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Strategic Issues And Key Problems Of Singapore Airline

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Question: Describe about the Strategic Issues and Key Problems of Singapore Airlines?   Answer: Current Situation The Singapore Airlines (SIA) is essentially the trend setter of the Airline Industry. SIA has employed various innovative strategies since its beginning. These strategies have supported and strengthened the organization over the years and have helped the organization to reach its goals and succeed in the Airlines industry....

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Performance Management: Linking Strategy And Human Resources

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Question: Describe about the Case Study of Performance Management for Linking Strategy and Human Resources?     Answer: Case Study 1 Various steps need to be undertaken so that the team’s purpose can be identified and established. Few of the steps that the leader will have to undertake so that the team’s performance can be improved are as follows: - 1. Team meetings will be taken at regular intervals so that the lea...

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Corporations Act 2001

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Question: Describe about the Corporations Act 2001?     Answer: Constitution means the internal rule of the company. Company is bound by its constitution. If it is mentioned that the existing members will given preferences then it is mandatory for the company. So director cannot take the decision with ultra vires to the constitution.   Constitution has a contractual effect. So if it is mentioned in the constitution that A. H...

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Methodological Approach On Gender & Language Study

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Question: Compare and Contrast the methodological and theoretical approaches of two different pieces of social science research exploring the same topic/issue?     Answer: Comparison of theoretical and methodological approach on gender & language study Introduction Feminist post-structuralism discourse analysis (FPDA) is based on the theory of Feminist post structuralism which is a combination of feminism & post-st...

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Strategic Management Journal: Shareholders And Stakeholders

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Management Journal for Shareholders and Stakeholders?   Answer: Section 172 of the Company Act, 2006: Critically Discussed The Company Act, 2006, governs the Company Law in The United Kingdom. The Company law in The United Kingdom can be divided into two parts namely the Corporate Governance and the Corporate Finance. Corporate Governance codifies all the rules and regulation that decide the right...

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The Tidal Model: Developing An Empowering

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Question: Explain about The Tidal Model for Developing an Empowering?   Answer: Introduction The approach of person centred planning is well known for forming a significant framework in delivering services, in the present scenario and in the future, for the establishment of strong relationship between individual with development and/ or intellectual disability, their care providers and families along with the organizations supporting ...

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Ultra Vires In 1984: Corporate Veil

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Question: Describe about Critically assess the tests that must be met before the corporate veil will be pierced?   Answer: There are several occasions when a court has to deal with the issue if a particular corporation can be considered as separate legal entity. This issue generally arises in cases where the claimant wants to recover from a company and it is found that the company does not own any assets of its own and it is a part of...

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Study Skills

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Question: Discuss the factors that are included to contribute to the sound and solid education.   Answer: Introduction: Many factors are included to contribute to the sound and solid education. Education is an extremely complex process to be tied to two causes[1]. The psychological, social and biological elements are involved in producing various ranges of effects. It is necessary to find the inner innovation, amazement for the world ...

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Mergers And Acquisitions In The Energy Sector

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Question: Analyse the internal and external influences on corporate objectives and strategy.   Answer: Introduction Mergers and acquisitions are the combination of two or more companies into a new company with the difference being the way in which the combination takes place (Roberts, Wallace & Moles, 2010). For a merger, negotiations take place prior to the combination as it is considered that it will be beneficial to both compan...

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Strategic Management: Acquisitions And Strategic Alliances

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Question: Describe about the Strategic Management for Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances.   Answer: Introduction: Oil is an important factor for the energy sector. The fall in the price of oil will create a lower level of profit and spending for the projects. The energy companies they try to maintain a balance. The effect is not only on the energy industry but consequently on the other industries as well. The drop in the oil price w...

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