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BU1112 Business Law

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Answers: a) Issue: Whether Angel can bring legal action against Johnny under the ACL. Law: The Australian Consumer Law under Section 18(1) states that No person who is engaged in trade or commerce shall not conduct anything, which misleads, deceive, or is like to mislead or deceive (Corones, 2013). The section confirms to have a standard on the market place. Section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law states that, the not only the consu...

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HLTEN510B Implement And Monitor Nursing Care For Consumers With Mental Health Conditions

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Answers 1. Principle 9 “Treatment” emphasises the need to offer evidence-based care as well as involving the patient in designing the treatment plan (United Nations, 1991). The care provision of an individual who has mental illness would be personalised based on their needs. Besides, the treatment plan would be changed periodically based on the outcome of the patient or effectiveness of the treatment. The care provision would be ethi...

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7906ICT Digital Forensics

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Answers: Task 1 Case Project Scenarios of accidental deletion of files by human interaction or due to some major issues with the computing device leads to data loss. The case presented here is about the Employee who have accidentally deleted few files from the hard disk she is working on and she is not being able to recover the files from the recycle bin as well. As these types of situation being very common so the software or tools available...

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BSBWOR402A Promote Team Effectiveness

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Answers: Part 1: An introductory page. Mentoring is a process of counseling an individual or a group of people. Thus, it gives a person the chance to share their experiences, personal and professional skills. In the process, resulting in development and growth since, it is a relationship that is one-to-one between a less and a more experienced person. A: Evidence of a signed mentoring agreement between you (the mentor) and your mentee. ...

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P8501 Introduction To Pastoral And Practical Theology

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Answer: The title of the journal is ‘Reinventing Christian life and community for a new millennium.’ The name of the journal is ‘In Mustard Seed vs. McWorld: reinventing life and faith for the future. The author’s name is T.Sine and the journal is published by Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. The Round Chapel Neighborhood project not only offers a glimpse of the kingdom of God but it is also an example of the kind of new...

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NURS 217 Health Assessment

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Answer: Introduction: Adolescence has been identified as the phase that is connected with a major transition to adulthood. According to Clayton et al. (2013) this phase is often associated with a wide range of activities and development of a fervour to experiment with new things and in the pursuit of doing so individuals invariably engage themselves in substance/drug abuse. It is obvious that at this stage, individuals resort to the feeling o...

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TH901512 Theological Reflection Models And Methods

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Answer: Introduction People strive to apply theological factuality to all aspects of biography specifically the work and life of the tabernacle. This aspect is commonly known as functional theology. It pursues to evolve in learners the adeptness and perception for counseling, sermonize, church leadership, instructions, temple planting, leniency, double-cultural machinery, and evangelism. In extension to fostering and encouraging spiritual dev...

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MN503 Overview Of Internetworking 1

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Answers: Project Scope In the given contextual analysis, grade school needs a system that is mostly utilized by different sorts of clients of this school with the visitor who are going by the school on standard premise. Number of clients who are chiefly utilizing the system is around 50 thus the quantity of visitor is around 10. The given system is mostly utilized by 50 number of client on regular routine alongside 10 clients by making of vis...

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BN204 : Database Technologies

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Answer: a). Entities The following entities have been identified from the user requirements; Student Job opening Company Application Employee Interview b). Entities and attributes; Student(studentID,firstname,lastname,dlNO,expectedGraduationYear) JobOpening (JobOpeningiD, date, deadline, position, basesalary, minRequirements, description, companyID) Employee ( employeeID, tel, position) Application (applicationID, date, time, s...

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MN404 Fundamentals Of Operating Systems And Java Programming

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Answer: Algorithm START Declare function main(). Display menu and take user input for choice. Convert character input into uppercase. In Case user choses ‘S’ goto next step else goto step 7. Call function SelectFloor(). If function returns 1 call function Movement(), else goto step 2. In Case user enters ‘F’, call function FireAlarm() and then goto step 2. In Case user enters ‘Q’, display Exit mes...

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BSBLDR502 Workplace Relationship Management For Canterbury Renovations

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Answer: Introduction Workplace relationship management contributes a great value to bring sustainable performance in a business. Establishment of the effective relationship between the staffs and the employees is crucial to create a positive environment for the employees (Gangai and Agrawal 2018). This study deals with the management of workplace relationship in the context of Canterbury Renovations. Their main aim is to achieve sustainable b...

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Learning Environment For The Clinical Work

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Answer: Introduction The learning environment for the clinical work context can be acute or sub-acute. Learning continuously and practising in health care environment involves adapting to changes and underpinning the values so that better care could be provided. This report covers the factors that enabled nurses to undergo clinical practices. It helps in analysing all the situations deeply so that action plans could be developed accordingly. ...

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Development And Teaching With Children With Writing

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Question: Discuss about the Development And Teaching With Children With Writing.   Answer: A narrative is a genre which is more popular for learners and teachers. This is because it equips the writer with a chance to share his or her imaginations, skills, creativity and understanding of the various writing elements. Narratives can also be referred to as story writing or creative writing (Ledade, Jain, Darji, & Gupta, 2017). Th...

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Canonization Of Bible: Christian Literature And Doctrine

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Question: Discuss about the Canonization of Bible for Christian Literature and Doctrine.   Answer: Canonization—derived from the Greek kanon, signifying "run or estimating bar"— is a procedure by which an accumulation of compositions come to be viewed as legitimate, complete and settled by a specific religious specialist[1]. A sanctioned book, in this way, is one that adjusts to the "group"— that is, breezes thr...

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Identifying Clinical Learning Need Using Structured

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Question: Discuss about the Identifying clinical learning need using structured.   Answer: Nurses who are involved in clinical education have a great responsibility while training students, this can be witnessed where training takes place in a fast-paced and a high workload environment. According to DiPaola and Wagner, 2018; Cather et al. (2006) on the roles and challenges of clinical instructors for instance, various learning objectiv...

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