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Cell Counting And MTT Assay

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Question: Describe about the Cell counting and MTT Assay?     Answer: Abstract We report here about the etoposide induced cellular toxicity on HeLa cells as etoposide is a chemotherapeutic agent and has been characterised as Topoisomerase II inhibitor and DNA damaging agent. To analyse etoposite induced cellular toxicity MTT assasy was performed. Analysing the results upon considering group S3 of HeLa cells as control with 100%...

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Marketing On The Web

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Question: Describe about the Marketing on the Web?   Answer: Concept Online marketing helps the company in approaching maximum number of clients, from different markets. Through this method, it is possible to introduce product based marketing system. With the help of such a system, the company attempt to build long term relationship with the existing and potential clients. Web marketing strategies include implementing the best market...

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Individual Report Of Starbucks Coffee Shop Organization

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Question: Describe about individual report of starbucks coffee shop organization?   Answer: Introduction: The study of this assignment is to identify the component activities for Starbucks Coffee Shop organization and to evaluate the performance objectives used by Starbucks Coffee Shop. The five points discussed in this assignment is Quality, Flexibility, Dependability, Speed, Cost structure of Starbucks Coffee Shop. Background of th...

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Summary Air-driven Microfluidizer

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Quetion: Describe about air-driven microfluidizer?   Answer: The operating efficiency of an air-driven microfluidizer, which is the bench top type, has been compared to the high power ultrasonic horn, which also is the bench top type, using a model drug, aspirin, for production of pharmaceutical grade nanoemulsions. This has been done by considering various factors like the chemicals and reagents, the pre-homogenization preparation of ...

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Pathophysiology And Pharmacology: Cardiovascular System

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Questions: 1. Give an account of the roles of calcium in the cardiovascular system. Using named examples, explain how drugs perturb the cellular functions of calcium (directly or indirectly) in order to exert their physiological effects?2. (a) Give an account of the pharmacology of catecholamines and their actions in the cardiovascular system?(b) With reference to appropriate guidelines, explain how antagonists which perturb the cellular functio...

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Internetworking With TCP/IP: Assignment

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Questions: Task 1 Explain with the aid of diagrams the TCP/IP Protocol Architecture. Discuss the function of the protocols within each layer. Evaluate the application of TCP/IP to internet based applications. Task 2 Explain the principles of IP addressing based on IPv4 and discuss the key practical issues in implementing IP addressing within public and private networks. With the aid of a network diagram explain how IP addresses are ...

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Business Improvement Portfolio - A Case Of Starbucks

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Question: Describe about business improvement portfolio - a case of starbucks?     Answer: Introduction Starbucks Coffee is the leading American beverage supplier originally based in Seattle, USA. It is ranked as the largest coffee supplier specializing in supplying fine quality coffee in an economically sustainable environment. Starbucks dominates the industry with a market share of around 36.7% followed by Dunkin Brands Inc wi...

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Cell Structure And Functions

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Question: Describe about the Cell structure and function?     Answer: Definition: Lysosomes are tiny vesicles filled with hydrolytic enzymes (proteins which are catalyst for thousands of metabolic reactions that are required for life) which are required by cells to metabolize its nutrients and for removing dead cells from body by destroying them. They are the main site for digestion or breakdown of structures inside the cells [1]. ...

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Change Management: Critical Analysis And Evaluation

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Question: In today’s highly volatile, unpredictable and ever flexible business environment, organisations can only take an emergent approach to change.” Discuss the validity of this statement.   Answer: In ever changing business environment, organisations are adopting emergent approaches to deal with those. Modern business environment never stands still and hence, keep changing. People running businesses might have already...

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Supply Chain Strategies:Management

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Question: You are required to prepare a report of 1500 words that addresses the following points: 1. Discuss how a company could improve its financial and non financial performance by engaging in the strategic management of its supply chain processes.2. Discuss how vulnerability to supply chain disruption could be effectively managed within the company supply chain.   Answer: Executive summary: Supply chain management is the process ...

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