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LAW2480 Business And Corporations Law

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Answers 1. Issue The key issue in this case relates to the success of Ringo in recovering the amount of $6,000 as rent in arrear from Elena. Rule Under the contract law, there are certain vitiating factors which make the contract void or voidable at the option of the aggrieved party. One of such vitiating factors is misrepresentation. Under misrepresentation, one of the parties is induced into formation of the contract by making a false state...

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ARBE1301 Construction Law And Legislation

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Answer: Solution 1 1. Issue The parties to the issue for legal action and/or rights will be: Whether there is a breach of duty Landlord or the Local Authority amounting to negligence? Whether the defence of volenti non fit injuria deter the rights of the tenants? Whether the Contractors breached their duty to care? Whether there was breach by the Fire Fighter Service? Whether there are any rights of the Third party and bystander...

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SIT740 Research And Development In Information Technology

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Answer: Literature Review A good literature review is presented in manner to support the research through presenting the basic objectives related to the topic and ensuring that facts stating above are worth value. A research paper should consist of a literature review in manner to ensure the reader that the data and information being provided in the research paper are presented in manner to fill the gaps determined in the literature review. T...

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BHM16 Hospitality Management

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Answer: The RACV club provides various services, from which the following are the subsystems it contains (RACV, 2017): Management Service, to maintain the services of the club including the employee management. Leisure activities for all age groups, which requires appropriate service management. Tours and travel service organizing and booking. Food and Drink service, to order food for customers with billing. Reservation & Booking ...

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HNB1102 Foundations In Nursing

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Answers: Australian nursing federation has developed a policy which concerns with the occupational health and safety of health professionals mainly nurses. It was mainly developed in order to reduce the dangerous effects that the nurses were developing due to exposure to different types of unsafe environments, unsafe tasks as well as unsafe handling of patients, unsafe use of technical instruments, sharp surgical objects and many others (anmf....

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MANU 1398 International Engineering Management

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Answer: Globalization has opened new ways to source the business expansions but capital structure decision is still very sensitive. In olden days, raising funds was the primary objective of finance department but now it is changed to raise funds with minimum cost. Success and growth in business highly depend on source of financing (Beck, Levine & Loayza, 2000).Cost of source of finance is very important to consider while finalizing the opt...

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PPMP20008 Initiating And Planning Projects

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Answer: According to the theme of the NAIDOC 2017 ‘Our Language is important’, the Indigenization Committee of School of Engineering and Technology (SET) showed interest in including the indigenous perspectives into curriculum and cultural awareness. In order to implement it, the committee decided to incorporate the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island languages into the signage on every campus of SET (Price, 2012). However, o...

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HNB1103 Professional Studies 1

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Answer: Nursing is a profession in which the professional need to assure patient’s holistic well being by exploring nursing skills, effective communication and empathy towards the patient. Nursing professionals are liable for patient’s satisfaction, while providing a quality care service to the patients as well as patient’s family. Thus, nurses must develop essential skills and competencies for ensuring the quality of care se...

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ITC561 Cloud Computing

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Answer: Two approaches to provide office automation in SoftArc Engineering Company The SoftArc Engineering Company wants to provide access of office automation to the staffs of civil engineering. The facility of office automation can be provided by utilizing either cloud computing or business intelligence (Almorsy, Grundy & Muller, 2016). These technologies will be helpful in accessing the automation system of the organization in context ...

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3727 Building Design Management

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Answers: Introduction In present competitive environment, organizations are increasingly emphasizing over the quality of goods, which they offer (Bayo-Moriones, Bello-Pintado and Merino-Diaz-de-Cerio 2011). Improving as well as maintaining the excellent quality is considered as a competitive benefit, which companies can quickly capitalize for the purpose of keeping and expanding the market (Anderson and Rungtusanatham 1994). The principal objec...

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COIT 20268 Responsive Web Design

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Answer: The primary objective of the website it to provide an online platform through which Global toys can sell its products to target consumers. The website provides information about the shop and the products it sells. Individuals who visit the website can have a better understanding of the products offered in the shop. The website showcases a range of remote controlled toys, board games, and Lego models it sells. This is key in promoting t...

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SRQ780 Strategic Construction Procurement

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Answer Introduction This report is related to the construction of Federation Square which has been facing issues in its completion due to administrative and construction chaos associated and compounded by the project’s inability to develop an adequate brief at the outset of the project. It is a prime mega project whose completion is in dark state and is required an instant suitable strategic construction procurement method to effectivel...

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MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management

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Answer: Most of the Australian higher learning institutions have earned credit in providing quality learning services that have transformed lives of various individuals. These institutions play a critical role in enhancing creativity and innovation in the country (Hanover Research, 2014). In education, the competition for student enrolment exists in both private and public institution. Therefore, marketing practices are used to define what org...

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SIT50416 Hospitality Management

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Answer: Figure: Subsystem of Food service Figure: Subsystem of Manager Service The subsystems are basically constructed in order to provide support to the systems. The subsystems are responsible to perform the major functions as discussed here.  The management system of hotel contains of three subsystems. The three subsystems are Reservation and Booking, Management services and Room and Food services. The subsystem of Reservation and ...

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COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction Social network is a set of social structure used by different individuals, groups or organizations for interaction purposes. The parties (users) use this structure to share their ideas, interests and opinions among other things. To be specific, the social networking system is mostly used people or groups or organizations with similar cultural interests, career interests, political views, business opinions, lifestyle prefe...

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