Intensive Insulin Therapy

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Question: Describe about the Diabetes Receiving Intensive Insulin Therapy?     Answer: The present research paper presents data on the quantitative effects of glycemic index on the postprandial glucose excursion (PPGE). The target population of the study is the children who are suffering from type 1 diabetes and as a result receive multiple injections a day. The research methods were based on continuous glucose monitoring of the ...

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Glycemic Index On Postprandial Glucose Excursion

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OBJECTIVE — The purpose of this study was to quantify the effects of glycemic index on postprandial glucose excursion (PPGE) in children with type 1 diabetes receiving multiple daily injections and to determine optimal insulin therapy for a low–glycemic index meal.

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Development Of Dimensional Measurement Metrology

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A manufacturing company produces precision components for machinery such as mining equipment and also for the railway industry. They must implement new measurement systems in a number of different areas within the company. There is a need for increased quality and traceability to satisfy customer requirement and reduce scrap and re-working. The company currently has a metrology room with good temperature control of +/- 1°C which is kept clean...

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Q1 . Investigate the effects of varying stimulus amplitude and duration by running all the simulations shown in Table 1:      Table 1: Action potential characteristics  Stimulus Action potential  measurements Strength (A/cm2) Duration (ms) Peak Height (mV) Amplitude (mV) Latency (ms)Threshold Voltage (mV) 10 20 50   Q2. Plot a graph to show the relationship between Stimulus strength and latency&n...

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On 1 March, Ben, a science lecturer at a local university (NWK), sent a letter by post to Ian, a local astronomy expert, inviting Ian to speak to Ben’s class. The letter said: “I will pay you $1,000 to l speak to my class on 1 June. Pleaserespond to me by 1 May if you accept.” Ian replied with a letter to Ben that he postedon 1 April.It said: “I would be thrilled to speak to your class on June 1. I will see you then.&rd...

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Plant Cuttings

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Acid Rain, Part II: During the last two weeks (Units 4 and 5), you were asked to make additional observations on each of your cuttings at leasttwice a week, taking special note of any changes you observe since the last time you looked at the plants. You should fill out the data Table located in DocSharing to record your observations. If you were able to take digital pictures each week to document these changes, that would be wonderful. This week ...

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Renewable Energy Is It A Viable Option For African Countries: A Case Study Of Angola’s Eelectricit

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The renewable source of energy is important for today’s complex environment and fast depletion of energy. The renewable source of energy is generated from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, geothermal heat, waves and tides. The sustainability can be attained in regards to environment and use of energy. Africa is a developing continent and facing challenges in their energy sector. Therefore, use of renewable energy can be solution to th...

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a)    A lawn mower has a rated sound power level of 96 dB(A). Assuming the lawnmower is sitting on concrete (ie hard ground), what would be the noise level at 20 m?   b)    What would be the noise level at 20 m if the lawnmower was sitting on soft grass? (Assume fully absorptive ground)   c)    What would be the combined noise level from 3 such lawnmowers at 20 m? (Assume you are 20 m fr...

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Behavioural Science

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 Assess patients’ levels of anxiety, experience and expectations in respect of dental care Manage patient anxiety and pain through effective communication, reassurance and relevant behavioural techniques Recognise the importance of non-verbal communication, including listening skills, and barriers to effective communication Recognise psychological and sociological factors that contribute to poor oral health, the course of diseases...

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