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COMMLAW 7012 Business And Corporations Law

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Answers: Issue: On the basis of the facts that have been provided in this question, it needs to be decided if Brad had entered into a valid contract with Caltex and if Tina is bound by such a contract. The reason behind this issue is that Tina expressly told Brad that we should not enter into a contract for the purchase of petrol in the future. At the same time, another issue that has to be decided if a secret profit had been made by Paul when...

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BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications

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Answer: Memorandum To: Mrs. Rania Singh, Customer Services Agent From: Tom Lee (Director of Sigma Global) Date: July 21, 2017 Subject: Orderly Articulation Agreement between Sigma Global and Its Agents across the World The aim of this memorandum is to set guidelines for restructuring and securing a mutual coordinated liaison between Sigma Global and its agents (both domestic and international) and to facilitate the significant information...

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BUS5SMM Sustainable Management And Marketing

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Answer: Introduction Tassal Group limited, and its subsidiaries are involved in the hatching, farming, processing as well as marketing and selling the Atlantic salmon in Australia. It provides froze, fresh, canned, smoked and hot-smoked together with a medium range of salmon products through its Tasmania and Victoria shops. It also supplies fresh fish shops and supermarkets with fish. Australia is known for its profound ability to produce sal...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: Introduction The act of buying and selling the market is an important activity which is involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or the seller to the consumer or the buy. With the beginning of the social life, the focus is mainly on how the business is primarily able to handle the emerging global culture (Kumar et al., 2016). There are different stages of the production, sales and the brand management where the motivation i...

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9011PMGT Project Management

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Answer: Introduction The project management concepts and tools are very helpful for the development of the existing facilities and formation of the advanced processes. According to Djalalinia et al. (2014), the projects can be construction based, IT system development based, manufacturing based, or service based. These types of the projects require the use of project management concepts and processes for the development of the successful proj...

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LAWS5065 Taxation Law

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Answer: Issue: The present issue is based on the determination of the fringe benefit consequences of Shine Homes and Charlie. From the case study, it is found that Charlie worked as the real estate agent for Shine Homes Ptd Ltd and was provided with a sedan. As defined under Section 6 of the Miscellaneous Taxation Rulings and Fringe Benefit Tax Assessment Act 1986 there are situations under which fringe benefit tax is levied on car (Bark...

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LAW 613 Taxation Law

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Answers 1. As per Australian Income Tax Legislation 2012, Vol 2, Sec 63E the following swapping has been dealt. a. According to the dentist’s case study, a dentist has exchanged his dental work valued at $600 for a video worth $550 with a retailer. The market value of the video is $550 however; it cost only $300 to the retailer. In this case, the dentist does not gain any income as his dental work value is greater than the market value as...

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ITC563 Data Mining

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Answer: utility_name utility x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 Arizona 1 1.06 9.2 151 54.4 1.6 9077 0 Boston 2 0.89 10.3 202 57.9 2.2 5088 25.3 Central 3 1.43 15.4 113 53 3.4 9212 0 Common 4 1.02 11.2 168 56 0.3 6423 34.3 Consolid 5 1.49 8.8 192 51.2 1 3300 15.6 Florida 6 1.32 13.5 111 60 -2.2 11127 22.5 Hawaiian 7 1.22 12.2 175 67.6 2.2 7642 0 I...

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ELEC3500 Telecommunication Networks

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Answer: Project Background Characteristics of the Project UWB or Ultra Wideband Radio has provided a revolutionary approach for receiving and transmitting waveforms in the form of pulse that has been compressed in time to form frequency in wireless communication. I undertook the project for the design and implementation of Ultra Wideband antenna. During the project, I have observed that any communication occupying more than 500 MHz bandwidth...

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HNN215 Quality Use Of Medicines

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Answers  1. a) Mr. bank has met with an accident and has an open right tibia fracture. He is admitted in a hospital where he will undergo a debridement followed by an internal fixation surgery. He is having symptoms that may result from the usage of these medications. He did not urinate for the last six hours and is suffering from pain when he tries to move. He is under a medication at present and is receiving patient control analgesia (fen...

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ACC5141 Newsletter And Financial Statements

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Answer: Changes and developments in the financial reporting environment Issue of report by ESMA in regard to application of IFRS 13 The report issued by this authority provides the procedure for application of the fair value measurement in regard to IFRS 13. The review had given stress on various areas such as disclosures at the fair value, account units, market activity levels, adjustment in regard to valuation of the derivatives. (Delo...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer: As shown by the World Economic Forum, a tricky innovation is a theory that "a smaller organisation with less means can remove a setup, fruitful business by concentrating on segments of the market that have been neglected by the inhabitant, typically in light of the way that it is focusing more on helpful locales (Stige, 2012)." However, there has been debatable trade about whether Uber is truly a troublesome advancement or development ...

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BAO6714 Computerised Accounting In An ERP System

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Answer: Introduction Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is considered to be business software that is responsible for managing the various processes in the business (Chiu et al. 2014). It helps in automating the functions of the back office and increases the operational efficiency of an organization. ERP systems are gaining importance with time. These systems are becoming an essential need of the small and medium sized organizations...

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ELEC4740 Internet Of Things

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Answers: Introduction To make a home smart place and secure to live in, the most important things that is required are the devices of Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is most important to make a house a smart place where people can stay. Everything that comes under Internet of Things includes smart television to LED bulbs that are used in a house. The Internet of Things devices have increased in number providing security to the hous...

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ACCTING 2501 Financial Accounting

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Answer: Question 1: Property plant and equipment Required journal entries Date Account description Amount Amount 01-07-14 Equipment    800,000.00     Cash          800,000.00   Equipment purchased     30-06-15 Depreciation expenses    &...

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