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MOD003478 Organisational Change Management

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Answers: Use of Complexity theory to understand the emergent change Complexity is a factor that measures the diversity in internal as well as external factors including customers, suppliers, employees, socio politics and technology. Complex theory set of concepts that help to explain phenomenon of complex. Along with that it is a Theory that focuses on how parts of micro as well as macro in a complex systems influence the behavior of emergent...

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SBLC7011 Strategic Management

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Answers Introduction Task 1: Strategic Direction and Strategic Thinking of Dialog Axiata Analysis of Vision Statement of Dialog Axiata Dialog Axiata is a telecommunication company in Sri Lanka with the vision of being the one and only undisputed leader in the telecommunication sector. The vision of the organization will help the country to increase connectivity and enhance the enterprises and lives. Multi-sensory connectivity aimed by th...

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GEOG 2142 Climate Change

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Answer: Introduction Traditionally, physical and natural factors were regarded to be the major influencers of climatic conditions in the world. Conversely, human activities has also attributed significantly to the trends and transitions of climate patterns. In that case, climate change has connected man’s actions to the increased volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, hence leading to the change in climatic conditions (Albrecht 3...

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Management Of International Marketing

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Question: Discuss about the Management Of International Marketing.     Answer: Introduction: In this study the discussion will take place on the Unilever Company and the other tools that will be discusses  are evaluation of the company , its market research, applications, market influence, strategic value, international and national policies of the company that are used for the marketing of the business organization(Ca...

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Product Management In International Market

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Question: Critically examine why and how the Organisation should standardise or adapt its product in your chosen International Market.   Answer: Introduction International marketing management is a kind of multinational process that includes planning, executing, commencement, pricing, promotion and distributions of the ideas, various goods and different services that help in creating the exchanges and further helps in satisfying t...

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Key Sources Of Financial Fragility

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Questions: 1.Describe three key sources of Financial fragility that led to the Financial Crisis   2.Discuss about the Central Bank’s response to the Crisis.   3.What is the relationship between financial development, growth and volatility?     Answers: 1.The beginning of the US financial crisis can be traced back to 2008 following the collapse of Lehman Brothers Investment Bank. This was then followed by the 2...

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Limitation In Raising External Sources Of Finance

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Question: Discuss about the Source of Finance.     Answer: Introduction Organization is consisted of several set of procedures in which various functions are performed to achieve certain goals and objectives. Capital is the amount of money engaged in the business functioning for smooth running of its value chain activities. In today’s world each and every business needs money. Purpose  External sources of finance me...

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The Preliminary Problem Statement

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Questions: Describe about rationale behind the topic, information sources and prganizational objectives.   Answers: Introduction In modern times, the preliminary problem statement for every business organizations is to cater a wide range of customers in different segments present in different countries. Due to the impact of globalization, most of the operational activities of different business organizations are becoming global in ter...

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