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Dimensions And Antecedents Of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour

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Question: Give the literature review dimensions and antecedents of organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB)?     Answer: Introduction Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) is a field of study gave to perceiving, clarifying, and inevitably adding to the attitude and practices of individuals (group and people) inside associations. Organizational behaviour is taking into account logical information and connected practice (Ju...

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Literature Review: Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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Question: Give the literature review on organizational citizenship behavior?     Answer: Introduction: Organizational Citizenship Behavior also called OCB has been analyzed and explored plus researched by several scholars for past twenty five years. Also it constantly is a field of interest and charm for all the scholars (Allen, 2006). OCB actually refers to voluntary carry outs and behaviors exhibited by staffs while in organiz...

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Antecedents Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour

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Question: Describe the dimensions and antecedents of organisational citizenship behaviour?     Answer: Organizational Citizenship Behavior Introduction Every organization is in need of an employee who performs certain tasks which are not a part of any job description. In such circumstances, organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) plays an active role. Organizational citizenship behavior refers to behavior which is beneficial ...

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Organizational Behaviour Of B&Q

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Questions: 1. Current structure and culture at B&Q and comparison with Coca Cola?2. Different approaches for the leader ship and management?3. Use of different motivation theories across coca cola and B&Q?4. Understand mechanisms for developing effective teamwork in organisations?     Answers: 1. Current structure and culture at B&Q and comparison with Coca Cola: B & Q is a public limited company which was fo...

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The Effect Of Leadership Styles On The Business Performance

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Question: a) Identify from research and academic theory, two of the paired topic areas from parts 3 of the module that apply an organisations effectiveness. Work groups and teams Management and Leadership Power and Politics Conflict and Negotiation b) Analyse and critically discuss the impact that your topic areas have on the culture of an organisation and the way in which employees are managed.   Answer: Introduction Snap-on UK ...

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Solving Business Problems Through The Creative Power Of The Arts

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Question: Identify and evaluate Unilever’s organisational structure prior to 1996. Why did Unilever change from this structure in 1996? Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of the new organisational structure that Unilever has adopted (from 2004), in achieving their corporate strategy. Describe the internal and external forces that could have created the need for Unilever to change its organisational structure.) Organisational change...

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Organizational Behaviour: Understanding Organizational Culture

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Question: 1. You have been asked to use the OB theories on organizational change that you have studied to advice a group of managers on how they can effectively bring about change in their employees working practices. 2. The concept of organizational culture is an important and popular one for academics and practicing managers.   Answer: 1. The best of Managers do not need any diploma’s or certificates to bring efficiency in...

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Organisational Behaviour: Group Report And Presentation

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Question: a. Understand the contemporary theories and concepts in organisational behaviour, b. Understand human behaviour at the work place and the importance of evidence based approach to management and organisational behaviour, c. Develop personal and interpersonal skills and knowledge to effectively manage oneself and others in an organisational context, d. Understand the importance of team work and how to develop effective teams, e. Iden...

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Organization Behaviour: Individualised HRM And Organisational Performance

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Question: Describe about the Organization Behaviour for Individualised HRM and Organisational Performance.   Answer: Introduction The report gives a brief description of PC Solutions which is owned by Frank Wallace. The company is related to the selling of desktop computers to home users. The company has developed significantly over the last eight years and has expanded its sales, administration, accounts, customer service and softwar...

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The Behaviour Of Employees In An Organization

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Question: Write essay on "The Behaviour of Employees in an Organization".    Answer:  Introduction In the contemporary scenario, businesses are increasingly focusing their attention towards enhancing customer satisfaction and enhancing the level of profitability. Specifically mentioning, in order to accomplish such objectives, organizations have directed their attention towards fostering the development of employees such that ...

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