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400847 Surveillance And Disaster Planning

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answer: Part 1: Reflective Writing Description of the event The unfortunate event of the explosion in the Chemical Laboratory of the University was caused on 23rd of September 2019. This incident was caused due to use of oxidizing chemicals in the laboratory using slight heat and without the use of fume hood. The Sash height was also kept a bit high that could not provide a physical barrier and the fumes released mixing with the oxygen at ro...

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301181 Food Evaluation

Download : 0 | Pages : 17

Answer: Investigation of the effect of fat type on the quality and shelf life of biscuits Introduction This laboratory exercise aims to conduct a sensory training to develop the necessary skills to be able to characterize baked foods (especially) cereals according to their sensory qualities. The sensory skills developed will then be applied to investigate the shelf life of biscuits manufactured using various fat types to establish how th...

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200575 Processes And Evaluation In Employment Relations

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Answer: 1. To what extent did diversity of thought manifest itself in your group? Diversity of thought manifesting itself in the group: The aim of this paper is to discuss the experience of working in a team setting where the team members have different cultural and democratic diversity (Homan et al. 2015). Diversity has been manifested greatly in my group because all the team members were not from same background with same understanding. In...

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401087 Midwifery As A Profession

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Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Normal Birth.   Answer: Normal birth is a topic of debate in the present era as a different school of opinions comes up regarding the need for normal birth. Normal birth is gradually becoming a part of the endangered list, and this is due to fear and anxiety that individuals have regarding birth. It is essential to have a clear understanding of how the beliefs regarding birth shape mentalit...

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100846 Analytical Reading And Writing

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Question: Discuss about the Language and Racism.   Answer: Introduction Language is primarily the greatest source of unity in the history of human civilization up to date. Having the ability to master a few words in the language of another stranger is important in building rapport and long lasting relations between people. Language essentially breaks down any instances of animosity and selfishness. It is a unifying factor to most peo...

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300536 Major Project In Construction

Download : 0 | Pages : 6

Question: Discuss about the Green Construction and Team Design.     Answer: Introduction Green construction generally refers to both the structures as well as processes which are environmentally responsible as well as resource efficient throughout the life cycle of a building (Ramioul, Benders and Peteghem 2016).  The cycle of Green Construction includes designing, construction, operations, maintenance, renovation as well a...

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7001582 Human Rights, Peace And Development

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Question: Discuss about the Migration and Cosmopolitan Dilemma.     Answer: Introduction Society is built on peace, security, and development of human rights. When one of these elements is ignored, a foundation of establishing unstable society is created (Churchill, 2006, p. 18). Therefore, it is the duty of all national and global human rights governing bodies to ensure that all the three aspects thrive together. However, ...

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301005-Professional Practice And Communication

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Answer: 1.Cover letter and Resume  Cover Letter Miteshkumar Desai 110, 63-67 Veron Street, wentworthville, NSW (2145) [email protected] +61 470348808 June 6, 2018 The Recruiter, Daniels, 34 Cahill Street Dandenong VIC, Australia. Dear Recruiter, In relation to the advertisement posted on, I am applying as a “Mechanical Engineer” in Daniels. I have gone through the details of the advertisement and...

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400235-Leadership Theories And Styles In Clinical Practice

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Answer: Good clinical leadership requires incorporation of ideas from both patients and staff in order to improve healthcare provision. Healthcare provision is simply defined as attempts to restore physical, mental and emotional well-being of patients. Patients and clinicians interact in the healthcare setting in an aim to improve health. There are various health delivery systems that are put in to place in the health care centers so as to ach...

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200909 Enterprise Law Semester 2018

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Answer: In the given case, Meghan and Catherine have sustained the physical injuries in the form of heart attack and the disability to walk respectively. This was because of the loose snakes that escaped from the parcel from the Australian Post Department. The issue is whether Meghan and Catherine can sue the employees of the Australian Post Department under the tort of negligence.   Rule The law for the negligence in Australia has bee...

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400837-Health And Socio-political Issues In Aged Care

Download : 0 | Pages : 14

Answer: Introduction Consumer-directed care (CDC) refers to the care developed for aged people living in Australia where consumers are given choice and control of the service they receive. The CDC model takes into account choice, control, independence and flexibility to better the service delivery of home care. The government of Australia incorporated the consumer-directed care into all the Home Care Packages throughout the country to be give...

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301005-Professional Practice And Communication

Download : 0 | Pages : 21

Answer: Introduction Wastes particularly from ICT components that include electronics and electronic parts that have been used and dump are becoming a serious issue in Australia and globally. The wastes normally called e-wastes contains lethal chemicals such as heavy metals and other toxic producing components. The root of these wastes can be traced to the original engineering company that manufactures the electronic without considering the w...

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200109-Importance Of Fair Value In Business Combinations

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Answer: Fair value or market value is the unbiased estimate of the potential price for assets and liabilities estimated to be received in the open market. In other words, it is the equivalent amount that from the sale of an asset can be realized or the amount which needs to be paid to settle an obligation, if presented in the open market. Fair value is used in consolidation, as the consideration paid is towards the net assets acquired, and to...

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300536 Major Project In Construction

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Answer: Sustainable Materials in the Construction Industry Objective: The objective of the study is to investigate the advantages of using sustainable materials into the construction industry. There is consciousness amongst the construction workers regarding the benefits of sustainable materials so that they can adopt and use the materials for construction projects. Sustainable design helps to reduce in addition to lessen critical resource...

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Low Energy Transfer Lightweight Roofing System

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Answer: Introduction Low energy roofing system (transfer lightweight) comprises of a structural element where it concerns roofing homes with roofs that are low in energy absorption hence making the house less hot. Houses in hot areas make it uncomfortable for individuals to live inside. Several individuals tend to require homes and other buildings that are subjected to cold roofing strategy (Baniassadi et al., 2018). A cool roof is that havin...

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