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IND301A Industry Consulting Project

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Answer: Starbucks has started its business operation in 1971 as a retailer of bean, and ground coffee, spices, and tea with a store in Seattle. Nowadays, it has expanded its business, it operates worldwide in 70 countries, with more than 24 thousand retail stores. The company operates in the food retail industry. The company goal is to grow under the highest quality standards using ethical practices. The company believes in treating its partne...

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LAWS5065 Taxation Law

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Answer: 1 a) In order to compute the amount taxable in the hands of Alan, the company has to undertake the following adjustments: The expenditures of the personal nature must be included and thus, the fees of children paid by the company along with the mobile related expenses needs to be included in the computation (gov.au. 2016). The wages, salaries and remunerations is to be excluded from the computation The GST calculation must be done...

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MGMT1101 Global Business Environment

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Answer: Background information This case study mainly deals with the crisis that recently came up in Vietnam when a steel company that has been owned by one of the Taiwanese business giant, Formosa plastics, has release several tons of toxic spills in the sea. This steel giant was formed in the year of 208 under the subsidiary of Formosa plastics and has largely been into the iron and steel making industry, which has been set up in the deepw...

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EVN301 Events Policy And Strategy

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Answer: The policy was set up by the local government of Waverley in order to provide a well-defined framework for any temporal events that is going to undertake within its demographic boundaries. This applies especially when the events actually take place on the local area public space that is the land and buildings. In this policy all the requirements are clearly enlisted and the demands and standards that have to be met together with the co...

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EVT204A Wedding Planning

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Answer: Introduction: The aim of this report is to discuss the importance of knowledge of the wedding planner regarding different ways of weddings in different cultures as well as at different times. As the marriage has been performed in every culture from the ancient times, it has historical influence that has become the traditions identifying different cultural background. With changing perspectives of the couples, the location, fashions and ...

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Entrepreneurship: Deconstruct Ideas And Products

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Question: Discuss about the Entrepreneurship for Deconstruct Ideas and Products.   Answer: Introduction An entrepreneur is an individual responsible for establishing the business taking the initiative with innovation and skill, especially, the entrepreneur looks for high achievement. The entrepreneur is the catalytic agent of work as well as the change and the entrepreneur must reflect the strong urge towards independent (Kirzne...

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Financial Crises And The Failure Of Global

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Questions: 1. What was the main cause of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and why it has spread internationally? Do you believe that it could have been prevented? 2. One of the tools Australia and many other countries have used to fight the recession trends was to cut cash rates. The Reserve Bank of Australia has itself cut the cash rate from 6.75% in January 2008 to 2% in January 2016. Why do you believe central banks all over the world are u...

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A Year In The Life Of Elementary School

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Question: Discuss about the Year In The Life Of Elementary School.     Answer: A Year in the life of elementary school This is a critique of a qualitative research article titled: A Year in the Life of an Elementary School:  One School’s Experiences in Meeting New Mathematics Standards. It was written by Karen Dorgan in 2004. The main purpose of the study was to examine changes in the state's standards of learning and...

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Organization And Productivity Significantly

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Question: Discuss About The Organization And Productivity Significantly?   Answer: Health issues affect productivity From the evaluation of research addressed that there are some significant kinds of health issues that can affect the productivity at the workplace in a significant manner. These are development of conflict, work stress, and addicted of smoke can create issue for the organization to successfully accomplish the task i...

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Sunshine Cafe Public Relation Campaign Plan

Download : 1 | Pages : 10

Question: Discuss About the Sunshine Cafe Public Relation Campaign Plan?   Answer: Introduction Public Relation (PR) is the out of what is done, what is said and what others say about an entity or a person (Edwards 2012, p.9). In simple language, it is concerned with the brand reputation (KOTLER & KELLER 2013, p.502 & 527). In most cases, public relations are usually peppered with a campaign. The key concepts are of tactic...

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Commercial Bank Of Australia V Amadio

Downloads : 6 | Pages : 7

Question: Discuss about the Commercial Bank of Australia v Amadio (1983) HCA 14; 151 CLR 447.     Answer: Introduction: Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd. v Amadio (1983) 151 CLR 447 is a case based on the Australian Contract Law and equity. In this case, the main issue is the unconscionable dealing. When a person lacks understanding and teaching and has imbalances in the bargaining power he is considered to have unconscionable d...

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Infection Control In Tattooing: Cosmetic Tattoo

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Question: Discuss about the Infection Control in Tattooing for Cosmetic Tattoo.   Answer: Sydney Permanent Make-Up Centre is a renowned tattoo company that is running with the leadership of Rita Porrcea, which includes up-to-date skin technology, science and research. The report is focused upon the organizational compliance with the local and federal regulations related to beauty treatments and skin penetration (Spmuc.com.au 2017...

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Stress Reduction And Change In Health

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Questions: 1.Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Change In Health Related Behaviors- Salmoirago-Blotcher et al?   2.What is the clinical significance of chest CT when the chest x-ray result is normal in patients with blunt trauma? - Kea et al?     Answers: 1.The following write up contains my reflection of a published paper that I have read. This will involve reflecting on the research design adopted by the research art...

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Corporate Communication And Public Relation

Download : 0 | Pages : 12

Question: Discuss about the Corporate Communication and Public Relation in Hospitality Industry.     Answer: Introduction This report is focused on exploring the concept of communication ability and public relationship particularly in hospitality industry. Specifically, this study has been explaining the aspects of importance of effective corporate communication skills and public relationship in tour and travel industry.  A...

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Global Marketing Strategies : Luxury Goods

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Question: Discuss about the Global Marketing Strategies for Luxury Goods.     Answer: Introduction: The report is about preparing the marketing plan for Haigh’s chocolate that is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Organization intends to expand the awareness of the brand interstate and around the world. It is required to develop new marketing opportunities for the product and accordingly designing the marketing plan. SWOT...

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