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Sensors And Wireless Report

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Question: Write a report about the Sensors and Wireless.    Answer: Introduction Sensory information can be sent through wireless nodes to be received by the remote locations. The report shows how the LDR can send the sensory information, through the terminals 1 and 2 of the probe, which work as input sensors and the other probe, 3, works as an output sensor. This LDR diagram is similar to the diagrams of the IR and TEMP. Wi...

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Finance (several Topic)

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Ted Ltd is entitled to receive a cash inflow of $80,000 in 2 years’ time and a further cash inflow of $14,000 in 5 years’ time (in year 5).  If the interest rate is 8.5% per annum, how much is this stream of cash inflows worth:                                   i.&nb...

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Explain why the following English sentences are ungrammatical. Your answer must be very brief and use the appropriate terminology. One sentence requires two theoretical tools to account for its ungrammaticality. 10 points   1. *      It seems Sonny to love Cher. 2. *      Bill is likely that he will be late today. 3. *      Patrick to take this course next year is...

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Determine the differential voltage gain (vo/(vi1-vi2)) of the circuit shown in Figure 1. Assume: K’n (W/L)= K’p (W/L)= 4 mA/V2 , |Vt|=1.5 V VDD=10 V, V1=7.8V, V2=7.5 V, λ1=λ2=0.01 V-1, I1=5 mA

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Carbon Emission In Australia

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Topic:- Rising inequality in response to carbon emission in Australia in comparison with other     countries (2500 words) 1.       What is the impact of globalization to carbon emission in Australia? (What is happening? Why is it happening?) 400 words   2.       What is the impact on globalization to carbon emission to other countries? (What is happening? Wh...

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Soybean Helper

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Consider a firm that is a sole producer of Soybean Helper. The manufacturer’s cost of producing soybean helper is $3 per patty. Soybean Helper is used to make soy burgers. There are two outlets for soy burgers, and at these outlets the demand curves for Soybean Helper are   and .   a. If the Soybean Helper producer can charge the two soy burger outlets different prices, what are the optimal prices and profits in each market, and...

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 1.  a) For solar radiation with air mass of 1.5 calculate the total transmission (using short and long wavelengths) through:  i) 3.0 mm, Borofloat glass ii) Tedlar PVF film (1 mil  TTR10BG3, UV transparent)    b) For a black body at 75oC calculate the total transmission through:  iii) 3.0 mm, Borofloat glass iv) Tedlar PVF film (1 mil  TTR10BG3, UV transparent)  c) Which material would you recomm...

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Design And Implement Modified DES Cipher

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Design and implement Modified DES cipher as mentioned below and observe the Avalanche effect. The number of rounds allowed from one to five only. Observe the Avalanche effect by c hanging the bits of the plain text. That is Once the first round is completed, change 1 bit of the plain text and observe the change in cipher text bits. Continue the analysis by changing half of the bits in the plain text. Module: Decryption Phase Task 1: Generate an i...

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Photovoltaic Cells

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Questtion: Describe about  photovoltaic cells?   Answers: Environmental considerations The importance of sustainability: Sustainability is   the meeting of the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The sustainability has many aspects like environmental, social, and economical..              ...

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Development Of Dimensional Measurement Metrology

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A manufacturing company produces precision components for machinery such as mining equipment and also for the railway industry. They must implement new measurement systems in a number of different areas within the company. There is a need for increased quality and traceability to satisfy customer requirement and reduce scrap and re-working. The company currently has a metrology room with good temperature control of +/- 1°C which is kept clean...

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Q1 . Investigate the effects of varying stimulus amplitude and duration by running all the simulations shown in Table 1:      Table 1: Action potential characteristics  Stimulus Action potential  measurements Strength (A/cm2) Duration (ms) Peak Height (mV) Amplitude (mV) Latency (ms)Threshold Voltage (mV) 10 20 50   Q2. Plot a graph to show the relationship between Stimulus strength and latency&n...

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Prediction Of The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of High Temperature Thermal Storage System For Solar

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 Prediction of the efficiency and effectiveness of high temperature thermal storage system for solar thermal power plants ("Use the template provided immediately below"). ("Literature Review Template (USE IS COMPULSORY) "). (TEMPLATE):- This assignment should be approximately 2000 words in length. This assignment shall be submitted in the form of a Word file: doc or docx. File size shall not exceed 5MB. It is the student’s responsibili...

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Renewable Energy Is It A Viable Option For African Countries: A Case Study Of Angola’s Eelectricit

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The renewable source of energy is important for today’s complex environment and fast depletion of energy. The renewable source of energy is generated from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, geothermal heat, waves and tides. The sustainability can be attained in regards to environment and use of energy. Africa is a developing continent and facing challenges in their energy sector. Therefore, use of renewable energy can be solution to th...

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Brat Electronics Ltd is a small manufacturer of electronics-based products. The operations manager realises that a shop floor re-layout is well overdue. The facility manufactures seven products and a table summarising the operation sequences of these products is given below.  Work centre type Part Identifier & Operation No. Area required (m2) A B C D E F G  Guillotine 1,2 1 1    1 45 Press 3 2 2    2 90...

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Michael is designing a motor driver for a wheeled mobile robot. The motor driver is designed as an inverting amplifier (using the circuit shown in Figure 1) to drive the motor in the opposite direction of the input voltage. Michael would like to select the components of the amplifier based on specific design requirements. Michael has installed a switch (Sw1) to disconnect the motor driver input signal (vin) to the system and a motor protection sw...

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