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ACCT 401 Advanced Accounting

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Answer: To: Mr. Sean Pitt From: Research Analyst of Davis & Company Date: 01/03/2017 Re: Importance of Accrual Based Financial System over Cash Based Financial System Context Line It is true that for operating a business efficiently, cash is the best alternative as this is the simplest and faster way for saving money. However, when a business is ran by “cash” only, the business comes with downsides. It has been found that ...

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NURS 635 Nursing Informatics

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Answers: Roger’s theory mainly states the concept of innovation as the idea, object or practice which is new in the working environment and diffusion as the particular process by which a new innovation is communicated though a number of channels in course of time among different members of a particular social system. With the researchers suggesting of the growing importance of the implementation and proper use of the Electronic Heath recor...

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HIST 23 American History I

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Answer: The U.S. civil war is a noteworthy event in the world history that draws attention of scholars for the wide-scale impact it had on human civilization. The event was a large-scale war that was fought between the Northern states of the Union and eleven Southern slaveholding states of the Confederacy and the declaration of their secession from the United States. The war took place between the years 1861 and 1865 mainly in the southern US....

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PBHE111 Introduction To Health Care Administration

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Answer: Internet is the new sensation of the present century which had made lives not only fast but successful in different genres. Social media has been particularly interesting for present day generation as it had helped people to remain connected with others without casual or formal visits (Neiger et al., 2012). Social media had particular helped a lot in the healthcare sectors and had come to be designated as E health. They are responsible...

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ACCT 309 Federal Taxation Accounting

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Answer: The article by Ben Steverman published in Bloomberg discusses the issues related to higher tax rate that the American has to pay. The article highlights that the President Donald Trump acknowledges that the tax rate in America is high. The article states that the President Trump is considering lowering of the tax rate as it will help the middle class and business. The President argues that this in effect will help in the economic growt...

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COM 101 Public Speaking

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Answer: Analysis: I read a passage from the book Different Seasons by Stephen King. The passage portrayed that at times it becomes difficult for us to say the things that we want to say because we might be ashamed of these things and those things remain buried in our heart (King, 2010). When I tried reading out the passage and recorded it in my phone, I found it difficult to read out the passage in the same way I was reading it silently. In f...

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LIT 4332 Literature For Young Children

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Answer: Concepts of utopianism and communism as you compare Lord of the Flies to Animal Farm As per the case of the communist manifesto, the utopia is related to the actual state; this state is the one that works with the cooperation of every area of society. Their manifesto depicts the concept, which Plato previously developed and now it’s known as Republic. The Communist Manifesto describes the optimistic society development, and it&r...

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PHIL 100 Introduction To Philosophy

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Answers: The Issue/Question The main issue explored in the article is the compatibility of, alongside the correlation observable between, Theistic and Platonic visions (metaphysical). In Platonism view, necessarily realm prevailing abstract object exists encompassing framework of a reality past physical world. Platonism makes an argument that such abstracts don’t originate with creative divine task. In Traditional Theism view, it is con...

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NUR 302 Nursing

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Answer: How the practice of nursing is anticipated to grow and change Healthcare reforms will continue to have a significant effect on nursing practice across the United States. There is no doubt that the delivery of health care will be a fundamental factor in the growth and change of nursing practice. In the past, nurses have focused on treating clients for acute conditions without emphasizing on the general wellness and follow up. This situ...

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POLS210 American Government I

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Answer: Currently in the United States of America, one of the most crucial issues regarding the current policy position is the immigration issues. The USA immigration law has been in a complex form for a long time. Moreover, there have been much debates and confusion about the credibility of the legal policy and the particular way through it works. On the other hand, due to the current foreign policy issues and North Korea’s aggressive s...

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BEM 3601 Waste Management

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Answer: The spill 4th August 2014 was brought about by a burst waste pond’s dam at an open pit mine- Imperial Metals Mount Polley gold and copper mine- in British Columbia (Moskowitz, 2014). The burst led to a release of a mixture of water and slurry, 10 and 4.5 million cubic meters respectively, into the surrounding Quesnel Lake, Quesnel River, and forest. Although downplayed by the government with regard to water safety and impact...

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English 2323 British Literature II

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Answer: In John Donne’s ‘The Flea,’ the theme of longing for lost loved ones is present. He discusses the intimate contact of the flea with the woman and says that it has caused her no harm hence a physical encounter with the poet should also not lead to any harm. The lover suggests that he is in charge and it is a matter of when the woman will yield to his demands (Donne 60). In Ben Johnson’s ‘My first daughter,...

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CISC110 Introduction To Information Systems

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Answer Introduction The IT industry has shown a drastic change in the recent years with the implementation of the different techniques. The business organization are implementing many methods to develop different software for their organization, This report deals with the introduction of agile software development cycle. This report focuses on the advantages of agile software development cycle and agile methodologies. This report outlines t...

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MKTG 3310 Principles Of Marketing

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Answer: Points of consideration of home delivery option of Raju Omlet: The main USP of Raju Omlet is selling fresh foods to the customers. Initially they are against the concept of home delivery option as in packaged foods the quality gets diminished a little bit. If the company is trying to expand home delivery options, then there are many advantages and disadvantages of home delivery option. By introducing this system, the company can get p...

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BOS 4010 Safety Supervisor

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Answer The Bhopal Tragedy The 2nd of December1984 marks an unforgettable night for Bhopal- the capital of the state of  Madhya Pradesh-and India in general as it is the night of the leakage of the deadly methyl isocyanate at the American carbamate pesticides company, Union Carbide. Unfortunate enough, all the safety systems meant to contain the leak were not operational allowing nearly 40 tons of gas to find its way to Bhopal’...

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