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Financial Position: Memo

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Question: Discuss Medbox's overall financial reporting and financial position.?     Answer: Overall financial reporting and financial position analysis of Medbox The quarterly financial statement of Medbox shows that the gross profit levels of the company are negative and hence the gross profit ratios are negative. The present GP ratio for September 30th 2014 is around (5.91) which suggests that the company lacks financial profi...

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Different Forms Of Insulin For Management Of Diabetes Mellitus

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Question: What are the side effects of using insulin, Recent advance of the formulation, Man made vs porcine and bovine insulin, inhaled insulin is an important subject and Is it another tool in the box?     Answer: Abstract While insulin forms the basis of diabetic treatment, the regimen, formulation and administration would vary by contexts of the passes. The administration may be through injection, inhalation or other form, b...

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BPA And Low Testosterone

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Questions: 1. What question would you ask Hercules to guide/help you build a potential diagnosis?2. Based on the answers of Hercules to your questions, you decided to measure total testosterone serum levels. Why?3. You decided to measure free testosterone levels in plasma. Therefore, what was your answer to that question? Why?     Answers: 1. To build a potential diagnosis the following questions can be asked to Hercules: What a...

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Telecommunication In The US: Grown Over The Years

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Question: Discuss about the telecommunication in The US is one of the sectors which has grown over the years?   Answer: Introduction Federal Communications Commission is the organization, which regulates the communication system of United States of America. Apart from internet and newspaper most of the communications is under this organization. Most of the electronic means is under the category of telecommunications. Liberalization in...

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Response Plans: Inpatient Nephrology Unit

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Question: Discuss about the Response Plans for Inpatient Nephrology Unit.   Answer: Scenario 1: Inpatient Nephrology Unit In this scenario an issue in inpatient nephrology unit has been reviewed, where a gap in documentation of patient’s daily intake/output records have been revealed. Lack of documentation affects the patient’s plan of care, which is increasing the length of stay for the unit. The key issue that...

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