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TLAW 402 Company Law

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Answers: Letter of Advice Dear Henry and Henriette  I refer to your conference meeting on.....................March 2017. I note you are seeking advice on setting up your new business venture. You would also like to understand your obligations and liabilities as co-owner and directors if you set up your company. Also, you seek advice whether you can become employees of your own company. I would like to submit that in Australia, there is...

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SOSC1510 The Future Of Work

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Answer Global commodity chain: A commodity chain can be defined as the entire network which deals with the labor as well as the production procedures which ultimately helps in production of a finished commodity. This definition was provided by Hopkins and Wallerstein in 1986. The main focus of global commodity chain deals with the international trading system. It also deals with the increasing trend of the economic integration of the producti...

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3012CCJ Social Science Research Methods

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Answer: Marx’s theory of historical materialism refers to the basic ideas of Karl Marx. According to him the development and the structure of the society gets affected by materialistic factors and the economic conditions. This theory states that materialistic conditions consist of technological method of production and the society of human beings is developed by the means of production. Marx’s theory of historical materialism is hi...

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GS 170 Concepts In Social Science

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Answer: Globalization concept is related to free movement of people, goods and services across the world. Social inequality can be understood as social differentiation. The major reason of social inequality is unequal distribution of the resources. Social inequality can be occurred due to various other reasons like gender, age, power, religion, prestige, over consumption and class issues. The given essay gives emphasis on contribution of globa...

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SBLC7011 Strategic Management

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Answers Introduction Task 1: Strategic Direction and Strategic Thinking of Dialog Axiata Analysis of Vision Statement of Dialog Axiata Dialog Axiata is a telecommunication company in Sri Lanka with the vision of being the one and only undisputed leader in the telecommunication sector. The vision of the organization will help the country to increase connectivity and enhance the enterprises and lives. Multi-sensory connectivity aimed by th...

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6HO705 Strategic Management

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Answers: Introduction Hotels have become so much important that they are a part of the lives of people. Four seasons hotel is located in in various parts of this world. The hotel is a five star located in several major cities in the world and has a branch in Paris that we are going to analyze..Four seasons hotel has felt the economic impact after the attacks in the capital Paris last year (Barney and Hesterly, n.d.). This report analyses the ...

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GEOG 2132 Social Science Techniques

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Answers: Social science focuses on shifting human behaviors and processes in both complex and multi-causal environments. People's life patterns, habits, identities, and behaviors are shaped by the society in which they live. The culture of individuals comprises of customs, habits, language, historical stories, and self-understanding. There has been a great transition from agile social cultures to the modern day life patterns. A good relationsh...

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LGST201 Company Law

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Answers Part A The doctrine of capital maintenance did not allow the company to give financial assistance in acquiring their shares and shares of holding company. The system of capital maintenance is not effective to safeguard the interest of creditors. Most of the rules in capital maintenance in the present are of no use, and it is unnecessarily difficult (Tomasic, 2015). Company amendment act 37 of 1999 removes the doctrine of capital maint...

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PM303 Strategic Management

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Answer      Introduction Morrisons UK is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world headquartered in the UK. It ranks behind Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s in terms of revenue and is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK.  It was founded in 1899 by William Morrison and since then expanded in various parts of the UK. There are about 515 stores of the company in England itself and it has also expanded in ...

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SOAD9102 Social Work With Diverse Populations

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Answer: This case study has been prepared to determine the facts of the problems which clients are facing in their lives. This case study reflects the problems which have been faced by Rosa in handling her family issues and tackling with her kids. Being a social worker in STAARS, it is evaluated that Rosa has stuck in her life and making extra efforts to overcome all the negative factors to manage her family problems effectively. It is evaluat...

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BSBMGT502B Manage People Performance

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Answer: Performance Standard is a set and agreed level that an individual or an organization should reach for it to satisfy the performance in the industry. Code of Conductrefers to a set of policies that outline the social norms, rules, and responsibilities that an individual or an organization are expected to observe in a certain field of operation. Performance Indicatorsare measurable values that are used to shoe how effectively an orga...

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LAWS2301 Company Law

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Answer: The corporation act, 2001 state the general rule that the every director of the company prohibit to trade while insolvency as contemplated under section 588G of an Act. In this case, Jamie and Paul are personally liable to pay outstanding debts as trade in losses. In the context of present problem, the reason set out that they breach the duty of care and diligence under section 180 and also they also step in a contracting with a third ...

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LEGL201 Company Law

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Answer: Issue: The issue this question is if the nonexecutive directors of Vegas Ltd. can be held liable for violating their statutory duties imposed by the Corporations Act, 2001 and/or the fiduciary duties imposed on the directors by the common law. Rule: There are many instances is where the non-executive directors of the corporation decide to remain passive. Therefore they do not take any active part in the management of the corporation...

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3012CCJ Social Science Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction to the case study with theoretical frameworks of ethics  Global problems cannot be resolved without radical transitions. The major cause of the problem is overconsumption of nonrenewable resources. It has resulted in an unsustainable demand for high living standards in a world equipped with limited resources. The present level of consumption and production patterns cannot be utilized for a longer time. People residi...

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SOSC3541 Land Food And Development

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Answer: Green revolution refers to the benevolent initiatives to increase agricultural production and prevent hunger and starvation. In this context, it is important to know that the African continent did not have any green revolution yet. As a result of that the production in agriculture was not as enhanced as it was expected. Based on this understanding, it can be argued that the government must take initiatives in order to increase the rate...

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