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CO5117 Introduction To Accounting

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Answers: Introduction about company: The company is in the food industry which is very fast growing industry. The company’s performance is per industry standards. Profitability ratios       Gross Profit ratio Gross Profit 134398 67.27%   Net Sales 199791   Net Profit ratio Net Profit 38489 19.26%   ...

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BSBWOR502 Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness

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Answer: Strategic and Operational Plan   VTI is a company operating in automobile retailing   Major business is selling and servicing small and medium segment cars   Catering diversified consumer segments   Managers are assigned responsibilities based on particular departments   Mass and niche market are VTI’s major consumers   Motivation of employees through two-way communication channel Commun...

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BUS702 Economics For Managers

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Answers: Answer:-1 The elasticity of different food category clearly reveals that people crave for unhealthy foods like sweets and sugar based snacks as they have lower elasticity reflecting inelastic demand. That is for one unit change in price the amount change in demand would be less than one unit. This kind of demand creates more burden on consumers when the goods are taxed (Stiglitz and Rosengard 2015). Hence imposition of tax can be goo...

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BUS502 Principles Of Economics For Accountants

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Answer: The effects of immigration on the United States economy (a) If we assume that native-born and migrant workers are very similar, then we can count native and immigrants workers as supply of workers.  Using a simple demand –supply framework for workers, with wages as the price of workers, we can analyse how immigrants affect wages and employment (measured as the number of worker in employment). The demand curve slopes down...

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CO5119 Business Law

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Answers Part a) Issue Paul might not be successful in bringing legal proceedings against Wayne. The incident that resulted to Paul’s injury is not a result of negligence of the rules of the game or the golf company but it is likely as a result of the company’s negligence of safety. Wayne accidentally hit Paul, however the golf company did not, in any case, accidentally forgot the possibility of injury. Relevant law Civil Liabilit...

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ACCTING 7014 Management Accounting

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Answer: Introduction: Management accounting topic has been the major point of discussion in the past few decades as innumerable researches have been done in this scenario. Over a substantial time span, there has been a major stress on the management accounting topics. Moreover, management accounting topics have undergone immense challenges by various researchers. The Management control system has conducted many studies in the r...

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BIZ101 Business Communications

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Answer: Introduction ABC is a global apparel company that has its production and distribution units in Australia, USA and some countries of Europe. With the advancement of technology and rapid globalization, it is essential for the company to improve its marketing techniques for increasing its market share in the competitive business world. The problem As the market competition is intense, ABC Company is losing its market share as its not f...

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Digital Business Strategy And Generation

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Question: Discuss about the Digital Business Strategy and Generation.     Answer: Introduction Business strategy or simply business management can be defined as any organization’s high level plan to reach the various objectives and goals of a business (Baltzan 2012). All the strategies eventually succeed whenever they are leading to the growth of any business, stronger financial performance and the stronger competitive pos...

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Implications For The Environment Society

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Question: Discuss about the Implications for the environment society.   Answer: Pest Analysis Of Hungary Jack Hungary jack is one of the biggest fast food companies in Australia. They are the second largest franchise of Burger King Corporation and a subsidiary of Competitive Foods Australia (Hungary Jack, 2018). This company is known for its high quality burgers served in their stores all around Australia. It is essential for the compa...

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Understanding Of People And Organization

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Question: Discuss about the Understanding People and Organization.     Answer: Realization on the Results of the self-assessment I have realized this that I try to mingle with all the people around me in a very friendly and a nice way. However, I often do not remember to keep a control over the frequent outbursts of emotion. I know that I can easily work on this and improve myself. There are many instances when I faced many di...

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Barriers In The Game Of Volleyball

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Question: Write an essay under exam conditions. In your essay, you must evaluate which level/s of Figueroa’s Framework created the greatest barriers to your opportunity to participate equitably in Volleyball (past), and which currently (present) impact on your involvement and improvement in the game.  You must also recommend ways in which these barriers could have (past), and can now (present) be removed.   Answer: Profess...

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Plutus Payroll And Associated Companies

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Question: Plutus Payroll and associated Companies Case Study.     Answer: Introduction The corporate veil, the piercing of the corporate veil and the duties of the directors are terms associated with the issue which is surrounding modern day corporate governance. The purpose of this paper is to through light upon SYNEP, PLUTUS PAYROLL (PP) and other Syndicate companies (SC) in relation to corporate veil, the piercing of the corpor...

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Postpartum Depression

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Question: Disucss about Postpartum Depression.     Answer: Introduction Postpartum depression or PPD is classified as one of the major episodes of depression, which starts tentatively a few weeks after delivery. Although childbirth is one of the significant and joyful events in the life of a woman, almost 15-85% suffer from PPD due to various biological, psychological and social factors (Sylven, 2012). While there are several ca...

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Analyze Leadership Development Of MBTI

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Question: Discuss about the Leadership Development of MBTI.     Answer: Introduction: This report has been prepared to analyze the MBTI result. In this report, MBTI approach has been described and it has been depicted to the user that how this MBTI test help a user to make better decision regarding the personality and carrier in future perspective. It makes a differentiation among the human beings. This test has been conducted t...

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test

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Question: Discuss about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test.     Answer: Introduction: The following article has concentrated on a personality test called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI) that enlightens different aspects of human being (Sethuraman and Suresh 2014). I have conducted the test to analyse my own personality. Therefore, the report has articulated critical analysis of the MBTI Test.: The result of MBTI test ...

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