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Impact Of A Targeted Land Distribution Program

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Question: Prove the following statement using the potential outcomes framework: If the stable unit treatment value assumption holds and selection bias is equal to zero then the difference in means between treatment and control groups is an unbiased estimate of the average treatment effect on the treated?   Answer: The objective of program evaluation is to evaluate the net difference, which appears with respect to the difference between...

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Datastor Company

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Questions: Has DataStor Company  had a quality problem (4 returned shipments in 20 days)?  Can the problem with unaccepted shipments simply be caused by random variation?  What evidence leads you to your conclusion?  Attach supporting evidence from your data analysis. (Hint: you need to think about the following probabilities)?   Answer: First of all, we have to draw the control chart for checking of the quality of th...

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Influence From The Business Environment On Environmental Purchasing

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Question: Discuss about a Case Study on Influence From the Business Environment on Environmental Purchasing?   Answer: Different types of the organization purpose:- The organization is based on some basic concepts. Before it was thought that in an organization there is a group of people who usually share the same purpose. There are variety organizations, and several types of organizations have a variety of purposes. These kinds of organ...

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Health Information: Management Of A Strategic Resource

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Question: Describe about the Health Information for Management of A Strategic Resource?   Answer: In National Health Services, the healthcare services are responsible for the retrieval, evaluation, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data and information. This ability of NHS allows the healthcare organisations to plan and deliver care services to diverse group of patients and specialized care services. It is estimated by Depart...

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A Business Model For The New Economy: Journal Of Business Strategy

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Question: Discuss about A Business Model For The New Economy for Journal Of Business Strategy?   Answer: Introduction Firefly is one of the important airlines of Malaysia.  It is owned by Malaysian Airline System Berhad on 3rd April 2007. The name of Firefly comes from a Mandarin word Fei Ying, Bahasa Malaysia 'Kunang-Kunang' which describes the characteristic of Airline, which are agility, brilliance, charm and fun. The vision o...

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Influence From The Business Environment On Environmental Purchasing: Drivers And Hinders

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Question: Influence From The Business Environment On Environmental Purchasing for Drivers and Hinder?   Answer: There is necessity to adjust some fitting option when a business organization is framed with respect to its general prosperity and future establishment. Improvements of a business depends on various different variables such as political, social, economical, etc. however, it is very vital to enumerate these variable which are re...

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Misleading Statistic

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Question: Describe about misleading statistic?   Answer: Statistics is the process of collecting, organising and representing a large amount of data. A statistic is said to be a misleading statistics if the statistic misuses the data intentionally or by mistake and gives a wrong interpretation of the data. Misleading statistic can be developed in many ways (Pepe et al., 2013). Forming the statistic on own, dealing with falsified findin...

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Fields V. Smith

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Question: Explain the case related to Fields v. Smith.   Answer: The ACLU and Lambda legal had filed a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin on the behalf of the three transgender women who were incarcerated there. The case raised challenge over the law of Wisconsin under which there is a bar on the access of sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy for inmates in a prison and other in the custody of the state.  Initially the docto...

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Frequency Description Statistics

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Question: Describe about the Frequency Description Statistics.   Answer: Present below a frequency and relative frequency distribution for the net sales amounts for XYZ Apparel.  Use the methodology presented and demonstrated in class. Bin Frequency 0 0 30 13 60 38 90 20 120 13 150 6 180 4 210 2 24...

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Professional Letter: Human Services

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Question: Describe and Draft a professional letter to your state senator in support of this Bill.   Answer: Date Reader’s address Dear Senator The Legislative Bill 804 for an Act to adopt the Investigational Drug Use is of prior interest to me as I am a health professional. The bill signifies the use of experimental drugs in the treatment of eligible patients. The use of investigational drugs and medical devises should be appr...

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