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Managing Human Resources Work Environment Issues

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Question: How would you ensure the work environment issues Gilbert identifies are appropriately considered in a performance management system you designed for your organization?     Answer: According to Tom Gilbert’s BEM, level of performance of any individual employee entirely depends on the motivation, ability and work environment. This is the reason; Gilbert says performance is f (M x A x E); Where, M = motivation; A ...

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Court Legal Process In The United States

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Question: Is the legal system we have in the United States fair for both parties?     Answer: Fair Procedure is a typical law convention that emerges from a line of momentous choices of the Supreme Court of California going back to the 1880s. Certain sorts of private performing artists, because of their mind-boggling financial power inside specific fields, can't self-assertively remove individuals or representatives or deny perso...

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ADR And Contract Law In USA

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Questions: 1. Is the system fair for both parties?2. Situation under civil and criminal system?3. Designing a better system?4. Case involving unsatisfactory verdict?5. Reason behind the judgment?     Answers: Introduction Alternative Dispute Resolution is the process in which the parties in litigation rely on a third-party who acts as a decision-maker to resolve the dispute in certain out of the court proceedings. Due to a fact ...

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Intellectual Property Law And Tax Law

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Question: Discuss about intellectual property law and tax law?     Answer: Introduction Laws that govern businesses in America are considered to be part of business law. Thus it can include a wide range of subjects from information privacy to bankruptcy. Business law id also known as Commercial Law. It governs the issues that affect businesses. Business entities must abide by these legal frameworks in running their businesses. I...

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Compute Unified Device Design (CUDA)

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Question: Discuss about compute unified device design (CUDA)?     Answer: Introduction Main confront in image process is to realize high preciseness and high performance that is troublesome to attain even with high speed central processing unit. CUDA has get rid of the blockage of high execution time by parallel execution of image instead of consecutive execution. Compute Unified Device design (CUDA) could be a innovative hardw...

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Fundamentals Of Computer Organization And Architecture

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Question: â—¾Appraise the current major systems and architecture of the chosen organization. â—¾Provide an overview of the enterprise architecture that is suitable for a nontechnical audience. â—¾The overview must identify the key areas of the organization that can benefit from the application of an enterprise architecture analysis. â—¾Compare and contrast at least 2 ...

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Collaborative Enterprise Architecture

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Question: •Discuss how you can automate an existing company as well as revamp its information technology (IT) infrastructure. •Identify positive and negative aspects of the selected model in relation to the operational health of an organization.?     Answer: Enterprise Architecture EA or Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that holistically and proactively lead responses of an enterprise to various disruptive forc...

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Enterprise Systems Architecture In Organizations

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Question: Describe about The Evaluation of Enterprise Systems Architecture in Organizations?     Answer: Introduction Enterprise system of architecture is the overall system if IT architecture in the organisation. The architecture plays an important role of evolving and managing the IT system, and business operations of the organisation. The system consists of architecture of the individual system and their relationship with the...

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Advertising And Public Relations

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Questions: 1. Create advertising and public relations objectives that align to each one of the bank’s strategic goals. Be sure to use the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) methodology? 2. Demonstrate how each objective aligns directly to an organizational goal? 3. Discuss the importance of using specific objectives to meet the organizational goals from measurement, accountability, and return on investment...

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Design And Analysis Of An Algorithm

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Question: Discuss about design and analysis of an algorithm?   Answer: Sorting algorithm Here selection of two sorting algorithm is- Bubble sort.   Selection sort. Time complexity of bubble sort algorithm In the bubble sort algorithm time complexity of best case is O (n), in time complexity of average case is O (n2) and the time complexity of worst case is O (n2). Expression for the worst case time calculation of the algor...

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