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LAWS20060 Taxation Law Of Australia

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Answers: Answer to Question No 1 Answer to (i) The condition mainly reveals that there is precise advantages that is given to a business researcher flyer on a regular basis from Webjet. In general situations, these general advantages that are given out by the airline organizations are not regarded under the taxable income, which has been explained by in the Taxation ruling of TR 1999/6.  On the other hand, the ruling system of Australia...

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MBA401 People Culture And Contemporary Leadership

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Answer  Gibb's (1988) framework of reflective learning For the reflective learning, Gibb’s reflective cycle is known to be the most popular model. In this model, 6 stages are included in describing the reflection which is presented in the form of a diagram below by Dye (Al-Tameemi & Alshawi, 2014).                                      ...

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HI5016 International Trade And Enterprise

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Answers: Introduction  Kahanec (2013) depict that the process of exchange of capital and goods across international borders is known as international trade. Moreover, international trade also enhances the world’s economy and all the concern of the global demands and supply. However, in this process of international trade, some labor also went to other nation to work and this geographical and occupational movement of worke...

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1020QBT Academic And Professional Skills

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Answers: The simple format that is usually followed in the writing of academic paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion. The academic paper should portray a clear argument and the ideas used should be in such a structure that will enable the argument to come out clearly. The introduction will amount to around 10 percent of the total word count of the write up. The introduction introduces the overall argument or main point or the pu...

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MGMT20144 Management And Business Context

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Answer: Introduction: Samsung is the company that started its operations in South Korea. The company has started its businesses in different countries after that and enters the electronics industry in late 90’s. The company has become global soon and now owning around 200 subsidiaries in different parts of the world (Griffith, Cavusgil & Xu, 2008). The company offers various products such as washing machines, refrigerators, mobile p...

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2806NRS Research In Nursing

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Answer: Introduction: Over the course of years, different types of frameworks for critical appraisal of journal papers have been published by the different authors. These frameworks help students to develop idea about how to critically analyze the papers and reach a conclusion of the positive aspects as well as the missing parts. For such appraisal, Casp tool is of immense helps to the students. The benefit of the Casp tool is that the tool p...

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CRH608 Health Information Systems

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Answer                                                                                                                              ...

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2808NRS Human Pathophysiology And Pharmacology

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Answers 1. Links between the patient’s risk factors and aetiology to account for the disease’s pathophysiology Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory airways in the lings where the airways get inflamed. They become swollen along which the muscle of the airways get tightened when certain factors triggers the symptoms. This presents moving in and out of the air from the lungs (Al-Durra, Torio & Cafazzo, 2015). These resu...

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SITXMPR502 Develop And Implement Marketing Strategies

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Answer: Promotion   TOOL STRATEGY TIMING RESPONSIBLE (What are you doing? How will it work? Who’s the target? When will it run? Who’s responsible?) Sales Promotion Price Discounts: The resort will provide seasonal discounts of the hotel prices. In discount, the customers will be able to book rooms at half of the actual price of the rooms. Such huge discounts will attract huge c...

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LAW220 Business Organisations Law

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Answers 1. Issues  Can Caltex sue Tina for the actions of Brad? Is Paul is in breach of his duties as an agent against Tina? Relevant Law The above two issues are resolved by applying the laws relating to actual express authority and apparent authority and the relevant duties of an agent. The relationship of a principal and an agent is very unique and works on the principal of agency. A principal is a person who employs an agent an...

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BHS105A Biochemistry 1

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Answer: Part A 1 Hexanamine and triethylamine have the same molecular weight of 101.190 amu. Despite this similarity, the boiling points of 1 Hexanamine and triethylamine are 131.5° C and 89.5° C respectively. Explain the reason for this variation in the boiling points of these two similar Molecular weight compounds. The two types of amines have hydrogen atoms bonded to thenitrogen atom and thus are capable of hydrogen bonding....

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HI6007 Statistics For Business Decisions

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Answers: Task 1 Question 1 The descriptive statistics for the income and amount charged on annual credit can be given as below. Descriptive Statistics   Income Annual Credit Card Charges Mean 43.48 3963.86 Standard Error 2.06 132.02 Median 42 4090 Mode 54 3890 Standard Deviation 14.55 933.55 Sample Vari...

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BUS104 Economics

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Answers: The law of demand for any good state that as price rises the quantity demanded will fall, assuming other things remain unchanged or ceteris paribus. These other things include other determinants of demand like income, price of substitute goods, price of complementary goods, changes in preferences, tastes, fashion and all other influences on demand ( barring own price). Let us now consider OIL. As the two charts show, we have price on t...

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MBA505 Business Psychology Coaching And Mentoring

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Answers: Reason and significance of selecting the particular goal Post MBA, my goal is to work as a manager in a leading food restaurant. To be able to work in the customer service industry is very important for me. Since childhood, I enjoy communicating with people regardless of their background and beliefs. One of the reasons for selecting the goal is that communicating with different people excites me, as I am able to learn new things and ...

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HI3042 Taxation Law

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Answers: Answer to Question 1:  Answer 1:  Issue:  In the concerned issue, it is taken into account as to whether the cost which is incurred by an enterprise to move its machinery from one site to operation to a new site, shall be considered as permissible deductions with respect to the “section 8-1 of the ITAA 1997”. Legislations:  “Section 8-1 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997” “B...

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