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TR759 Social Policy

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Answer: Marxist VS Religion Marx was born on the 8th of May in Trier City, Germany. He was born into a Jewish family later turned Protestant in the year 1824. The conversion in religion attributed to the anti-semitic persecutions and laws.  This, among various other reasons, contributed to Marx's rejection of the idea of worship terming himself as an atheist. However, he had differing views and concepts regarding Christianity that made h...

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MGMT1064 Project Management

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Answers: 1) What is the estimated completion time for this project? What is the estimated project budget? What is the probability that the project can be completed in 35 weeks? What is the critical path to the project? The estimated completion time for the project without crashing is given below, WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish 0 Cloud Computing Implementation in B & W Organization 185...

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PHYS 100 Applied Physics

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Answer: To, The CEO, Tesla, Inc. Palo Alto, California 6th October 2017 Subject- Regarding issues related to electric vehicles launched by Tesla in early July, 2017 Respected Sir, With due respect, I would like to draw your attention regarding the issues being faced by launch of battery-powered car for the masses in early July 2017 (economist.com). General Motors has already sold Chevrolet Bolt over 12,000 followed by Japan and Nis...

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PH211 Photography

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Answers: 1.The similarities between the art and press photography are the photographs that are captured, which helps in telling a story or is used to convey a message. The person who takes up these photographs is creative and has a proper conception, which helps them to explain the happenings through the help of photograph. The similarities are mainly based on the creativity apart from which it serves as different purposes. Most of the press ...

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Corporate Social Environmental Management

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Questions: What Is The Level Of Adoption Of CSR Reporting By Australian Smes? What Is The Correlation Between CSR Reporting By Australian Smes And Their Financial Performance?   Answers: Introduction The past couple of decades have observed to a growing interest in Corporate Social Responsibility research in both business as well as commerce. It has been identified that a substantial number of the studies on the relation between ...

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Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

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Question: Discuss the arguments for and against the use of vaccination for the prevention of spread of an infectious virus or disease.     Answer: Introduction The immunity of a person is guaranteed partly by maintenance of personal hygiene and partly by diseases. Thus, the occurrences of diseases contribute a specific part in the building up of immunity of a person. Firstly, there is a need to understand that diseases are a dev...

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Effect Of Media Violence Exposure

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Question: Discuss about the Effect of Media Violence Exposure.     Answer: Introduction: The revolutionary concept of using electronic media for the purpose of marketing communication is gaining extreme popularity with different genres of business organizations, and adding the extra element of social media has contributed large to the rapid growth that this concept has gained. Despite the charming popularity statistics of this m...

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Wearable Implantable Body Sensor Networks

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Question: Discuss About The Wearable Implantable Body Sensor Networks?   Answer: Introduction: In order to manage and drive the operational and product excellences, the FORD Motor company has come up with an innovative approach. On the other hand, the DRM associated have specialized in the New Product Development (NPD) and application of the best practices. All these tasks are meant to develop complicated products existing in vari...

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Traditional Classroom Learning And Online Learning

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Question: Discuss about the Traditional Classroom Learning and Online Learning.   Answer: Introduction As people seek and institutions seek to improve the learning experience major shifts have been experienced in the education field especially the adoption of technology in learning. This paper aims at analyzing the similarities and differences between Classroom and online learning Similarities Assignments One of the basic sim...

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Growth Of Service Sector In Canada

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Question: Describe the growth of the service sector in Canada in terms of the shift from primary and secondary (goods producing) sectors.  Identify the key categories and distinguish between those that pay well and those that do not?     Answer: Growth of service sector in Canada The deindustrialization, which reaches its high time in 1970 in countries like Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, is continued in the ...

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Alienation In A Foreign Culture

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Question: Disucss about the Cultural Identity and Alienation in a Foreign Culture.     Answer: Lost Boys of Sudan brings to light the astonishing tale in relation to two young men who were orphaned on account of the gruesome 20 year Civil War. It highlights the bitter experiences that one has to encounter when one has to leave their homeland and embark on an unknown journey. Their movement to America was marked by good fortune bu...

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Islamic Culture In The Middle East

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Question: Discuss how these two scholars focus on Aisha in the context of the emergence of Islam, as a religious tradition, and vis-à-vis historical perspectives and questions.     Answer: Religion is a subject that is taken with much weight in the society as it represents people’s believes concerning their ways of life and the way they relate to each other. Islam is one of the world’s leading religion af...

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Accounting Of Leases

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Questions: 1.Discuss at least two advantages that were available for reporting entities in the previous Accounting Standard for leases AASB 117 Leases.   2.Determine for each scenario separately whether: • There is an identifiable asset • The customer controls the use of the identified asset throughout the period of use • The contract contains a lease.   Answers: 1.Previously under IAS17, the accounting of leases...

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Food And Genetically Modified Organisms

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Question: Discuss about the Food and Genetically Modified Organisms.     Answer: Introduction: Numerous examples depict the advantages of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and its usage. It helps to solve the issues of malnutrition, pesticide usage and climate change. Approximately 800 million people are fighting hunger and malnourishment and can solve the issue of world hunger. Salmon fish became the first GM animal, as fi...

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Governance Benefits And Risks Of GMOs

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Question: Discuss about the Governance Benefits and Risks of GMOs.     Answer: Introduction: The advantages and disadvantages of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) depend on the interactions made between the ecosystems and agro-systems. These factors are important while considering the assessment of GMOs. We often argue that broadening of GMOs will be helpful and serves as an alternative for the traditional agricultural prac...

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