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Ten Years Of Tracking Online Education In The United States

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study for the Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States?   Answer: Introduction With the advancement of technology, the education system has changed a lot. Students are able to undertake cloud based education over the air (Grabara & Bosun, 2014). Such a type of education may also be referred to be the distance education. On the other hand, there is the campus-based education, which is the traditional system of education. With the progress of time, the education courses and style has changed a lot that creates a win-win situation for both university and candidates. On one hand, traditional campus based education helps in delivering most detailed style of education and on the other hand, online education or online courses helps in delivering study materials over the internet that supports learning method for candidates who are associated with any job or other education (Allen & Seaman, 2013). Here arises the main question that whether the online education is as effective as campus-based education or not. Candidates are getting the best knowledge from traditional campus based education and on the other hand, from online courses candidates are able to get a huge amount of study materials and supporting course guides that are too much related to the current educational materials (Boud et al. 2014). Thus, some major questions can be listed down in this regards, which are: Are candidates able to get the best knowledge of educational course from online education? Are the candidates able to clarify their doubts instantly through online means of education? Does the online system of education save time for students with regards to related course learning? The above-mentioned study questions are enough for the critical evaluation of online style of education. Three more supporting points that will be discussed in this essay are Effect in relation between candidate and tutor in both campus drive education and online education Degree of gap creation between tutor and student in both campus drive education and online education Ability of tutor to judge a student’s performance in both campus drive education and online education In this essay, the above-mentioned questions and supporting points will be critically discussed and the consequences of both online education and campus-based education will be evaluated critically with proper evidences as examples. Finally, in the conclusion, personal opinion will be given regarding the topic.   Comparison of online based education with campus drive education The three main sections that will be discussed are already mentioned in the above questions. Now further discussion will be accomplished one by one for each question. Knowledge gathering In the first question, one of the major issues of online education has been highlighted. With rise in professional courses, the specification of online courses is increasing day by day. According to Andres, (2015), online course of education is mainly for those students who are not able to avail time for deeper offline course. Some of the major reasons are such as the candidates are associated with several additional activities in their career and hence they are not able to get time for offline education. Many students are related with arts and graphics and activities related to sports, which they consider as their primary field. Such students are not able to get adequate time to go to college and hence they prefer learning from home. This type of education is also known as distance education. According to Bossi, (2015), online education does not provide enough knowledge of educational course. Most of the online education sectors deliver many study materials with the progress of course and even provide huge amount of test-guides or practice materials. Thus, it becomes hard for the student to practice the test papers as they often they do not get proper assistance from the tutor. On the other hand, Choshanov (2015) has pointed out that online education helps in delivering the most current study materials that are suitable for the candidates and even the most widely used question pattern is delivered to the students. Thus, it becomes easy for the students to get the most advanced knowledge of the course with which he is associated. According to Clark, (2015), online means of education is widely accepted just because of the fact that tutors are able to deliver the links of authentic sites and online libraries by which candidates are able to get the most advanced knowledge of educational course. On the other hand, Diwan, (2015) has contradicted that through online means, tutors are not able to relate with students and the possible improvements that the students require. Thus, it becomes difficult for the student to relate with teaching style and as a result, a gap is generated between the tutors and candidates. According to Habib, (2015), campus based education is the oldest form of education that gives the deepest knowledge of course. Students are able to raise their doubts and seek help from the tutors. Education is interactive, and hence candidates need to cooperate with tutors and even the tutors must evaluate the shortcomings that the students face. In this way, a cordial relationship is sustained between both teachers and students in campus based educational course. On the other hand, Hajdicsne Varga, (2015) has contradicted that campus based education follows the age-old books and the libraries are containing very less number of books, which are not sufficient for completing assignments. As a result, students are found to take help from educational companies to get their assignments done against certain amount of payment, which is an unethical behavior (Waldrop, 2014). For example, most of the students from Australia are found to take help from online educational companies, where they are found to buy their projects. There are a whole lot of such educational sites, that help the students to get highest marks in graduation. Thus, from here it can be said that students are lacking knowledge in campus-based education, and they finally need to get assistance from online education. On the other hand, it must be said that online education is the supportive sector to enhance knowledge of students as the core and basics of the related educational course can only be provided through campus education (Beetham & Sharpe, 2013). From the above discussion, some vital implications of online education can be concluded. Both online and offline education is required for students of this era. The online education just forms a supporting base of primary education courses (Stromquist & Monkman, 2014). Study materials that the online companies deliver to the students, forms as the base of practice but the main basics are learnt from offline campus educational course. Thus, it can be said that the consequence of online educational course will not perfectly serve in educating students, whereas offline course will serve in adequate knowledge base creation of students. If students rely only on online course they will not get best knowledge. It can even be said that online course is just for such candidates who does not get enough time for college courses and hence they need to have distance course of learning, by which they will be able to sustain both career related competencies and simultaneously get the certificate of course completion (Cusumano, 2013).   