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Complex Area In Nursing: Case Study

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Question: Sonia is a 36 year old involved in a motorcar accident (MCA) on her way home from work Friday night. Her medical diagnoses are: L Pneumothorax (ICC inserted)Lacerated spleenL shaft of femurSuspected internal bleeding not identified during surgery.Sonia:• Has had a general anesthetic and a laparotomy with repair of the liver laceration.• Was infused with 4 units of whole blood during surgery• Has an epidural line for ana...

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Demand And Supply Of Petrochemical Products

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Question: Discuss about the Demand and Supply of Petrochemical Products.   Answer: Introduction: Oil (petroleum) is one of the valuable natural energy sources in the world. The introduction thus must talk about how scarce it is. Other than being used as fuel for energy and transport, it is also used for creating petrochemical products. Petrochemical goods, such as plastic, appliances, solar panel, automobile parts, bullet proof v...

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Economic Causes And Economic Consequences Of BREXIT

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Question: Discuss about the Economic Causes and Economic Consequences of BREXIT.   Answer: Introduction: BREXIT can be said as an acronym for “British leaving European Union”. The European Union is a political partnership of twenty-eight European countries. It started after World War II with a though that countries which trade with each other are having less likely to war with each other. A single market was created by it ...

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Australian Tax Law : Taxation Act 2016

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Question: Describe about the Australian Tax Law for Taxation Act 2016.   Answer: 1. Issue Hilary as per the information provided in the case has derived the following three payments: $ 10,000 – Sale of copyright of her autobiography $ 5,000- Sale of Manuscript $ 2,000 – Sale of expedition related photographs Other relevant information include that Hilary had no prior writing experience but still accepted the offer and ...

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HRM At Doki Doki

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Question: Discuss about the HRM at Doki Doki.   Answer: Introduction Employees are the heart of any organization. Be it a vast organization such as Microsoft that has global presence or simple retail outlet that sells vegetables, employees are the core of it. Employees represent the organization and work towards achieving its goals by contributing to the various sectors in the organization (Mondy, 2016). Certain employees may dev...

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Conflict Management : Actual Decision Making

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Question: Describe about the Conflict Management for Actual Decision Making.   Answer: 1. The various remedies whereby the conflict of interest could be avoided by the members are highlighted below. Disclosure of the underlying conflict of interest in a given situation to the fellow members so that the others are not influenced and can maintain a partial stance. In situations where a potential conflict of interest may be avoided, the...

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Employees Use Apps In Making Their Work

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Question: Discuss about the Employees Use Apps In Making Their Work And Personal Life Better.     Answer: Introduction: In the life of human beings, work plays an important role. In the present scenario, where unpredictability and fast-paced business is the talk of the town, it is certainly not easy to attain work life balance. As per Perrons 2017, with increasing connectivity through social media and technology, it is becoming ...

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Community Reintegration Offenders Children

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Question: Discuss About The Community Reintegration Offenders Children?   Answer: Introducation Throughout history, the problem of child sexual abuse has been prominent. Until 1960, child sexual abuse is not identified widely and the society would accept most of the time the condition, but the most threatening thing was that the family members are often involved in these activities. Therefore, acknowledging sexual abuse could crea...

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Diversity Democracy Dissent: Compatibility With Representation

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Question: Discuss about the Diversity Democracy Dissent for Compatibility with Representation.   Answer: Democracy is a governing inspiration where citizens have the privilege of electing their representative as the government in an independent and liberal environment (Blühdorn 2013). In this paper, the principle of authentic democracy has been analysed with its compatibility in the current political environment throughout the gl...

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United Nations Framework On Climate Change

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Question: Discuss about the United Nations Framework On Climate Change.   Answer: Climate change is one of the most critical problem that the world is facing today. Therefore, the countries of the world are looking at all kinds of options to reduce the effects of environmental pollution. Multiple international treaties, conventions and agreements have been signed to take appropriate actions against climate change issues. Some of these ...

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