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MGT701 Leading And Managing Organisations

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Answer: Introduction The way people relate with each other and at their places of work is highly affected by perceptions and personality. Managers are supposed to be aware of attention that is selective, some stereotypes and distortions that are attitudinal in nature. This leads to their effective contributions towards group dynamics, inequalities at work places and conflicts that are interpersonal. Therefore for managers to be assisted in t...

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BUS503 Principles Of Commercial Law

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Answer: Negligence is a branch of the law of tort that deals with unintentional torts. However, courts hold it as one of the misconducts that cause the victims injuries either to their bodies or their properties. The law of tort takes negligence as a failure for the wrongdoer to take the reasonable care which a person in that position would have taken in protecting the wellbeing of others. From this, the court holds that any victim of a neglig...

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Ethics Impacts On Perception In Accounting

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Question: Discuss About The Ethics Impacts On Perception In Accounting?   Answer: Introducation Globally, the accounting profession has been faced with the challenge of distrust from the public because of the sensitive role they play within organizations of handling the finances and the records pertaining to them. The situation arises as a result of the numerous cases that have been mentioned either at the institution levels or in...

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BSBFIM501 Manage Budgets And Financial Plans

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Question: Discuss about the Manage Budget and Financial Plans.     Answer: Introduction: There are the few basic accounting principles that need to be followed by an organisation, which are business entity concept, the cost principle, and the going concern concept. The business entity concept many states that businesses are a separate entity altogether, where it cannot be compared by the owner as it is different from each other....

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Ha3042 Taxation Law ABC Ltd

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Question: Discuss about the Ha3042 Taxation Law.     Answer: Issue The issue is to ascertain the fringe benefits liability for the employer ABC Ltd for the non-cash benefits provided to employee Alan in the income year 2017. Further, the applicability of FBT liability needs to be calculated for the given scenarios. Rule The non-cash benefits which the employer has granted to the employer for the private utilization only would ...

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Communication And Feedback In Organizations

Download : 0 | Pages : 9

Question: What Is the Role of Communication and Feedback in Organizations?     Answer: Introduction “Communication and Feedback required for successful management.” To survive in the operating market, it is important for every organization to manage its business effectively. Management of the organization has become a concept of focus in the management literature. By effective management, organizations are also a...

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Ethics, Professionalism And Governance:Legislation

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Question: Discuss about the Ethics and Governance for Legislation.   Answer: Use of Company Computers Recognizing the Moral Dimension In this case, the moral dilemma that is present is that Joseph as a security administrator at his job has been given the task to monitor his workmate's activities while they are online. He has to do this even though he knows that they did not sign any contracts that allowed them to ...

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Self Esteem Has An Important Role For Everyone

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Question: Discuss about the Self Esteem Has An Important Role For Everyone.     Answer: Introduction Self-esteem is the word usually utilised for describing the way one feels regarding himself and the worth he gives to himself.  The individuals’ build-up self-esteem since they have the capacity to identify themselves and also have capability to have assessment of themselves (Galligan, 2014).  The self-esteem has im...

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ACC511 Managerial Finance

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Question: Discuss about the Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis.     Answer: Introduction: As per our calculations based above we recommend the company, Equator Ltd to accept plan A. this is so because Plan a offers higher net present value than plan B (Au and Au, 1992). as already mentioned plan a is a highly automated project which involved use of more machinery and use of less physical labour. Though using automated tec...

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Auditing And Assurance : Assessment Financial Level

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Question: Describe about the Auditing and Assurance for Assessment Financial Level.   Answer: In auditing, inherent risk denotes an error that occurs in financial statements and which does not occur as a result of failure of control but because of other factors .Inherent risks are mostly witnessed in complex transactions as well as those transactions which call for high levels of judgment.  On the other hand inherent risk assessme...

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Marketing : Education Policy And Management

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing for Education Policy and Management.     Answer: Introduction: The universities of Australia are undergoing significant reform and change. The governmental policy and others have contributed to the success of Australian universities. Victoria University is no exception to this aspect. The university is characterized by a decent level of market share which accounts for nearly thirty percent o...

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Case Study On Organ Donation

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Question: Case study on Organ Donation.    Answer: 1. Introduction 1.1 Background and Overview Organ transplantation is the choice of individuals, provides the life-saving opportunity for the people who have no other options instead of this. However, a worldwide shortage of organs is the biggest problem for many people suffering from organ damaged or failed cases. Therefore, organ donors are always of the highest priority for ev...

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