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World History: Centered On Europe

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Questions: 1. Did this Eurocentric attitude and behavior have a lasting impact on the world as a whole? 2. In what ways did the close-minded and arrogant beliefs of these explorers impact the world and are these effects still evident today? 3. Did this behavior set up a system of racism and bigotry that is still felt in modern times?      Answers: 1. Euro centrism refers to the practice of putting emphasis on European conc...

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Feudalism And The Growth Of The Market

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Questions: 1. The early Byzantine Empire represented an effort at continuing the legacy of the West, particularly Rome. To what extent did the Byzantines succeed in this effort and how do you think they failed? 2. The Islamic world represented a different model of civilization. What are the characteristics of this Islamic empire and how did they shape the Medieval world? 3. Traditional Chinese culture evolved to develop a strong political system...

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Human Resource: Areas

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Question: Explain The human resource management according to different areas.   Answer: Areas Comments Variety of expertise, experience and working styles The human resource management will give priority to expertise, experience and working style of the workers.  The experienced employees are flexible in the workplace and help their colleagues in the workplace.  Interpersonal style The...

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Competitive Strategy : Long Term Support

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Question: Discuss about the Competitive Strategy for Long Term Support.   Answer: Introduction: The strategy is the scope and direction of the organization for the long-term that supports in the achievement of the goals of the organization through the configuration of the resources in the challenging environment, to fulfil the customer’s need and stakeholder’s expectations. Evaluation of the strategic plan: the first step ...

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Marketing Strategy Of Wesfarmers

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy of Wesfarmers.   Answer: Introduction Wesfarmers is an Australian stock exchange listed company whose headquarters are situated in Perth, Australia. They started their operations as a co-operative providing agricultural products and services to the western Australian farmers. From being a farmer’s goods company to diversifying themselves into retail, hospitality and industrial...

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