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FIN700 Financial Management

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Answers: Answer to Question 1: Answer 1.a: Particulars   Amount Payout Ratio A 70% Share of W.Brown B 12% Growth Rate of Net Profit C 25% Interest Rate p.a. D 9% Net profit after tax on '16-17 D $600,000 Total Dividend Paid on '16-17 E=DxA $420,000 Dividend Received on '16-17 F=ExB $50,...

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ITC505 ICT Project Management

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Answer Introduction Project procedure is a model, that the project chiefs utilize to design and build up a project, and there are different project philosophies to effectively total the project (Joslin and Müller, 2016). This report will feature different project strategies and will fundamentally concentrate on Waterfall and Agile model, the similitudes and contrasts between them. Define what a project methodology is Project technique...

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ACC700 Principles Of Accounting

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Answer: Introduction In the present time, the business environment is considered more complicated, challenging and fast growing due to high competition and up-gradation in the technologies. Both competition & technological improvements are the important and significant factors that are affecting the current and future of accounting profession. For example, due to the introduction of new/innovative and dynamic technologies/tools/methods, t...

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Practices In Intellectual Developmental

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Question: Discuss About The Practices In Intellectual Developmental.   Answer: Introduction The report provides a brief view of the personal SWOT analysis and comments of fitness of my nature towards the company and its role in which I am employed. The report provides information about the use of naturally occurring data(s) for the making of the project. Further, the report also reviews the personal strengths and weaknesses along ...

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Analysis On Quasar Communication Project

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Question: Discuss about the Enterprise Environmental Factor analysis on Quasar Communication Project.     Answer: EEF and tools of impact analysis Identification of enterprise environmental factors of the project For this particular project four different environmental factors those have been identified are: Factor 1: Organizational culture, structure and governance The project managers of Quasar Communication Inc are respons...

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Social Dimension Of Shopping Products

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Question: Discuss about the Social Dimension of Shopping Products.     Answer: Introduction Today, with the advancement of technologies including the development of internet, people have adapted themselves to the digital medium for their various day-to-day activities including social interactions and businesses. Thus, majority of the businesses have realized this change and adapted to it accordingly by attracting more customers ...

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Communication And Academic Skill

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Question: Write a Reflective Journal on the topic Increased Communication and Academic Scholarship Skills.   Answer: Introduction The report is a reflective journal on the topic Increased communication and academic scholarship skills, the journal reflects my journey during the learning process of Business communication. I have narrated my experience and things that I have learned and the difficulties that I faced, while learning. I ha...

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The Theory Of Change Management

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Question: Disucuss about the Change Management.     Answer: Introduction The present business scenario is much more complex and diverse in nature compared to a decade ago. The market requirement is changing rapidly with the change in the taste and preference pattern of the customers. Thus it is one of the key aspects for the contemporary business organizations to consider the change in the market and industry and effectively ado...

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Sustainable Living And Innovation System

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Question: Discuss about the Sustainable Living and Innovation System.     Answer: Introduction Often, people describe sustainable living as requiring long-term and joint outlook by the community that integrates economic, environmental, and social objectives (Livermore, 2012). Currently, the contribution of the private sector is through innovation which comes from the development and the better use of the environment, and ec...

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Systems Analysis And Design Fundamentals

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Question: Discuss about the Systems Analysis and Design Fundamentals.     Answer: Introduction Projects are usually designed to help achieve certain predetermined goals that are established by the project team before any work concerning the project is initiated .This means that an organization has to identify certain needs that require a given project for them to be satisfied, these are often referred to as project goals and the...

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Business Information Analysis: Case Study Of Nokia

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Question: Discuss about the Business Information Analysis for Case Study of Nokia.   Answer: Introduction It takes effort and devotion for companies to establish roots in international markets. Many companies try and have failed terribly. Nokia a telecommunication network company and has managed to get space into the global market. The company from the United States of America has had immense influence on the global market ...

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Revenue Management: Business Purposes

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Question: Discuss about the Revenue Management for Business Purposes.   Answer: Introduction This assignment is based on the subject of revenue management. The assignment aims to identify the reason for which the hotel that selected the particular city for its business purposes. At the same time, the assignment also tries to find out the reasons behind the selection of the competitor set and the way of forecasting the occup...

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Change Management Plan: Salco

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Question: Discuss about the Change Management Plan for Salco.   Answer: Introduction Change is an important component of any project .However change must be carried out in a proper way so that it does not interfere with the scope of the project. It necessary also that there is a general consensus as far as the changes are concerned The change management plan was designed for Rookie Software Company, in order to give an exp...

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