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EE 153 Power Electronics

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Answer: FFT Spectrum The Fast Fourier Transform Spectrum Analyzer uses a technique of digital signal processing to analyze a waveform by Fourier transforms to give the analysis of signal spectra waveform. The analyzer if FFT has the ability to provide facilities that cannot be given by the analyzer of swept frequency, enabling first capture and styles of analysis that cannot occur with sweep technique alone. The spectrum analyzer measures the...

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BUS401 Management Leadership

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Answer: The presence and power of Information Technology has expanded in this modern world of digitization. The modern companies consider Information Technology as a resource that is more important to the success which reflects the habits of their spending (Christensen, 2017). To imagine a commodity that is perfect cannot be imagined without a byte of data. The commoditization of Information Technology has been accelerated more by the use of I...

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POL S 195 Political Science

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Answer: Civil liberties and where they are found in the US Civil liberties rights retained by citizens of the United States as mandated by the constitution and interpreted by the highest court (Supreme Court). They are defined as an individual’s legal and constitutional protections from entities and sections more powerful than an individual. The liberties when clearly defined make up the bill of rights. These rights are found in the con...

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PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects

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Answer: Introduction Project management basically, is a separate discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team in for the purpose of achieving specific goals and meeting specific success criteria (What is Project Management?, 2017). Further, project management faces numerous challenges but the primary challenge of this discipline is to achieve all of the project goals in a given constraints. M...

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Business Model Archetypes

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Question: Develop your understanding of the Business Model as a concept and how a theoretical understanding of Business Models can be used to explain value creation, value appropriation and/or the Innovation process at firms in real-life.   Answer: In today’s time, competition amongst businesses is at an all time high. Technology, innovation, better customer service have made organizations thriving for perfection in every fie...

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Learning Analytics Educational Data Mining

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Question: Discuss About The Learning Analytics Educational Data Mining?   Answer: Introducation Data mining is the procedure of finding the valuable and important knowledge by the analysis of bulk amount of data, recorded and kept in data warehouses or databases (Grossman et al. 2013). This process is done by several techniques of data mining like artificial intelligence, statistics and machine learning. A person who does data min...

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Standard Acceptable Budgets And Costing

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Question: Discuss About The Standard Acceptable Budgets And Costing?   Answer: Introduction Tall landmark building located in Queensland. It has more number of floors mainly designed for commercial use. The design of Q1 involves stages of design such as conceptual design, preliminary design, and detailed design. General criteria for the design are stability and strength. The structural drawing of Q1 tower enable engineers to const...

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Employment Relations: Labour Law International

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Question: Discuss about the Employment Relations for Labour Law International.   Answer: Introduction The SPC Ardmona is an Australia based company owned by the mother company Coca-cola Amatil that mainly focus in the packing of tomatoes and fruits and has an operation factory in Shepparton that specializes in canning. Due to the tearing down of the agreement of the SPC         Ardmona, &n...

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Northern Ireland Conflict: Catholic Or Patriot Populace

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Question: Discuss about the Northern Ireland Conflict for Catholic or Populace.   Answer: Introduction The Northern Ireland conflict was an episode of politically constructed viciousness, armed clash and politically identified stagnation inside the six provinces (located in the north east region) in Ireland which shaped the formation of a few regions in the United Kingdom and the Northern Ireland. The struggle continued for 30 y...

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Summer Twilight: Canadian Woman Studies

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Question: Discuss about the Summer Twilight for Canadian Woman Studies.   Answer: Sharon Thesen was born in 1946, and spend most of her childhood in a small town of Canada. She is a poet, anthologist and editor; she had taught several other subjects in one of the well known university of Vancouver. Thesen has issued several books. She received award on one of her book of poems in the year 2000. In late 70s and early 80s she was a...

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Headspace And Their My Health Record System

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Question: Discuss about the Headspace and Their ‘My Health Record’ System.     Answer: Introduction Headspace works with the youth who suffer from mental ill health (Jorm, 2015). Headspace has decided to introduce ‘My Health record’ system to enhance their service to the youth who are experiencing mental ill health. This report will highlight the capabilities and benefits of ‘My Health Record&rsquo...

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Impact Of Workplace Factors On Mental Health

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Question: Discuss about the Impact Of Workplace Factors On The Mental Health Of Nurses.     Answer: Introduction: Nursing is one of the most noble and respectable profession, a nursing professional helps individuals that are dealing with some form of ailments by caring for them and supporting them throughout their journey to recovery. Hence, it is a professional that is heavily emotionally demanding and causes a lot more occupat...

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Delegation Of Duty As A Registered Nurse

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Question: Discuss about the Delegation of Duty as a Registered Nurse.     Answer: Nurses are governed by standards and laws about delegations of their duties to health assistants. These standards help nurses in deciding what activities ought to be delegated and those that should not be delegated. This is important in promoting accountability and responsibility. As an RN I should, therefore, be aware that I cannot delegate duties ...

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Case Study Analysis Of Debt Busters

Downloads : 16 | Pages : 4

Question: Discuss about the Current HR Issues in Debt Busters ?     Answer : The given case study clearly shows that currently the biggest human resource issue in Debt Busters is its culture. In its initial days, the organization was performing well until the management decided that it will need more managers so that sufficient controllership can be gained. They also decided that increased number of departments is required suppor...

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Business Research Methodology: A Hypothetical Case Study

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Question: Discuss about the Business Research Methodology for A Hypothetical Case Study.     Answer: Framing H1 and H0 for Hypothesis Testing As per the case study given the two hypotheses to be framed can be stated as follows:   1. H0 (Null Hypothesis) - The organisation is not profitable on average as the competitors.   2. H1 (Alternative Hypothesis) - The organisation is profitable on average as the competitors. ...

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