Clarification of doubts University students at present are facing trouble related to tough projects. Professors are not able to allocate time for each of the students and hence, it is found that students do not get assistance from the campus professors. On the other hand, Kravtsov, (2015) pointed out that universities or colleges allocate separate tutors for online education courses but students do not find the availability of teachers at the time of their requirement. In the campus education system, students are able to raise their questions or doubts at the time of urge and hence doubts are easily clarified within very less time. It is found that number of students in technical field is of more number than students of non-technical field. The number of tutors is less in technical department and hence most of the tutors are not able to clarify the doubts of the students (Siemens, 2013). From here it can be understood that in both of the sectors, whether online or offline, students are not able to get proper assistance from the tutors. According to Lee and Son, (2015), offline education courses give the ability to students to get verbal assistance from the tutors. The gap between tutors and students are comparatively lower than online educational courses as tutors can differentiate the students and their understanding ability. According to the understanding ability, tutors specifically educate the campus students. On the other hand, according to Nakai, (2015) it is often found that students fear in clearing their doubts in the class as tutors may humiliate one particular student in front of other. Thus, students find the online educational course to be the better sector as they will be able to minimize their humiliation. According to Nissen, (2015), time taken for doubt clearance in online method of education does not let the students to get prompt assistance from tutors. The students have their account where they need to drop query regarding the course progress, and the time taken for doubt clearance varies according to the availability of tutor. On the other hand, Opletalova, (2015) has pointed out that with huge level of doubts, the same tutor for the particular student may not be available at the time of urgency, and hence the new tutor generally gives a different answer to the doubt raised by the student. As a result, quality education is hampered through online means of education. For example, Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, forms the online system of education as well as campus based education. Students who are in campus, they are basically from local towns. The online education is generally for such students who are from different states and even from foreign countries (Spada, 2014). Such students do not have enough time to complete their graduation course or master degree. Hence, the students opt for online education system so that they can handle their both career perspectives and simultaneously achieve their certification of related course. It is found that such distance education does not maturely end up the course, as students are not able to clarify their doubts in the online system of education. The time required for doubt clearance takes a huge time, which indicates communication is lacking(Yuan et al. 2014). Still, it is a benefit for both management and student, as students are able to undertake simultaneous activities, and even management is getting their timely fees. From the above discussion, certain consequences and implication can be ascertained. Students, who are engaged with online course of education, are able to get responses from the tutor only when the tutors are online otherwise it will be too much late for the students to get reply (Kuo et al. 2014). On the other hand, offline course of education such as college campus, students are able to clarify their course related doubts right from the required teacher. In online course, teachers who are having their shifting duty are able to communicate with the students at the time of their working hours and hence any student doubt that arise post their duty are not entertained (Masud & Huang, 2012). Thus, if any other teacher is clarifying the doubts, then surely quality of education is hampered. In this way, a relational gap is created between both the teachers and students. As a result, the tutor is even not able to communicate at the time of requirement. The most widely used method of online teaching is that an account of student is created and any requirement or study material is uploaded for the respective students and they are only able to get access when they open their account (Yuan et al. 2014). Thus, any query that is raised, takes more time than usual traditional campus education style.   Time saving At most, of the time it is seen that students of different universities are engaged with several other activities other than educational course. According to Tao, (2015), a high percentage of students in the recent era are quite familiar with certain activities that are other than education. Students have not restricted themselves to one particular field such as education but are always engaged with activities that are other than education, and are found to be highly successful in their career. Huge amounts of students are engaged with sports, painting, arts, and music and are too much engaged with such activities all the daylong (Rutherford & Kerr, 2014). For such students who are having a very busy schedule, are not able to get best education from the college as they found to be very rare in college sessions. On the other hand, Wang, (2015) pointed out that a lot of students are engaged with part-time jobs to simultaneously earn and learn. Hence, as time is quite low, it becomes tough for the students to carry on parallel activities. According to WerbiÅ„ska, (2015), college campus education system is best for those who what to get successful in their career through qualitative educational background. On the other hand, Bray et al. (2015) pointed out that online course of education is particularly for those students who just need a certificate in their life to get eligible for certain positions that are non-educational background. From here it can be said that students who are highly engaged with different course of activities other than education, for them online educational course is the best suitable. Candidates who are having busy schedule or who are not getting enough time for studies, are the one who are engaged with online course of education (Simpson, 2013). In order to save time, such students fi

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