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HA3042 Taxation Law

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Answers: Issue The objective is to ascertain if the various payments received by Hilary would fall within the ambit of income generated from personal exertion under s. 6(5), ITAA 1997 in light of the following facts. Hilary by profession is a mountain climber who has accumulated fame through her expeditions. She has been offered $ 10,000 for writing her story by a local newspaper which is gladly accepted by her and story is delivered along wit...

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ACC303 Contemporary Issues In Accounting

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Answer Introduction Caltex is seen to begin its operation in 1936 in form of California Texas Oil Company. This company has been further seen as a joint venture between Texas Company and standard oil, thereby gaining concession in Saudi Arabia. The company has been further seen with gained concessions in Saudi Arabia. It was further seen to be renamed in 1968. The parent company has been further seen to be based on the consideration of merger...

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BAFN200 Principles Of Finance

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Answers: Introduction: Cash lender is one of the biggest pay lender of Australia having a diverse base of revenue that comprised from a broad range of service offerings. Over the last few years, the organization has experienced significant growth having $ 80 million of debt from single lender management. The company was launched with the class action of charging higher rate of interest on cycle of debt and fees in excessive amount on short-te...

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401007 Approaches To Professional Nursing Practice

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Answer: Assessment 1 Critical reflection is considered to be a fundamental skill, which can be applied by professionals who are been associated with the sector of healthcare, management, education, research and teaching. It helps the practitioner of healthcare by providing them with an opportunity of, beliefs as well as on values of their observation, ideas, reasoning, experiences and facts in a collaborative way for developing an innovative ...

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

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Answers: Introduction The type of software of implementation that records and operates various transactions related to accounting is known as accounting software. This particular software works for various effective modules such as the accounting records, accounts payable, payroll, trial balance and accounting receivable (Abraham and Dao 2017). The accounting software does its work just like an integrated accounting information system. It is ...

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CRSE108 Corporate Responsibility And Ethics

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Answer Corporate Social Responsibility in contemporary business environment The objective of Corporate responsibility is a part of business approach that primarily helps a business organization to establish their brand in the global market with the help of maintaining some of the major corporate ethics and responsibilities. People belonging to different geographical market cannot be aware of the products and service process of an organization...

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FNS50217 Accounting

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Answer: Introduction  In this study, the selected company JB Hi-Fi is listed in Australian Stock Exchange (Jbhifi.com, 2017). This company is an Australian merchant of consumer goods that mainly specializes in video games, CDs, home appliances, Blu-rays as well as DVDs and electronics or hardware.  The current segment discusses the situation when equity consolidates other reporting requirements of AASB 10 that reports consolidated a...

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HI6008 Business Research

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Answer: Introduction  I have used the data analysis method for organizing, verifying, tabulating, cross-correlating and statistically analyzing every data as well as preparing preliminary projections and reaching preliminary conclusions. I have used the data acquisition method to gather secondary data that includes market statistics, financials, product, technical, competitive and client data, as well as did the gathering of primary data...

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NIT6130 Introduction To Research

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Answer: The process of collecting data will entail, the activity of gathering of data which is converted to information ,this is to obtain the desirable variables which will be effectively used to give solution to the research topic on the effect of poor technology infrastructure on the storage of information (John  2016). The data collected will however be used to analyze and in evaluation of the challenges associated with poor storage ...

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BSBLDR501 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence

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Answers: Utilising emotional intelligence to get the best possible team output Effect of the employee’s emotional balance on the workplace In the case of an employee becoming emotional and defensive, the effects on the workplace could be –– Employees could get discouraged: An employee who has a negative attitude could result in other workers getting dissuaded from performing at their optimum level. A worker has more influent...

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MKTG3000 Strategic Marketing Management

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Answer: Strategic Roadmap: Industry Life Cycle: Objective comes with the companies in terms of improving and advancing the financial performance. There are other business segments of the objectives such as strengthening of competitive position in the market, maintenance of the sustainable competitive advantage. The present industry has reached to its declining level as the demand for the furniture in the country has declined in comparison wi...

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BN2255 Business Analytics In Practice

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Answer: From the summaries provided above, the third years seem to have received the highest number of customers into the Midland railway services. On the other side, the second year experienced some challenges in the market hence service fewer customers. GDP changes were highly experienced in the third year with a value of 4.21% and least on the second year at 1.96%. On average, Midland Services has achieved a 1.36% GDP change for the last fi...

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COMMLAW 7012 Business And Corporations Law

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Answer: Introduction: The aim of this report is to develop understanding on the case of Fame Decorator Agencies Pty Ltd v Jeffries Industries Ltd (1998) which is based on the Australian case. This report is focuses on the responsibility and duties of breached. It also focuses on the critically analyze decision of court as well as it discusses the reason for the decision in the view of the Corporation Act. This report also focuses on the possi...

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BSBHRM405 Support The Recruitment, Selection And Induction Of Staff

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Answers: It is important to obtain management approval before recruiting a candidate since the organization needs to be aware of the number of candidates and decide on the financial aspects accordingly (Roberson Buonocore and Yearwood 2017). The senior management must approve the manpower requirements and it is a part of the management rules. The senior management needs to be aware of the activities taking place at the ground level including the...

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BSBLDR501 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence

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Answer: Activity 1 1. Emotional Intelligence is that quality of an individual that lets them identify and manage their own emotions and emotions of others. The individuals recognize different feelings and classify it in most appropriate way through that capability. Self-regulation is very important individuals should have control over their own feelings like, depression, anxiety. It is very important not to react while one is in stress or ang...

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