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BLO1105 Business Law

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Answer Legal Issues  The case of Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd v Amadio (Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd v Amadio, [1983]) is a classic case of a contract entered into by undesirable and objectionable means. The facts of this case are rather simple. This is a case which was made by way of appeal from a decision of the Supreme Court of South Australia to the High Court of Australia. The respondents in this case appealed to the co...

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BUSN4100 Business Research Methods

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Answer: Introduction The evolution of technology and the presence of several social networks has become a prominent part of a lot of young people. However, the more people turn to the social networks as their only means of networking, then the more the people are likely to get hooked. It is important to identify whether people make use of the social networks because they are lonely or people become isolated in the course of using the social n...

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Reflective Writing On Aboriginal Peoples

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Question: Discuss about the Reflective writing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders peoples.     Answer: Personal views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders peoples It is evaluated that indigenous Australians are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' people f Australia, descendent from the groups that existed in Australia or could be described as people who surrounded islands prior to British Colonisation. These peop...

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Monitor Gender Discrimination In Workplace

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Question: Discuss about the Monitor Gender discrimination in the workplace.     Answer: Objective of the action plan and the proposed action Gender discrimination at workplace is still rampant in Australia as men earn more than women (24%) on an average. In the senior management roles there are very few women working part time. Only 15% of women are chief executives. There are 30 top companies in Australia without women on their...

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Future Of Accounting & Financial Reporting

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Question: Explore real world Problem/Issues in Business in relation to accounting field.   Answer: Introduction This project is highly related with the field of accounting and finance as a part of the higher level of accounting course. In recent years, some major problems have been seen in accounting and financial reporting like unethical accounting practices, unethical auditor’s reports, not complying with accounting princi...

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Expansive Discipline Of The Accounting

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Question: Discuss about the Expansive Discipline of The Accounting.     Answer: This project is in the expansive discipline of the subject accounting, as a part of my Masters in Accounting. Within accounting the field of GST (Goods and service tax) is becoming very important because of its several advantages. For an accountant, understanding the importance and implications of GST is very important. The accountants are expected...

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Business Information Systems: Nigel Taylor

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Question: Discuss about the Business Information Systems for Nigel Taylor.   Answer: Introduction Nigel Taylor is an owner of Springfield Animal Hospital. Nigel has decided to renovate the existing practice by constructing an additional wing and more consultation rooms along with a pet grooming area and a training school for the purpose of training pets. Due to such improved facilities, the business of Nigel has started ach...

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Personal Branding Imprtance And Criteria

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Question: Discuss about the Personal Branding- Imprtance And Criteria.     Answer: Introduction Personal branding was introduced some years back with a set of articles by tom peters. He wrote that we are all the CEO’S OF OUR OWN COMPANY and that is our own selves. It is very important to keep us updated and in a fine manner to create a good profile of ourselves on the minds go public. It’s in our hands to show the wo...

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