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CIS 3205 Information Systems

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Answer: To: Twila Day, assistant vice president of technology and application. Business Impact Summary:  The food company expanded with over 420, 000 customers and the company generated sales of $23.4 billion. This created confusion on selecting the right number of licenses required to buy. The planning has to be made throughout the company that would not only configure the software but would train the employees to address a limite...

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BPD1100 Integrated Business Challenge

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Answer: Financing the Disney Expansion Sources of Funds That Disney Can Use for the Expansion in Sydney A company cannot grow unless it has cash that is to be invested in its growth (Hearn, Piesse & Strange 2009). This might appear a bit strange, nonetheless, growth is said to generate extra income and sales, though, before a country can increase its sales, it has to increase its assets such a...

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IMAT5262 Research Ethics And Professionalism In Computing

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Answer: 1. Introducation:  Having a distinctive look at security can give a chance to see what is being done wrong. This proposal explores different possibilities of having a secure cyber space. The research itself is as qualitative, descriptive research. The proposal intends to explain the background of the research, the purpose of the research, the methodology that will be used to collect and analyze data and the literature review...

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MKTG3024 Social Marketing

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Answers: 1. A difference between Social Marketing and Social Advertising Social advertising relates to the promotion of socially significant issues. Social advertising promotes social networking that is later used in the communication of products and services to the target market. Social advertising lacks the aspect of researching deeply into making the product more marketable. On the other hand, social marketing like the commercial marketin...

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PM202 Human Resources Management

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Answers: Introduction  Nowadays most organisations use technology to ease the workload and perform the tasks with efficiency. The process also involves the human mind to run them so that the functions are carried out in short time with ease. While the idea of replacing man power with technology is gaining in popularity, the machines, which use technology, also need proper maintenance. Only humans are capable of solving the technical prob...

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ACCTING 7014 Management Accounting

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Answer: Part 1: Indirect Cost Pools: EXPENSES AMOUNT ATM Computer Customer Administration Counter Computer Staff AED 375,000 AED 37,500 AED 225,000     AED 112,500 Administration Staff AED 950,000       AED 950,000   Cleaning AED 300,000 AED 30,000 AED 45,000 ...

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ITC561 Cloud Computing

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Answer: Preface: Soft Arc is really bothered with the selection of the right strategy for cloud computing requirements and in this connection there are number of considerations made by the company in making a right choice. The company has actually decided to close its Brisbane data centre and planned to migrate its data centres to other parts of the operational centres (Sydney). The current web services are also decided to get switched over t...

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Necessity Of Continuous Development

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Question: Discuss about the Necessity Of Continuous Professional Development.     Answer: The article which is provided is based on the topic of the necessity of continuous professional development in the field of nursing profession to maintain nurse’s registration.  The paper sets with the right kind of tone and has a proper introduction where the author mainly describes the concept of continuous professional developm...

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Written Activity In Australian Competition

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Question: Discuss about the Written Activity in Australian Competition.     Answer: Regulatory Bodies in Australia Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC): Some of the regulatory bodies operating in Australia include the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The responsibility to administer the provisions of Competition and Consumer Act, 2010 has been provided to the ACCC. This legislation also inc...

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Multi Layered Psychosocial Care Package

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Question: Discuss about the Multi Layered Psychosocial Care Package.     Answer: Introduction Different but related readings were selected and their nature and purposes explored. The authors and intended audience of all the readings were also identified. The analysis of the main themes was also don in relation to personal experiences and interests. Strengths and possible gaps of the literatures provided were also explored in rel...

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Crawford In Judith Smart And Kim Humphery

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Question: Discuss About The Crawford In Judith Smart And Kim Humphery?   Answer: Introduction The creation of commercial contracts starts with the identification a commercial opportunity, then followed by the identification of the parties. From there, the process of negotiation begins. Sometimes the law of contract may seem to suggest that the process of offer and acceptance happen consequently. However, commercial contract someti...

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Price Elasticity Of Demand In Economics

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Questions: 1.As a producer, why is it Important to consider the Price Elasticity of Demand of your product when setting the price you are going to charge? 2.Explain the difference between comparative advantage an absolute advantage.   Answers: 1.Introduction A producer who is rational will want maximum profits.  (Elasticity, TR and MR)This guides all his decisions about pricing and costs. We use this guide to determine how p...

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Trends In E-Commerce Business

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Question: Do research on “recent trends in E-Commerce Business”.     Answer: Project Title We will be doing the research on “recent trends in e-commerce business”, in which we shall show study on latest trends and technologies being used for e-commerce business. With advent of new technologies there is continuous improvement in how the e-commerce business works . The research shall be conducted based on t...

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Analysis Of Outsourcing Practices

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Question: Write a Literature Review on Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Business Functions.     Answer: Introduction This section of the research is the key section where the ideas of different authors will be discussed on the topic ‘Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Business Functions’. This section contains the secondary data which contains the views and opinions taken from various sources whic...

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Thomas Friedman On Globalisation And Strategy

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Question: Discuss about the Thomas Friedman on Globalisation Structure and Strategy.     Answer: Thomas Friedman on Globalisation 3 Eras of Globalisation World is flat In this video, Thomas Friedman is giving an insight of three great era of globalization. He explains these periods through providing some of the changes that have occurred from 1492 until now. One of the key ideas from this video is the transformations which have ...

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