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6682 Information Security

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Answer: Introduction One main concept that has become a critical factor for almost everyone today is the security as well as the assurance of the personal information and now many organizations as well as individuals are putting their best efforts to control or manage the risks of their personal information. Hence, this drives the requirement of a well-defined, completely documented, and also a measurable path for implementing and executing a...

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DEVT 3008 International Development Research Project

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Answer: Introduction The study focuses on the role of state in the development of the country. It can be said that the developmental state of the country is responsible for playing a vital role in using the resources and guide to the economic development of the country. The study will describe the role of states in different countries in the development of the country. However, the study will focus on the South Korea as well as on other Asian...

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CMU202 Marketing Communications Plan

Download : 0 | Pages : 13

Answer: 1. Introduction The report presented herewith is prepared considering the importance of integrated marketing communications that includes application of traditional as well as modern communication techniques for creating specific goodwill image of company’s product among its customers. BOOST JUICE BAR is private sector Company having expanded business operations on international basis with it headquarters located in Melbourne, A...

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PRPM33133 Project Risk And Procurement

Download : 0 | Pages : 17

Answer: Introduction Different authors propose various ideas on their understanding on the general concept of risk and its management process. Creemers et al. (2014) define risk as a threat of damage or probability of injury, loss, liability, or any negative occurrence that results from an internal vulnerability or external occurrence and that can be prevented through preventive action. According to the study, effective risk management is e...

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ECO101 Principles Of Microeconomics

Download : 1 | Pages : 5

Answers: 1.From the given scenario these following information can be gathered: The price of the ticket is $30 if it is purchased from the Ticketmaster outlet I have bought the ticket from the Ticketmaster outlet to an AFL game. The venue of the game to be played is Launceston & the place is 200 km from my home in Hobart. If the ticket is purchased at the game then the price of the ticket would be $25. The reason behind the less ticket p...

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TLAW 303 Taxation Law

Download : 0 | Pages : 11

Answers: (a) As per the regulations of Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, any payment received under employment is taxable in the hands of receiver. However, if the salary or wages is subjected to PAYG tax that is directly deposited to ATO by the employer, then the amount shall be assessed by deducting PAYG tax (Richardson and Denniss 2014). Accordingly, in the present case, Weekly wages amounted to $78,000 received by Nick shall be assessed by d...

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TLAW202 Corporations Law

Download : 0 | Pages : 9

Answer: 1: Scallop Fishing   The Fisheries Management Act of 1991 is one of the laws that regulate the manner which fishing is carried out in Australia. According to the provisions of this law, for anybody, including a corporation to engage in fishing activities in the protected waters of Australia, they must have a permit that allows them to fish in these protected areas. Furthermore, the Fisheries Management Act of 1991 provides author...

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EPMANC320 Business Organisation And Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 7

Answer: Weekly Blog Activity: Ford and Taylorism The activities are based on Ford and Taylorism which are depending upon how the call enters are able to move with the ideas with the explanation about the change in the method of production. Along with this, there are current changing methods to produce cars. The desire is mainly about the efficiency with the elimination of all the other unnecessary movement of the workers. This includes how th...

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SCI1125 Professional Science Essentials

Download : 0 | Pages : 7

Answer: Cloud Computing and its Environmental Impacts We all are grateful for the technological advancements those allowed us to succeed in every area of our life. Cloud computing is out of these technologies that (Voorsluys, Broberg, & Buyya, 2011) are not only improving our business but also helping the whole world. Cloud computing services differ from the traditional methods as this makes a single large data portal accessible...

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BIZ301 Organisational Creativity

Download : 1 | Pages : 5

Answer Market Gaps for Cricket Bars A number of gaps can be identified in the Australian market as far as cricket bars are concerned. Unfamiliarity with Health Benefits Firstly, the health benefits of cricket bars are not too commonly known in Australia. Major Australian cities and towns like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane are home to health experts and fitness professionals who are completely unaware of how nutritious and benefic...

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EMDV8101 State Society And Natural Resources

Download : 0 | Pages : 13

Answers: 1. State capacity and inclusive development The states shapes development is a growing area of research in the development literature that takes place in different areas of investigation and within different political and ideological orientations in which the state institutions and their decisions have major implications for better wellbeing and rights distribution. The researchers are highly concerned with the identification of the ...

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MGTS1301 Introduction To Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 3

Answer: To Mr… With due respect this is to convey you my interests in applying for the position of a tenant of a coffee shop of your business premise which I find attractive and prospective for my business due to its location and easy access from the market area and banks. Previously I have experience of working as a waitress and operating a budget restaurant and therefore I have come to accumulate adequate amount of knowledge in this ...

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BUSM4599-Small Business Management

Downloads : 9 | Pages : 11

Answers: 1.Robert should start by deeply understanding why the firm has been successful in the area and having won various awards. The main thing that should be in his mind is that the how to make clients feel that they get value for the money they pay to buy food. He must be very cautious of the five values including total customer value against the perceived total consumer value (Beneke, Flynn, Greig and Mukaiwa 2013). The total customer val...

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10032 Radiographic Imaging Capstone

Download : 0 | Pages : 24

Answer: A Systematic review On Effectiveness of MRI and Ultrasound Scan Methods of Cancers in Dense Breast Tissue Introduction  Radiographical imaging of dense breast represents a diagnostic challenge among radiologists. Breast cancer has a high chance of missed assessment in dense breast compared to radiologically fatty breasts (MacInnes et al., 2020). Lowered visibility and lesions to the missed dense breasts tissues and increased...

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8766 Gender And Development

Download : 0 | Pages : 10

Answer: Gender issues are a harsh reality and are very much prevalent in the society in recent times. Gender issues usually include various aspects and also concerns that are related to the lives of both men and women and also situations in the society, the way in which both men and women interrelated and also their differences in terms of accessibility and the usage of resources, the way both the genders react to any kind of change, activities,...

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