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B292 Management Accounting

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Answer: Relevant cost is an accounting term that describes avoidable costs that are affecting the business decision. Relevant cost is majorly to eliminate the unnecessary costs that could complicate the decision making process. It is important for business to identify between relevant and irrelevant cost. Relevant costs are also the costs which will change in future because of some decisions. The different types of relevant costs are: F...

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BE302 Financial Reporting On Internet

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Answers: Answer 1 The public accounting firms are the bodies involved in the practice of providing accounting services to other company such as auditing, tax consulting and accounting, bookkeeping, management consulting, and forensics accounting. It is mandatory for such firms to get it registered with the Public Accounting Oversight Board. The Sarbanes- Oxley Act (2002) also prohibits any company to engage in practice of preparing, reviewin...

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SWTP629 Social Work Research

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Answer: Explanation: Most of the people believe that living in Australia is one of the best experiences. This is because of the city called Canberra in Australia. In OECD ranking, Australia is ranked as 76.5 out of 90 followed by Norway, Canada, Sweden and US (Act.gov.au., 2017). Canberra is the city which is very small in area as compared to other cities in Australia and thus this makes it easier for me travel and visit my friends (White, 20...

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MGT4028 Ethics And Business

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Answer: Introduction: The report deals ethical situation whereby a dog owner violated, the norms of his profession and carried out an experimental treatment process bent on the treatment of a rare blood disease in a dog. The risk undertaken by the doctor was a violation of ethics .The dog owner was not informed of the situation and paying no heed to his order of proceeding; the doctor proceeded, violating certain ethical values. The solution ...

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EA300A Children’s Literature

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Answer: Introduction Babbie (2013) posits that journeying is a normal occurrence in most families, a tradition that has been with humanity for as long as civilization has been present in the history of human beings. As illustrated in the two books, Robert Louis’ “Treasure Island” and Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women,” the characters involve in extensive journey across the world. The reasons ...

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AA100B The Arts Past And Present

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Answer: Introduction Culture is the qualities and information of a specific gathering of individuals, characterized by everything from dialect, religion, cooking, social propensities, music, and expressions. it could also be further depicted as shared examples of practices and communications, intellectual builds and understanding that are found out by socialization (Tadesse and White, 2010). The term cultural encounter is utilized to all...

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BUSB301B Making Sense Of Strategy II

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Answer: Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investments have become an ever-important aspect of growing the economy as the extra capital injection goes a long way in revitalizing industries while creating job opportunities and leading to the creation of wealth. However, a nation must create an enabling business-friendly environment to attract and maintain foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment can be described as an investm...

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M248 Business

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MAN1033 Operations Management

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Answers: Introduction  The business administration which is responsible for all the operations of the business including manufacturing process, services and many others operations is called operational management. Operational management has many responsibilities for the business such as productivity, supply chain, quality and capacity. Operational management manages all the processes of production and distribution of products as well as ...

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MBA 501 : Operations Management

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Answer: 1). The operating decisions that Chad Thomas faces are divided into both short-term and long-term decisions. Beginning with the short-term decisions, we have; One, how to set both priorities and schedule of different orders. Chad receives orders for standard pieces and custom-made pieces, which may be in high-volume or low-volume orders. Besides, sales have skyrocketed but the production capacity and amount of equipment necessary for p...

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DD202B Economics And Economic Change

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Answer: Introduction Unemployment, its Costs and Types Unemployment is a situation where an individual who is actively looking for work, is unable to find one. It could be because of the rate of growth of economy. If the economy has high level of unemployment, the economic condition of the country is not good. Its potential lies untapped and the resources are not allocated efficiently. There are various types of unemployment including struct...

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B392-Management Accounting Concepts And Practices In The Business

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Answer: Part A Budget is the tool and the blue print of the organization that depicts the transactions of the expenses and the revenue. The collective accumulation of all these things is represented by the budget. Benefits of budgets The benefits of the budgets for strategic management purposes have been outlined below. Planning orientation: The process of the preparation of the budget is one of the most important features which draw the...

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Analysis Of Petroleum Industry In Kuwait

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Question: Analyze that the external environment is a critical step in recognizing and understanding the opportunities and threats that organizations face.   Answer: Introduction The analysis of the external environment facilitates in understanding the nature of environment and competition in the industry. Environmental analysis is a strategic tool and helps in assessing the impact of external and internal elements on the organisat...

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Managing Barriers To Lean Production Implementation

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Questions: 1. What are the communication challenges and barriers Barryfaces?  2. WhatsolutionsmightBarryconsiderinaddressingeachofthesechallengesandbarriers? 3. What Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) would be helpful for Barry to implement and enforce? 4. What are some ways Barry might use effective communication as a motivator for employees to follow safe food handlingpractices 5. Did the union use “fair” or “eth...

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Creating Local Job And Competitive Domestic

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Question: Discuss About The Creating Local Job And Competitive Domestic?   Answer: Introduction The introduction of globalisation makes it easier for the multinational companies to penetrate into the international markets and hence the name, multinational corporations. In relation to this, it can be stated that all the nations intend to practice national competitive advantage that develops a national environment within which organ...

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