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Government Role In Managing Short Run Instability In The Economy

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Question: Write an report on “Government should play active role in managing short run instability in the economy caused by unemployment and inflation problems”.    Answer: “In the long run, we all are dead” said John Maynard Keynes. The basic assumption behind the same was the fact that it is the short run stability in the economy achieved through fiscal tools (i.e. taxation and government spending) t...

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Corporate Liquidity And Capital Structure

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Corporate Liquidity and Capital Structure.   Answer: Current situation       The Sengupta Fibers Ltd. is engaged in the production of nylon fiber and it was incorporated in 1962. Mrs. Sharma who is the owner and the managing director of the company manages the business. The company has a plant in Kota, which uses modern and innovative textile technologies. It sour...

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Occupational Health And Safety: Hypothetical Structure

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Question: Discuss about the Occupational Health and Safety for Hypothetical Structure.     Answer: Introduction MacDonald in his journal article, “The impact of job demands and workload on stress and fatigue”, referred to the hypothetical structure of workload. It is such a concept that has its wide application in the human factor or rather in the HF psychology. The concept of workload is often equated with the ...

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Business Level Strategy And Generic Strategies

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Question: Discuss about the Business Level Strategy and Generic Strategies.   Answer: Limitations of the Recommendation Although TATA Motors is an international automotive manufacturing company in the worldwide, the process of evaluation of strategic alternatives is complex and difficult and also covering an information scale from both internal and external condition of the firm. It can be done before making of decision. The firm...

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Global Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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Question: Discuss about the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.     Answer: Introduction: Global logistics refers to the process of transporting the products or goods from one point to the end user. Global logistics has been referred to as a management process which analyses the resources procured, stored & transported. In order to be effective, proper supply chain management (SCM) shall be practiced within the com...

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Pneumonia: Aetiology And Pathophysiology

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Question: Discuss about the Pneumonia for Aetiology and Pathophysiology.   Answer: The Aetiology of Bacterial Pneumonia The inflammation of alveoli in the lungs is known as Pneumonia. Breathing problem associated with cough, high fever, lethargy, and feeling of light headedness is common. The most common cause of pneumonia during pregnancy is Community acquired pneumonia. CAP is responsible for many deaths in the Asian continent ...

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Logistics And Supply Chain Group Management

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Question: Discuss about the Logistics and Supply Chain Group Management.     Answer: Introduction Logistics refers to activities within an organization and Supply Chain refers to a group of companies working together. Traditional logistics concentrate on activities like distribution and inventory management. Supply chain (Krajewski, Ritzman & Malhotra, 2013) also includes finance, marketing, handling customer service and pro...

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