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FIBA702 Budgeting And Control

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Answer: Cost management refers to the underlying process related to controlling as well as planning the budget for the business. It is a type of management accounting only which is meant to ensure that the actual cost incurred in various activities tend to remain within the budgetary limits.  In this process, typical variances are computed to reflect the deviation of the actual cost from the budgeted cost which are then analyzed. Cost m...

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FIN 201 Corporate Finance

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Answers A new service BMW is doing 1. To see if we have enough cash to run the business can be seen from the balance sheet. We need to check the balance sheet  and see if the current assets have enough cash balance at the end of the day so that all the cash can be utilised for the business. If an cash is to receive by the debtor that should also be consider so that next quarter liability can be paid off. Cash can also be seen by trade rece...

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ECC5973 Economic Evaluation In Health Care

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Answers: To calculate the Quality Adjusted Life Years, the following Formula was used: QALY = Life Years X Utility Weight of Health State X Total Number of Sample Weight Since, the study participants were transitioning after 3 months, the baseline QALY is calculated at 3 months Life Years or 0.25. The participants transitioned into stable shelters for 6 months. Hence, the QALY is calculated at 0.5 Life Years. The 12 month QALY is again calcula...

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Quantitative Management Concepts Techniques

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Question: Discuss About The Quantitative Management Concepts Techniques.   Answer: Introduction Risk management refers to the practice of identifying any potential risk that can be associated in advance and therefore coming up with the appropriate precautions or measures to prevent it in future (McNeil et al,50). Natural disaster risk and financial risk. The grower can avoid risk by coming up with appropriate measures to co...

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International Crisis: Iran, European Union And USA-Israel

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Question: Discuss about the International Crisis for Iran, European Union and USA-Israel.    Answer: The situation here it is a great threat and it puts nations in an awkward position. It puts the Iranian government for instance in a position where the sanction is likely to be imposed back on them since the allegations they are facing is a violation of the deal that they made in 2015 with six world powers including The Unite...

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Brand Identity & Brand Performance Of Apple

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Brand Identity and Brand Performance.     Answer: Introduction The report talks about the corporate brand identity and brand performance. Apple Company has been selected to explain the brand identity and performance. Apple Inc. is one of the biggest brands in the world. The report presents a brief overview of the apple brand strategies and it also explains the SWOT and CBBE model of this com...

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Power Speaking: Obligations And Goals

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Question: Discuss about the Power Speaking for Obligations and Goals.   Answer: No 1. Causes of Self-Consciousness Consciousness is among the philosophical techniques of how different people reason about themselves. It creates a sense of awareness of the surrounding. Self-consciousness is the extension of the state of consciousness to oneself. It strengthens and talks more of what’s inside the person. In the case of self-c...

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MKTG524 Global Marketing

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Question: Discuss about the Foreign Market Analysis.     Answer: Benefits of International market After industrial revolution, globalization has again changes the business environment that is observed all over the world. One of the significant objective and aim of any company is to be a global player and leave a global footprint in the industry of operation. It is an inspiring and motivating idea for every business organization....

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General Motor In The Market Of Saudi

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Question: Discuss about the General Motor in The Market of Saudi Arabia.     Answer: Introduction In the present business scenario, more organizations are opting for entry in the global market scenario in order to increase their market share and divide the business risk. Moreover, the entry in the global market will further help in increasing the brand identity and exposure in the market (Dunning, 2012). On the other hand, organ...

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Corporate Finance: Car Industry

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Question: Discuss about the Corporate Finance for Car Industry.   Answer: Introduction The market risk premium is the variance amid anticipated yield on the market platform and the free rate (RFR). The MRP is determind through (Benth, et al. (2008) Expected Market return – RFR= MRP  A for BMW the best market risk premium to implement is the implied equity market risk premium methodology; this is because the approache...

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