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LST2BSL Introduction To Business Law And Ethics

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Answers 1. Issue The issue in this case is to find out whether the representation stating PRO X9 is an amazing chair and/or is the best on the market is a term of the contract or not Rule There is a significant difference between a puffery and a term of a contract. a puffery has no legal significance whereas a term of a contact is legally binding on the parties to it. As provided by the case of REA Group Limited v Fairfax Media Limited a...

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ECON6001 Economic Principles

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Answer Introduction: Over the past several decades, the world market for oil are faced with most disruptive events. The members of Organization of Petroleum exporting countries raised the price of oil for increasing their income. This was done by reducing the amount of oil supplied on jointly basis. Oil price rose for more than 50% after adjusting the inflation rate from 1973 to 1974. Oil price was approximately doubled from 1979 to 1981 resu...

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CVE80010 Principles Of Sustainability

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Answer: Nowadays, uses of plastic bags are increasing among the people day by day due to their multi-purpose and multi-user nature. This utilization is affecting the environment in different ways like air pollution, water pollution, sand contamination, etc. The present study is regarding the campaign for resolving the issue relating to the use of plastic bags. It will include background information, goals and objectives of the campaign, strate...

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BB105 Marketing Principles

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Answer: Introduction The McDonald’s Australia is a successful fast food restaurant. The company has a reputation for quality food. Indeed, the company is one of the leading fast-food chains globally. In Australia, the company provides its customers with value for their money (Boelsen-Robinson,  Backholer, & Peeters, 2015). The company has a rapidly developing consumer brand. Additionally, the company is growing customer base. M...

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EDU40004 Advocacy And Social Justice

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Answer Introduction Poverty affects people of every ages, however, there are certain exceptional issues associated with poverty in the early childhood. The traditional concept of poverty describes poverty as an imbalance between the needs and resources of people. Such imbalance is the outcome of the limited resources that are unable to cater to the material needs of the people. The needs of the people include housing, fuel, food and medical car...

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LAWS5065 Taxation Law

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Answers: Answer to Question 1 The section 6-5 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 provides that income according to the ordinary concept is known as ordinary income.  The fee that is received by the dentist for providing professional services is an ordinary income and it is taxable under section 6-5 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The dentist has received fees for personal exertion and it should be included within the meaning of...

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BUS503 Principles Of Commercial Law

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Answer      The main legal issues Can Ruth bring an action of negligence against the actions undertaken by Keith? Is the defence of contributory negligence is applicable in the given scenario? The applicable law Negligence is a form of tort law. Under this law, a doer of the act is liable if it is proved that he owed duty of care to a certain person and he carried out the breach of the duty of care which was owed upon hi...

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ITNE2002 Network And Information Security

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Answer: Introduction  As UNIX based systems are more robust and responsive than any other operating system, therefore most of the infrastructure of the organizations using this for network management, automation of the different processes and internal communication through intranet.  The “bash”, which is utilized by the users to execute command lines and scripts is mainly affected by the Shellshock vulnerability (Mary 20...

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ITECH5402 Enterprise Systems

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Answer: An existence of  sophisticated ERP software like SAP, JDE, oracle, BAAN and PeopleSoft have finally brought the expectation of proponents of database managements systems up to 1980s, nevertheless, the expectations has been has been devastated in many ways due to lack of successful software implementation in an organizations for instance in the year 1995 U.S firms consume an estimate of approximately $60 million on the overruns cos...

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OMGT2087 Supply Chain Modelling And Design

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Answer: Formulate an multiple-objective linear programming (MOLP) model for this problem in a Word file with a brief description of an equation, and implement the MOLP model in an Excel spreadsheet.  Objective 10X1 + 7X2 + 15X3 + 12X4 + 6X5 Constraints 24*$109,603X1 + 10*$109,603X2 + 34*$109,603X3 +52*$109,603 X4 + 65*$109,603X5 4.6 17*$109,603X1 +15*$109,603X2 + 58*$109,603X3 + 64*$109,603X...

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FINC20018 Managerial Finance For Revenue Generating Capacity

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Answer: Introduction: In the present case, CQU Printers is a company which is looking to change the printer to enhance its operations and to make the operations efficient and effective. The present case elaborates that some changes have taken place in the market and to come in line with those changes company needs to replace its old printer with a new one. This case is all about the replacing decision of the company (Ryan & Ryan, 2002). C...

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Human Resource Management: BizOps Enterprises

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Answer:   Introduction  The aim of the report is to prepare a comprehensive draft of the human resources strategic plan. This report is based on the BizOps Enterprises scenarios as the managing director of the company are in process of developing the organization's five-year strategic plan. The report will include the review of the current business plan and consider the information that is essential to relate to the innovation str...

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Firms And Collective Reputation System

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Question: Discuss about the Firms and Collective Reputation System.   Answer: Introduction: Volkswagen is one of the pioneer companies known for manufacturing automotive founded in 1937 in Germany. It was the largest automaker in the world in 2016. It employs more than 626000 employees. The company has relied on its innovation strategies and quality outputs over the year and enjoyed the market leadership. The company deals in passenger ...

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Thematic Analysis On Demand Management

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Question: Explain and apply the key concepts of logistics and supply chain management in public and private sector to ensure effective and efficient management of an organization.     Answer: Introduction In this report a discussion is going to be done regarding the topic of demand management. Several aspects of the demand management are going to be touched in this report. The relation of demand management with the supply chain ...

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Impact Of Globalization In The Startup Business Venture

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Question: Discuss about the impact of globalization in the startup business venture.     Answer: Introduction Globalization refers to the increasing exchange of information, people, ideas, businesses and currency from one part of the world to another. Globalization is a current phenomenon which has largely changed the shape of the world and continues to positively and adversely impact people, businesses and economies (Hirst, Tho...

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