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Accounting Assignment

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Questions: a) Understand the language of financial accounting and financial reporting.   b) Explain the purpose, content, format and practical applications of the following financial statements, the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the relationship between these financial statements.   c) Understand the accounting cycle and the business process of accounting information systems and their ethical implications. Engag...

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Strategic Marketing: Enhance The Existing Operations

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Marketing for Enhance the Existing Operations.     Answer: Role of strategic marketing Strategic management help the organization to identify the relevant the strategies to enhance the existing operations of the business enterprise. According to Agudo et al (2012), it can be helpful in assessing the existing financial operations of the business enterprise and taking measures to rectify the sit...

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Sport Marketing: Identifying Key Market

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Question: 1. Choosing and identifying the organisation - Choose Cleveland Cavs as the organisation and write a small description about the "vision, mission" in 60-70 words. 2. Write about the segments not targeted by Manchester United. i.e, Demographical, Geographical , Age, Gender etc. 100-120 3. Targeting of your organisation should which segments are chosen from the second question and which strategy is to be applied and with reasoning. 150...

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Business Accounting: Vertical And Horizontal Business Analysis

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Question: Discuss about the for Business Accounting for Vertical and Horizontal Business Analysis.   Answer: 1) (a) Vertical Analysis of Income Statement of SIA Ltd.: Vertical analysis of Income Statement of SIA Ltd. for period ending 31 March 2015 and 2014   2015   2014     Amount ($) Percent (%) Amount ($) Percent (%) Revenue 15,565.50 1...

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Business Accounting Sense : Principal Of Prudence Demand

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Question: Describe about the Business Accounting Sense for Principal of Prudence Demand.   Answer: a.) The word prudence means exercise of caution and good wise judgement. In the accounting sense it also means the same and the principal of prudence demands the makers of financial statements to exercise caution and wise judgement while preparing the financial statements. Hence under the concept one must not overstate the amount of reven...

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Australian Conceptual Framework In Accounting Standard

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Question: Discuss acout the Australian Conceptual Framework in Accounting Standard.     Answer: Introduction: This unit will provide an understanding of Australian Conceptual Framework in accounting standard setting and its practical applicability in a commercial environment. The major purpose of this units is to make learners well versed with accounting concepts and principals applicable in Australia and its compliance by busin...

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Business Accounting : Farmers Cooperative

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Question: Discuss about the Business Accounting for Farmers Cooperative.     Answer: Introduction: Wesfarmers were established as Western Australian Farmers Cooperative initially and later they have grown among the largest listed companies of Australia. They have their headquarters in Western Australia and they deals primarily in liquor, convenience store, supermarkets, office supplies and home improvements. They are one of the ...

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Business Accounting And Investment

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Question: Discuss about the Business Accounting and Investment.     Answer: The essay discusses about the investment made by two companies in the departmental stores and the process they follow in recording the value of assets in accordance with the Australian Conceptual framework. According to the Australian Conceptual framework, assets are defined as the present economic resources that is controlled by the entity because of the...

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Corporation Limited A Telecommunication Limited In Australia

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Question: What is Corporation Limited a telecommunication limited in Australia?   Answer: Introduction The company in focus is Telstra Corporation Limited a telecommunication limited in Australia with a market capitalization of more than A$ 50 Billion. With this in mind, the company uses the Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles for its accounting requirements and for financial making decisions. As the biggest telecommunicati...

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Comparison Of Two Business Types: Woolworth

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Question: Discuss about the Comparison of Two Business Types for Woolworth.   Answer: Introduction The report intends to present the comparison of two different types of the business based on the annual report. The two sectors have been chosen based on Retail Business and Manufacturing business headquartered in Australia. The choice of the retail company has been made with Woolworth Limited and the manufacturing sector has been ...

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