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LAWS19033 Taxation Law And Practice

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Answers Part A 1. The inspector general for the taxation is an independent officer for the statutory office who recognizes the concerns related to the law management. Generally, they are concerned regarding the management issues that are not in favour for managing the administration of good tax. The inspector general provides an independent suggestion to the government officials. 2. The following legislation governs the authority of the taxati...

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ACC303 Contemporary Issues In Accounting

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Answer: Introduction to Sustainability Sustainability is related to sustainable development, which is concerned about conserving life-support mechanisms and fulfilling major human needs (Kates, 2001). It is regarded as a valuable part in today’s modern world with the advancement in both science and technology. World’s scientific programs, academics and international networks promote sustainability agenda to shape the underlying envi...

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1803NRS Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice

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Answer: Introduction Obesity has become a global problem due to the changing lifestyles and patterns of eating. Most people live luxurious lives, hence finding it easy to feed on processed and fast foods that have high levels of fats. This mode of lifestyle has highly affected individuals who are living in urban areas. As a result of eating foods with high fats, the prevalence of obesity has increased 13% of the world’s population being...

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BUSN7005 Contemporary Issues In Accounting

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Answer: Introduction The basic aim behind this report is to develop the understanding about different standards that are used by listed companies for preparation of final accounts. Every country has its own rules and regulations and adopts several standards that should be followed by companies for the preparation of final accounts. In addition, every company listed in that country’s stock exchange is required to comply with the norms of t...

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CO5119 Business Law

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Answers Ans1. Issue The issue is to find out whether any claim can be made by Qantas Airlines Ltd against Airbus Corporation Ltd in relation to the contract entered upon by them. Law An agreement cannot be enforceable by law if is not formed after the completion of proper offer and acceptance between the parties to it. For the purpose of claiming any compensation firstly it is to be found out whether the agreement is binding legally. There m...

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FIN200 Corporate Financial Management

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Answers: There are several aspects that should be considered by the tertiary industry employees while the investors decides whether to put their personal superannuation contribution in a particular benefit plan and the plan of investment election. In addition, there exit numerous issues linked with the concept of time value of money which can additionally support the process of decision making (Jung and Dobbin 2015). A great focus of superannu...

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MGT703 Knowledge Management

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Answer: 1. In the middle of 1995, various initiatives of knowledge management were undergoing in different business units of HP. Observing this happening, Chuck Sieloff and Bob Walker, determined to venture assisting knowledge management at HP by organizing different and various workshops (Davenport 1998). The knowledge management initiatives taken by the HP are Trainer’s Trading Post, which involves the HP educators, is a Lotus Notes-ba...

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PSY207 Social Psychology

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Answer Solomon Asch: His first contribution was the number of conformity experiments that he conducted and published during the times of the early 1950s. This experiment showed that social pressure often becomes responsible for making a person admit something which is not correct. He has contributed his findings as a warning by stating that the human tendency to conform (that is often done to maintain a harmonious as well as a cohesive societ...

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HI6026 Audit Assurance And Compliance

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Answers: 1.Audit, a significant process to keep in-check the standards, functions, departments, procedures and books of an organization has become an integral necessity now. By an official examination such as in the above mentioned areas & others, brings out the critical assessment which may be overlooked at the time. Legitimately, an audit team’s responsible to carry out an analysis for the prevention of frauds, highlighting irregul...

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BN203 Network Security

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Answer: Introduction An authentication server namely Kerberos is grown as a portion of a project named Athena in MIT. The main reason for developing Kerberos was that when a user will be having problem in network in his computers, Kerberos can secure the files and folders of the user [3]. The operating system provided to the users is able to reinforce certain access control policies and can identify the users. However, recently this scenario ...

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NSG1NMA Nursing Management And Assessment

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Answer: There are various types of aged related diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and macular degeneration. Macular degeneration refers to the gradual vision loss that affects more than 10 million people. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis refers to the autoimmune disease that affects the body immune system those which, protects the body from foreign particles (Finger et al., 2014). Osteoarthritis refers to the degener...

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APT7002 Professional Counselling Project A

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Answer: Introduction Overview of case scenario Since the 20th century, there have been significant developments in the field of psychotherapy. For instance, psychologists have come up with numerous models and frameworks which could be used in counselling. As a matter of fact, application of these theories have helped counsellors in treating several challenging and complicated mental ailments which include anxiety, stress, depression and so o...

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Working Capital Management Corporate Performance And Financial

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Question: Discuss about the Working Capital Management Corporate Performance And Financial.   Answer: Introduction  In the current world there are several companies that are performing and efficiency of the company can be determined with the help of the financial performance that is disclosed by the companies in their annual reports every year. In this aspect, the current report concentrates on analysing the financial performance...

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Effective Promotional Planning For E Business

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Question: What Is The Effective Promotional Planning For E Business?   Answer: Introduction The study is focused on the development and implementation of the Caloundra music festival. This is one of the most decorated and huge music festivals which is presented by the Sunshine Coast Council. This music festival is basically held for 3 to 4 days. This is considered as the highlight of the Sunshine Coast Calendar. This is located at...

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Criminal Psychology: Coparenting And Marital Functioning

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Question: Discuss about the Criminal Psychology for Coparenting and Marital Functioning.    Answer: Presenting problem On the facts here, Mr. Sage has been subjected to physical or sexual abuse since his childhood and had a lifelong history of disturbing behavior, which includes outbursts, yelling in public, tearing books and breaking windows. While he was in foster care, he used to bark like the dogs and brought tree branch...

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