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Supply Chain Strategies:Management

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Question: You are required to prepare a report of 1500 words that addresses the following points: 1. Discuss how a company could improve its financial and non financial performance by engaging in the strategic management of its supply chain processes.2. Discuss how vulnerability to supply chain disruption could be effectively managed within the company supply chain.   Answer: Executive summary: Supply chain management is the process ...

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Scope Of Sustainable Business Marketing

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Questoin: Discuss the scope of sustainability, comparative advantage and ethical and social responsibilities?     Answer: Introduction about Sustainability Businesses are required to market their products and services with a view to create awareness within their target customers for the products and services as offered by them. But in relation to such marketing of products and services, an important concept that has emerged sign...

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Supply Chain Management: HG Metals Manufacturing Limited

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Question: Describe about the Report for Supply Chain Management of HG Metals Manufacturing Limited.   Answer: Introduction HG Metals Manufacturing Limited is a manufacturer of Steel Products. HG Metals is a Singapore based Company. MR. Ching Chiat Kwong is the chairman of the company and MR. Foo Sevliang is the Executive Director of the company. HG Metals provides a large variety of steel products manufactured in various shapes and si...

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Baseball Card Emporium

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Question: Discuss about the Baseball Card Emporium.     Answer: Introduction The case report deals with the case study of Baseball Card Emporium (BBE), a distributor of baseball cards to their dealers of sports card situated in Lewistown at Pennsylvania. In this study, the challenges or issues related to the concerned company have been investigated and solved. The case report also accounts the overall performance of the concerne...

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Microeconomics : Business Elasticity

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Question: Describe about the Microeconomics for Business Elasticity.   Answer: 2. Income elasticity for concert tickets Initial weekly income = $ 1,500 Final weekly income = $ 1,800 Percentage change in income = [(1800-1500)/1500] * 100 = 20% There has been an increase in the demand for concert tickets by 25%. Hence, income elasticity = 25/20 = 1.25 Since the income elasticity is positive, hence concert ticket would be a normal g...

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Global Agri-Food Supply Chain

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Questions: 1.Critically Evaluate the current Issues, Challenges and Future of the Global Agri-Food Supply Chain. 2.Critically Evaluate the role of Culture to Promote an Efficient, Competitive, Responsible and green global Supply Chain.     Answers: Introduction Supply chain management and logistics are important for the revenue generation of the companies in the agro food department. Sustainability of the supply chain management...

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Global Procurement Purchasing And Supply Chain Management

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Question: Discuss about the Global Procurement Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.     Answer: Introduction Global procurement is perhaps one of the most important aspects of an organizational operation. This is because of one important reason hat in absence of a reliable and productive procurement system; it would be difficult for the Company to be competitive in the net profit margin. Procurement is such a process that pre...

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Physical Distribution And Logistics Supply Chain Management

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Question: Discuss about the Physical Distribution and Logistics Supply Chain Management.     Answer: Introduction Supply chain is the management of flow of corporate goods and services, with involves movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress and delivering the finished goods to the point of consumption (Schoenherr and Speier?Pero 2015). The organization chosen for the study is Domino’s Australia, which is the...

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GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Australia

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Question: How To The GlaxoSmithKline Is More Concerned With Development?   Answer: Introduction Distribution strategies refer to the measures that the company has in place to ensure that products reach the intended recipient. There are several means through which a company can do this. The particular measure or measures taken are dependent on the nature of business the organization is in, its size, and the overall strategy. In som...

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Managing Operations And Supply Chain

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Question: How Do Managing Operations and Supply Chain?   Answer: Introduction: The dependence of a business on resources is not an unknown fact in context of business management. Research studies as well as literature have provided substantial indications towards the trouble that lies ahead for business organizations in the long run owing to the limited quantity of resource available for business. The consistent expansion of the e...

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